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August 12, 2017 18:06

Floor bidet : selection and installation

Floor bidet
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  • Materials
  • sensor
  • How to choose?
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  • Installation

One of the stages of repair in the bathroom is to replace the plumbing.When choosing a new toilet to him in a couple of very often buy and bidet.Popularity floor models bidet is much higher than the suspension.Let's find out what's good about this plumbing and how to install it.


  • Floor bidet can be installed in the room where the repair has been completed.It does not require much time and effort to install.
  • This type bidet psychologically perceived stronger than the suspended version.
  • advantage floor is also a bidet and a lower price than the built-in models.
Advantages of floor bidet
Benefits floor bidet


  • This model complicates cleaning bidet as for the device are formed "dead zone", to which access is limited.
  • Floor bidet takes up more space than any wall-mounted.
  • This bidet is "tied" to the sewage.
Disadvantages floor bidet

materials for the production of current models of bidets use the same materials of construction for toilet

s. Most of these devices are made of porcelain and sanitary ware. Porcelain has a higher quality, but also a higher price.

Bidet porcelain highlighted the lack of porosity, so this plumbing does not absorb water, odors and pollution.In earthenware with porcelain glaze properties are the same, but less durability (eventually chipped off the glaze). Porcelain products are about 50 years old and earthenware - up to 30 years.

Porcelain floor bidet
Materials for floor bidet


Modern models bidet with lid has a sensor which reacts to the presence and human movement. When you're closer to it, the lid will automatically open.If long time no one in the field of sensor response will not be lid closes automatically. also means the sensor can be adjusted heated seat.

Touch Cover on floor bidet

How to choose?

  • Before buying floor models bidet, examine the waste outlet in your home, in particular, the direction of the pipe.It must match the purchased equipment.
  • bidet underfloor Y may be a conventional mixing tap with a possibility of regulation of the pressure and direction of the water jet, and "fountain" from the bottom of the device.Choosing a more convenient option it will be based on your personal wishes.
  • In choosing a bidet, consider the look of your toilet.Very often buy a bidet toilet at the same time, picking up both devices in the same style and color.If the toilet is installed, and a bidet is planned, it is necessary to look for a suitable design and colors option.
  • If you decide to purchase from china bidets, be careful not to buy earthenware model with a porcelain coating.Identify the material selected bidet can be very difficult during the inspection, so refer to the documentation that came with your plumbing, as well as choose a product from a reputable manufacturer.
Tips for Choosing a floor bidet
Recommendations for choosing a floor bidet


Traditionally a place to install a bidet is a bathroom next to the toilet site.The optimal distance between the two devices will be plumbing 70 centimeters.

An exhibit bidet next to the toilet


The mounting floor model bidet distinguish the following stages:

  • Preparation. Make sure that all the equipment required for the installation of a bidet, you have in stock.Check the number of cup holes, which should be three - against overflow and faucet and siphon.Most often, a siphon and a mixer in the box are not included, so buy them separately, taking into account the style of the bathroom.
  • mixer Fastening on the bowl. Start by fixing the flexible hose in the threaded sockets of the mixer, and then pass them in the provided cup holes.Further, the mixer is necessary to fix a nut, carefully using the tools to avoid damaging the bowl bidet.Between the housing and bidets washers must be inserted rubber gaskets.
  • siphon assembly. siphon can be made of brass, stainless steel or plastic.At its assembly you must first screw in the neck (the drain grating), and then connect it to the end of the trap and tighten the connection manually.Further corrugation is pulled from the rear side of the device.
  • Fixing bidets to the floor. To install a bidet correctly, it is necessary to do the layout.To do this, place the product on the desired location and using a pencil or marker indicate its location on the floor.Next, make the designation of places of future fixtures.To perform punch holes used (if covered with concrete) or hammer drill (if the floor is covered with tiles).Clean the surface of dust, bidet bolted and dowels, not forgetting the sealing rubber gaskets.
  • Connecting devices to the sewer. corrugation siphon inserted into the sewer pipe.
  • trial use. It will help ensure that the water is properly supplied to the device and displayed in the sewerage system.The valves open completely and inspect the pipe with the aim to see the possible leakage.
Steps for installing floor bidet

When installing underfloor bidet should take into account such nuances:

  • Do not tighten the mounting too much, so as not to cause a breach of integrity.
  • mixer should be put at the center of the place where it will be located.
  • Under the nut, which is fixed to the bidet mixer, is to put rubber washers.So you will avoid cracking in places tightening.
  • All connections are recommended to treat the sealant.
Installation of floor bidet
Installing underfloor bidet