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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bidet toilet - top box : how to select and install , with a hygienic shower

Bidet - top box on the toilet
  • What is it?
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • functions
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation

If you are interested in the simplest and most inexpensive option to get into a combined bathroom or toilet bidet functions, then it is to buy and install a bidet-top boxes.

What is it?

so called nozzle mounted on the toilet seat.It looks like a strip, which has holes coinciding with the usual fixings of covers for toilets.Also, this strip has connections, sliding nozzle and the control panel.

Bidet - top box on the toilet

When the button is pressed, or turns the tap, the water pressure sprayer is put forward, and when the water supply is turned off, the nozzle is hidden again.In most consoles provide the water supply of the temperature and under the pressure of which the user selects.

What is the bidet - toilet -top box
Bidet toilet console

There is another kind of bidet-toilet-top boxes, where it is hygienic shower and faucet on a metal bar with a hose to connect to the communications.Strap is attached to the toilet in any available openings.Side of the toilet bowl on the

bar is placed a mixer with a shower.

Bidet - top box with a hygienic shower


  • Installing a set-top box does not require any complicated installation work, no extra space in the room.this device is also easily disassembled when necessary.
  • Most of the consoles provided in the stores fit the standard attachment, so can be installed on any toilet model.
  • Control Panel majority bidet attachments is clear and easy to use.
  • In many cases, the device delivers the warm water as a mixer fitted with helping to change the water temperature.
  • There are models bidet attachments, which includes a hydromassage feature, used at the risk of prostate and hemorrhoids.
  • After using almost all consoles nozzles are cleaned automatically and are pushed into the housing.
  • In most cases, the prefix has no electronic control, so you do not need to supply electricity to the toilet.This makes secure attachment bidet.
  • Some consoles have two nozzles, one of which is more convenient to use the men, and the second - for children and women.
  • This option is much cheaper bidet standard plumbing installation of this type.
  • Due to the automatic operation mode the device consumes very sparingly water.
Advantages bidet - toilet -top boxes


This unit virtually no drawbacks.Is that purchased low-quality cheap bidet console quickly breaks down, but avoid it simply, if you go to buy carefully and choose a model in the mid-market.An alternative solution could be hygienic shower.


Different models bidet-top boxes have different features.

  • Changing the seat temperature: Among them, the following may occur.
  • water pressure correction.
  • drying, which uses warm air.
  • Have remote, which attachment is controlled remotely.
  • Ventilation at a time when the equipment is operated.
  • purification and filtration of water, which passes through the console.
  • air freshening.
  • Additional lights.
  • washing in a pulsating massage mode.
  • Adding water bubbles.
  • Feed small portions of liquid soap.
  • Self-cleaning nozzles.
  • «antihlopok" function, which prevents the cover from closing loud.
Functions bidet attachments for toilets

Tips for Choosing

  • buying a bidet attachment, evaluate the quality of the product and its cost.If in front of you a very cheap model, it is likely that it will be short-lived.At the bar is equipped with a high-quality set-top boxes, stainless steel reinforcing plate.
  • This very high price is not always an indication that you have chosen the best quality and reliable model.If you choose a prefix bidet is very expensive, most likely, its design is suitable for non-standard toilet.
  • Ask the existence of quality certificates, as well as warranty service, that in case of marriage breakdown or could seek technical assistance.
  • For greater comfort of use it is recommended to buy set-top box model bidet, which is served hot water.Cleaning the cold water even at short-term action can be harmful to children's or women's health.
Tips on choosing a bidet - toilet -top boxes
Recommendations for choosing a bidet attachments for toilet


If you compare with all the other devices that have a bidet function, prefix the easiest to install. first, making sure the water supply is blocked, should be removed from the toilet seat, and then fix the bidet attachment to it, referring to the instruction.Further, the cover is put in place and bolted.

To summarize the water to the set-top box to install a tee that allows the mixer to bring the pipe with cold (sometimes only with her), and hot water. Make sure all hoses are fixed with nuts, open the gates, let the water and check whether the bidet-top box works properly and there are no leakages.

Set - top boxes on the bidet toilet