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August 12, 2017 18:06

Cover bidet toilet : electronic and mechanical , with a bidet function

Cover bidet toilet
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  • Cons
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    • Electronic
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toilet, having a lid-bide, has not everyone in the bathroom.Those who have already used this device on merit appreciated his comfort and benefit.


cover practically does not take place.Therefore, it is indispensable in the case of toilet room sizes are small. Bidet place nowhere, and the cover - the best option.It turns out the symbiosis of the two subjects in one.

In addition, the implementation of all the necessary hygiene procedures occurs without hands, without moving from the spot.

Toilet with bidet cover

Electronic cover is provided with user-friendly controls, which makes its operation as comfortable as possible.The user selects the desired water temperature.toilet seat is also equipped with a heating system, which is very important for our health.The slightest cause hypothermia disease urinary-genital system.

Antibacterial coating - another important characteristic of the

bidet cover.

Thus, we can safely say that the cover bidet - a comfortable and healthy.

Benefits cover bidet
Pros cover bidet
Benefits covers bidet


No specific deficiencies in the operation were observed.But cons in the cover still available:

  • Availability bidet lid in the bathroom solves the problem mainly feminine hygiene.
  • high cost of the device.
Disadvantages covers bidet



Mechanical cover is not connected to the mains.Set it simple.The use of any special tools in this case is not necessary.On the positive side, that this type of bidet versatile and suited to any toilet. cost model can be characterized by moderation.Variations in temperature and pressure are not terrible.Among the deficiencies noted the lack of heating.

Mechanical cover bidet


Designed fans maximum comfort.Electronic cover has a remote control.It can be either integrated or remote.Thanks to it is governed by temperature and water power.Have dryer provides drying.In addition, the seat itself is heated.

Electronic bidet toilet

Deodorant eliminates odors.The filters are cleaned automatically.The lid itself is lowered gently and does not damage the toilet circle.Lack of electronic bidet - is its price.Equipped with all the latest wonders of technology, it is not available to anyone interested.

Electronic bidet


cover bidet peculiar variety of functions.Besides the main, caving, it provides massage, water warms up and the seat, deodorize, dry.Cleaning the warm and pleasant drying often occur automatically.

If the bidet is not switched off automatically, the alarm alerts the owner.

Some models have a device that heats the floor next to the toilet.

control panel allows you to select the desired water temperature.

cover bidet-equipped with an automatic injector cleansing, disinfection of the toilet and very special solution.

Options cover - bidet


Visually shower toilet is similar to a conventional toilet.The only difference - it's quite a large cistern.In it, besides water, is an electronic "heart" of the machine, ie the control system.

The latest technology allowed us to develop an option that is much easier and more economical for the financial costs - this cap-bidet toilet.She simply set on the seat, allowing all family members to easily use this device hygiene.

side cover has a series of buttons that control the mechanism.Control can be carried out by remote control.

Near the tank is located a couple of mixers, which looks similar to a small tap.

particularly expensive models are equipped with hydromassage system, water pressure regulation and temperature. The heating elements are located in the lid of the toilet.

The device cover bidet


bidet attachments represents a set, which includes a mixer, a metal strip, shower.Connect the system using hoses.

The whole structure is attached to the side of the toilet bowl.This installation is done quickly enough.

Operation characterized comfort and versatility.

cost of set-top boxes can be called affordable.

Bidet - top box on the toilet

Features selection

choosing a cover, bidet, note that it is not suitable for every toilet.So initially you should always look at the size of it.

Use the help of a consultant or make all necessary measurements in advance.The easiest way - to make a cardboard template, follow the contours of the toilet bowl itself, with the help of an error in the choice should not be.

Recommendations for choosing a cover - bidet
Tips for Choosing covers bidet


establish a cover-bidet is quite possible without the help of professionals.

Typically, such a device set consists of:

  • hose, which is necessary to connect it to a tank;
  • double, with which there is water supply to the cistern;
  • electric cable;
  • console;
  • cover.
Setting cover bidet

initially unscrew the hose that supplies water to the tank.In its place is screwed counterpart, which in turn will provide the dual water supply: in the tank and the lid bidet.

cover installed in place of the old normal.

remains to connect the device to the mains and use it.

To install the cover, bidet particularly comfortable models have yet to contact the experts.

Installation of electronic bidet toilet seat covers