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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to install the toilet with his hands : hanging , floor .assembly rules

Fixed toilet with his hands
  • Choice
  • Variations on
  • installation type Removing the old toilet
  • Surface preparation
  • Installation
    • squat toilet
    • Suspended
      • Site selection and installation of metal frame
      • Mounting Systemflush and drain
      • Installing the toilet and drain button
  • editing features in a private house
  • Care


When choosing a toilet, consider the size of the room in which it will be.In addition, it is necessary to choose the right combination of colors of the toilet, the rest of the plumbing and bath room style room.

Squat toilet and bidet

most commonly found in stores porcelain and earthenware bowls, but can sometimes be found and metal. The shape of bowls almost all the same, except that there are some slight differences in size and placement of the issue.

Toilet frog

At the time of purchase pay attention to the product you want to buy, it should be no cracks and chips, otherwise nothing will give money, because to prove the seller, that "it has already been cracked"not so easy.

porcelain toilets muc

h more durable and better faience. Note the toilet cover glaze - quality models are completely covered with glaze, and the model is worse only in the upper part of the product.

Be sure to check the product packaging - must be a complete set of fasteners and elastics.Find the required mounting after purchase will be quite problematic.

The toilet and bidet spherical shape

Variations on the type of installation

In most cases, used toilets with floor fastening, which are the most familiar.It can be equipped with a special control panel.

Toilet with a control panel

can also find wall hanging toilets, due to which the room is still more space.Recently, more in more places can be found just such toilets, as fastened they really comfortable and new technology.Thanks to this model, there is a chance to hide the toilet cistern in the wall.Most often in such toilets installed automatic flushing.

Hanging toilet

Generally, there is a third kind, the so-called "Asian toilet», which in his installation "recessed" into the floor, then there is with him on the same level.It is quite specific and is almost never used in Russia.

Asian toilet in the bathroom

Removing the old toilet

If you decide to change the toilet in the bathroom, do not forget that you need to first of all get rid of the old, but it can deliver much more of a hassle than installing a new one.

easiest way to have the owners who have an old toilet seat installed over the tile in the toilet or bathroom. In this case it is necessary only to press the fixing bolts, or scrape off the glue hermetic grease that goes from the floor to the toilet and simply remove the toilet itself.

Removing the toilet seat mounted on concrete

much harder if your toilet is mounted under the tile, as in this case, it is filled with concrete, and to get it you have to manually does not work. In this case you have to use a hammer or a hammer and a toilet break.Before you start to do not forget to wear safety glasses and gloves, because if your toilet tiled, you can put yourself shrapnel injuries.Once you are completely broke your toilet, you have only to remove the debris and cement hole in the floor and everything.

The floor surface after installation work

However, the problem owner can create not only the toilet.

second problem may be the option of connecting the toilet to the sewer outlet. If connected using a corrugated plastic pipe, you can easily turn it off from the toilet, put a new one back and connect.

Just before removing the tube, do not forget to turn off the water.

If the toilet is connected to the sewage pipe made of cast iron, then harder and harder, because you will need to do everything carefully so as not to break the iron.To do this, you will need to break the bowl and gently take it from the most cast-iron pipe.After not forget to clear the sewer pipe from the tile remains.

Old toilet and iron pipes

Surface preparation

you are lucky, if the ground floor of the old toilet for a new approach and you have only to tighten a few screws.However, in some cases, and there is a problem here.It seems, size and everything went well, but you omit the dowels into the holes from old fixtures and realize that they're free to go. In this state, leave the toilet in any case can not, because if you do not sit tight plugs, the toilet will be unsteady, and one day may even fall. In this case, just as in the case of attachment, if it does not fit, you have to drill holes in the floor.To do this, you need to choose a place where a fully assembled toilet together without any problems, and will get to the sewer pipe.

Prepared for the installation of surface


squat toilet


  • need to cut off the water;
  • close the sewer hole;
  • prepare tools.

Required tools and materials:

  • drill;
  • drill on concrete;
  • silicone sealant;
  • wrench;
  • dowels and screws;
  • drain hose;
  • sewer pipe;
  • marker.

installation process squat toilet:

  • To start try on the toilet, placing it on the intended installation location.Make a marker to mark places bolts fasteners and determine how much will need to adjust the sewer pipe.Connect the toilet to the sewage system, all joints with sealant.
  • The opening ready fasten anchors if you have to drill through the tile, including the impact drill mode, otherwise the tiles can not withstand the load and crack.
  • On the floor inside of the toilet bowl, apply sealant and let it dry thoroughly and apply a sealant and at the base of the toilet.When everything is dry, install the toilet in his place, and gently tighten the bolts.
  • Install tank, following the instructions, and make sure it is filled with water from a bucket.If there are no leaks, you can safely connect to the water supply tank.
Set the bowl on tile


Suspended toilet model is much more convenient, they take up less space, so well suited for rooms with a small area.Furthermore, such a model can have an antibacterial coating, and a variety of technical innovations: lighting, automatic drain system or a special dividers.Suspended toilets can withstand loads of up to four kilograms.Ensure cleanliness in the bathroom would be a lot easier, it is sure to please the hosts home.

Suspended compact toilet
Suspended toilet and bidet
Mounting module for suspended toilet

And it is not the whole list of his advantages.A variety of shapes, finishes and design solutions in the creation of hanging toilets exceed the highest expectations of customers.In addition, the compact size allows you to set the toilet with him and bidet, even in a small bathroom.

Suspended toilets are mounted on special metal frames, which then together with the piping system and valves are hiding falshstenoy.Of course, such a design would steal a little space in your bathroom, but in aesthetic terms - this is a very profitable and fashionable solution.

If you have decided on their own to do the installation of a suspended toilet bowl, then read on step by step instructions:

Site selection and installation of metal frame

All modern construction companies engaged in construction of buildings, are guided by a single project and therefore, all the apartments are obtained onetype.

In this apartment to install a suspended toilet bowl should choose a place close to the water and sewer standpipe.

After selecting a place to install the frame. As a rule, the frame is a conventional metal frame, fastening screws for wall and floor.Buy frame, you can shop in the building, almost all of them are suitable for most types of suspended toilets.

drain tank mounted inside the frame, so you have to understand that after the installation of most of the metal box, you will not be able to mount the tank.Therefore, before installing himself frame, collect cistern and set it so that it came out of the discharge pipe.

the installation system for suspended toilet

Mounting flush the system and removal

Once you have finished installing framework should define the water supply option to the barrel. supply There are two options: side and top.

Almost all the barrels are designed for wall-mounted toilets, both designed for two options, so you only have to choose how to be more comfortable for yourself.Once you have decided, do not forget to hold water pipe to the barrel.

As the selection of the pipe material is best to stay on the plastic.Compared with flexible rubber hoses, plastic tubing is much more durable.Under this option, the installation to get to a metal frame, which will be hidden behind falshstenoy, it will be difficult.Therefore, you must understand that the replacement of water pipes, held in the barrel will be a very difficult task.

panel to flush, chances are you will have to buy separately, as complete with toilets and barrels, it is rare.It is worth noting that not always, a storage tank is used to flush the toilet outboard.Sometimes directly connected to the water supply button, inside which laid a timer that allows after pressing it to stop water after ten seconds.It called it a miracle of technology - the unit discharge pressure barrel.

the installation system for toilet flushing with panel

Do not forget that the sewage outlet from the toilet bowl is not yet connected to a common riser.Deal with all docking surface sealant, and connect the drain pipe to the sewer system.Now, do not rush to close your metal frame a false wall.First you should make sure that all arrangements are properly connected and there is no fault anywhere.

Check the toilet installation level

Installing toilets and

drain button before installing the toilet, often draped falshstenu tiles.Do not forget that after you have mounted falshstenu, must pass at least ten days, all the cladding layers are completely dry and during the installation of the toilet did not cause problems with cracking or peeling of the coating.The toilet is installed in a specially reserved for this place at falshstene that you should have prepared in advance.

Flush button for suspended toilet

When the installation of the toilet is completed, there was the final piece - installation flush button.The instructions attached to the flush button, shown in the drawings an example of how to do it.Everything on this installation of your outboard installation of your outboard toilet successfully completed.If you do everything according to instructions, the next few years, you definitely should not have any problems.

Fixed hanging toilet

editing features in a private house

toilet in a private house is set on almost the same system as in the most ordinary apartment.Attach the toilet to the floor itself, you can with the most conventional screws.

However, problems sometimes arise during the connection of the toilet to the sewer. To avoid this you should first of all get acquainted with the location of sewer pipes and the material from which they are made.

The toilet in a private house

usually in private homes are installed pipes made of cast iron, which are coated with a special solution, through which increases their resistance to corrosion.If you have installed this type of pipe, then attach the toilet to the sewer will not have any problems.During the connection just do not forget to handle the pipe anti-corrosion solution, if you want your pipes have not deteriorated over the years.

Laying of sewer pipes in a private house


In this issue is no big deal, just do not forget to clean your toilet special antibacterial chemicals and means to prevent the formation of limescale and urine scale.

The toilet in the interior

As for the entire sewer and pipeline system as a whole, to have with them was no problem, it will be enough just once a month pour into your toilet bucket of hot water and periodically use specialchemicals that are created for the prevention of blockages.

Caring for the toilet and bidet