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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washbasin : Single-lever , with a hygienic shower , elbow , wall and touch

  • Forms Management type
    • Lever
    • Touch
    • With pop-up waste
  • Types
  • Materials
  • characteristics, which should pay attention
  • Tips for Choosing

Mixer is a device for mixing water at different temperatures, and the regulation of water jet pressure.This is a familiar element washbasin, choose which is sometimes difficult because of the wide variety of models and different specifications.Let's look at what can be a washbasin, as well as what is important to pay attention to when buying it.

Wall washbasin mixer unusual shape
Mixer settling down on the table next to the wash basin round black

Forms Management type


Such a mixer with single handle is the most simple device consisting of a housing, a replaceable cartridge for cleaning and rotary knob.For their fastening are provided ring nut, gasket and fixing element.

Such a mixer has its benefits, for example, it "remembers" the chosen one position (open mixer, the next time you get the same ratio of water of different temperatures).With such a device can individually adjust the power of the jet of water and temperat

ure.In this case for single-lever mixer it is required that the water pressure in the network was stable and permanent.

Single lever mixer for sink black with red flowers


This type of mixer is different non-contact work, which is especially useful when employed or soiled hands.The water is fed automatically when the hand brings to the spout.The advantage of the device is to save water (it is not spent in the range where water is already included, and hands to the jet has not yet brought the).

If the water pressure is sufficient, this faucet will maintain the desired temperature.In many models, touch mixer provides built-in memory, fixing a few parameters.The disadvantages of this type of mixer can be called their low reliability, high cost and the need to connect to the mains.

Touch basin mixer
Touch Mixer for washbasin in the bathroom

With pop-up waste

device with a valve for the first time began to use English in their homes where hot water comes from a tap, and cold - from the other.Called the foot valve plug through which water is retained in the sink, mixing at this time to the desired temperature.Mixer with valve helps to draw water in the sink, and then pour it at the touch of a button.

Using this type of faucet saves water consumption, and the design itself looks more attractive than a rubber or plastic tube.Operate this product is easy, as the valve is activated by pressing a button.Moreover, the valve can be cleaned easily when necessary.

Mixer with pop-up waste for basin square shape in the bathroom



The name of the mixer due to its shape, so the device can be opened elbow motion.It is also called hygienic, since the opening of this crane can avoid contact with contaminated hands and the body of the mixer handles.This is especially handy in the kitchen, where it is important not to pollute the mixer food waste and grease from dirty hands.

Faucet elbow with a long lever on the washbasin in the bathroom

With hygienic shower

Such a mixer additionally has a handle hygienic shower and switch on the 2 modes of operation, but also there are models that operate in only one mode (supplying water for a shower).Most often, these faucets is provided a lever with which you can adjust the temperature of the incoming water through the tap, as well as its head.The switch on the shower has no effect on these parameters, but merely directs the already mixed water at the desired pressure shower.

Mixer with hygiene shower wash basin in the bathroom


So called mesh, which is at the end of the spout.Its primary function is to mix the incoming air with water, whereby water is softened.Furthermore, using an aerator water will flow evenly.

Golden faucet aerator on the washbasin in the bathroom

C sensor

In such mixers are no levers or valves, which are installed instead of the infrared sensor detects presence in a zone of 30 cm (this area can be adjusted).For temperature control in this embodiment is used a small lever mixer.With it set the optimal water temperature and, if not necessary, do not change more than her.

Mixer with an infrared sensor on a washbasin


Such a mixer is considered the most comfortable and safe, and it is very convenient to use.Usually, its design has one valve for regulating water temperature and one for regulating its pressure.Each valve has a fuse, so the risk of exceeding these numbers to dangerous values ​​do not exist.

Mixer thermostat to the washbasin in the bathroom


mixer body can be made of such materials:

Stainless Steel

mixer of this material both durable and relatively inexpensive


very popular material, which ins called practicality, reliability, and increased strength and disadvantage is a fairly high price


strength of the mixer is low (material has high brittleness), and the price is quite large, but looks like this device very attractive


from this material are obtained very strong taps, but so far they are not as common as products from other materials

Mixer stainless steel sink to the Japanese style
Faucet from bronze on a round wash basin made ​​of natural stone

coating is:

  • chromed. most common variant, which protects the device from bacteria.It looks a very attractive body, and strength of the product is very high.The disadvantage of this coating can be called the visibility of any dirt (dried drops of soap divorces, fingerprints).
  • enamel. looks attractive but poorly resists mechanical stresses (high risk of chipping).
  • nickel coin. disadvantage of this coating is its allergenicity.
  • Marble, bronze, platinum or gold. These coverage options are impractical, expensive and rarely used.
Mixer with a nickel coating on a washbasin
Mixer with a gold coating to the sink in the bathroom
Mixer enamel washbasin

characteristics, which should pay attention

throughput capacity of the product (the limit). For this indicator, we can estimate the water flow per minute - in modern mixers it is in the range of 2-60 liters.If the mixer is selected for the kitchen, it is quite enough for the device, the maximum flow rate that will be 6 liters per minute.For the preferred device bath at a rate of 15 liters per minute.

Beautiful mixer pouring water into the sink

gasket material (check valve). From this mixer element depends on the water supply, as well as the jet head.

Laying happens:

of leather or rubber

Affordable and cheap option features easy replacement, but the rapid amortization


Reliableand durable option ins which is a uniform water flow and durability


robust and high-quality maintenance, presented a polished ball

The rubber gasket on the shut-off valve faucet to the sink

The height and length of the spout. first parameter is represented in modern mixers range of 30-430 mm.At very low Spouts use a sink can be uncomfortable and too high spout negative impact on the useful space.As for the length, it is represented in the boundaries of the mixers 30-500 mm.If the length is not sufficient, it will cause the water jet hit the edge of the basin, and with a very long spout suffer usability of the mixer.

Chrome faucet with short spout at the washbasin
Mixer wall with an average length of spout for basin with natural stone
Mixer with a very short spout to the sink

Number of mounting holes. at different mixer designs for its installation may require a different number of holes:

One hole

visible part of the mixer will be presented in one block, turn on the switch and the spout.Bathrooms such mixers are used for flush-mounted, in other areas - for an open.

Two holes

most popular option.Mounted mostly vertically, connecting pipes separately, which is served hot and cold water.

Three holes

This mixer is mainly used for wall mounting, when a block is inserted into the wall.In this mixer for each of its elements (handles and spout) has its openings.

Four holes

products presented flush-mounted mixers, to which is added a shower mesh.

Five holes

In these mixers is further equipped with a switch-bath shower.

mounting hole size under the faucet can be 10-60 mm.

Wash basin in the bathroom with a single hole faucet

diameter feed pipe. intended destination of the mixer and the peculiarities of its use.

Tips for Choosing

  • choosing washbasin faucet in the kitchen, preferably a model with a single lever.Open water at such a mixer can be with dirty hands.Moreover, it is important to quickly switch dishes with hot water to cold and vice versa, which is also very successfully implements single lever type mixer.
  • washbasin in the bathroom easier to install touch-mixer as the most hygienic and economical option.In addition, the water in it will turn off automatically, so you can not worry about that households forget to close the valve.
  • buying a mixer, be sure to trust a proven and well-known manufacturer.If you buy a product of Swedish and German companies, you get guaranteed quality and reliability.They have good performance devices from the British and Danish producers, but the Chinese mixer should be avoided.Though they are cheap, but are relatively short-lived.
Mixer Wall washbasin in natural stone