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August 12, 2017 18:06

Siphon for bidet : for hanging and floor bidet with different release types

Siphon for bidet
  • Types
  • Metal or plastic?
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation

During remodeling or repair the bathroom often taken the decision to install a bidet.One of the elements of the plumbing to be selected and purchased separately, is a siphon.It not only displays the used water into the sewer, but also protects the sewer drain debris from entering and ensures the absence of the bathroom odor of sewage.What are the siphons bidet, how to choose a suitable siphon and what you need to know about its installation?


All siphons used in the installation of a bidet, are:

  • tubular - shaped like the letter S;
  • Bottle - like shape of a bottle.

bottle siphon device more complicated.Both siphon represented by several parts, so require assembly. According to experts, bottle model more ergonomic and profitable. In the part which resembles the bottom of the bottle can be stored things that accidentally slipped and fell into a bidet, for example, bracelets or rings.However, it is more expensive bott

le siphon tube model.

Tubular Traps for bidet
Bottle Traps for bidet

Metal or plastic?

Modern traps for suspended bidets and floor can be made of plastic, brass or steel. models made of plastic have a lower price, but it is not associated with a worse quality.Such traps are not less reliable than metal.

Plastic siphon more preferable if the flush-mounted communication is planned, because it is different durability and functionality, and the disadvantage is unattractive, the installation in the wall becomes unimportant.If the siphon is in sight, then the best choice would be metal model because it looks more attractive.

Plastic siphons Bidet
Metal traps Bidet

Tips for Choosing

  • model in the first place siphon must fit, being combined with the sewer pipe, and with a drain hole bidet. If you miss this time, later will have to buy additional adapters.
  • Next, specify how installation bidet - whether there will be an open siphon or be mounted on the wall.It is also important to take into account exhaust system in your bathroom - located whether sewer hole in the wall (horizontal outlet) or in the floor (vertical outlet).
  • have siphon purchased bidet, bend the knee should be slightly larger than that siphons for sinks, bidets, since operation requires a greater volume of water seal.Note that some manufacturers have traps with several water valves (they look similar to the coil) to eliminate as much as possible sewage smells.Also sold siphons, which have dry shutter submitted membrane.
Tips for Choosing a siphon bidet


siphon Each model is distinguished by its mounting scheme which describes in detail the manufacturer. Thus there are common features that it is important not to lose sight of:

  • often siphon is attached to the first sink bidet, and finally fed to the sewerage system.
  • All the places in which the details of the siphon are connected, it is necessary to process silicone sealant.
  • final stage of installation must be checked for leaks.Turn on the water and make sure that all gaskets and clutch in place, there is no leak and siphon performs its function.
  • In many cases, the best solution would be to entrust the installation of a siphon master.Experienced Plumber quickly guide assembly bidet and give guarantees on their work.
Installation of siphon bidet