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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation for bidet : a pendant type bidet , installation and assembly

Installation Bidet
  • What is it?
  • Pros Cons
  • Types
  • How to install?
  • What you need to consider when installing?

choosing a bidet, you will notice that this model are sanitary ware floor and hanging.If you decide to install in your bathroom hung bidet, you'll know that the construction of the sanitary device comprises a bowl and installation.The benefits, types and features of installation of installations and we will discuss it.

What is it?

installation is called a special fastening system for a bidet, which is the basis rugged design, built into the wall.It was on her fixed wall-mounted bidet.

installation Bidet


  • bidet Installation using the installation saves space, allowing the use of a bidet in a small bathroom.
  • Most installations are universal and fit any suspended bidet.In this case the bar can be adjusted in height, and thanks to the presence of a complete set of design and brackets can be mounted in the corner.
  • All communications will be hidden from view without compromising the design of the ro
    om.In addition, the device is easier to clean bathrooms.
  • Installation systems are very durable and are highly durable.They can withstand loads up to 400 kg.
installation Bidet
installation Bidet
What is the installation of a bidet


Because of the flush-mounted water supply systems and other communications can be difficult to repair.To avoid them, during the installation of the installation leaves the backup window.

Disadvantages installation Bidet


Depending on the design of the installation can be a block or frame. first type is suitable for mounting on a concrete or brick main wall.This installation consists of a body with portions of the reinforcing mount.It does not rest on the floor and is secured to the wall with anchor bolts, takes the load on itself.

frame structure installation is more complicated.This frame with attached fittings which are fixed in two places on the wall and in two places on the floor.When choosing a frame model, you can influence its mounting depth.Depending on the mounting options, this installation can be universal and provided for certain types of solid walls and lightweight partition walls (this type of transport is characterized most of the load on the interior parts).

Modular design for installation bidet
Frame installation structure for bidet

How to install?

Actions for mounting installations are carried out in this order:

  1. Fits frame installation.
  2. connect communications.
  3. mounted bidet.

With the installation of the frame is easy to handle people who are already familiar with such work.If you are afraid to make mistakes during installation, it is necessary to entrust such a task specialist.

To place the basic elements needed depending on the type of installation:

  • selecting a universal model of the installation frame, the entire load must be distributed evenly.
  • If you spend a reinforced mounting frame installation, most of the burden should fall on the floor.
  • If set block model installation, maximum attention should be given to mounting bolts.

all frame structures can be adjusted in height up to 20 cm, using a special leg.To adjust the installation depth extensions are used.

Installation installations Bidet

What you need to consider when installing?

  • Well, if you have pre-made mounting scheme based on the model purchased and bidet mixer.This arrangement will take into account all the features of power and water supply devices, so will help to install.
  • is important to be very careful during the installation of the frame, as the top design will be close to the performance of the final finish.
  • At connection to the water supply installation should focus on the reliability of connections.
  • installation was build in such a way that the height of the set corresponds to a bidet located next to the toilet, which is often also represents the suspension structure.
  • desirable that from the bidet to the wall was 35-45 cm of free space.The optimal distance between the bidet and the toilet is considered 25-30 cm.
Features of the installation mounting bidet