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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mixer with a hygienic shower to flush and surface mounting , wall and sink

Mixer with a hygienic shower
  • Purpose
  • device
  • Pros Cons
  • Installation Methods
  • Types of mixers for hygienic shower
  • What to consider when choosing?
  • Installation

In some countries, such as Japan or South Korea, in the standard equipment of a bathroom necessarily includes a bidet.As well as the toilet, tub and shower it is an integral part of personal hygiene.Furthermore, bidet often be found in European homes.

In our country, the plumbing device is no longer considered exotic, but has not spread everywhere.It can often be seen in a hospital or hotel bathrooms, but in their own homes it is set only a few.This is largely due to the fact that our bathrooms are not rich square meters.The area of ​​a standard toilet often can accommodate a toilet and a bath or shower.Connecting additional santehpriborov becomes a real problem.That is why gaining popularity plumbing model, combining the functions of several devices.A sample of sanitary equipment - toilet bowl with a hygienic shower.


Hygienic shower is shower hose with watering can, which is connected next to the toilet .It is equipped with a mixer valve or lever that allows to adjust the temperature and water pressure.Hygienic shower is intended to replace the toilet paper.It can also be used for making conventional feminine hygiene procedures.

Purpose hygienic shower


Hygienic shower is fairly simple equipment. It consists of the following elements:

  • shower hose length from 50 to 150 cm The budget models are made only of rubber, and are more expensive metal braid coated with bronze, brass, steel, and so on.
  • shower head, equipped with a valve for water constipation.Its dimensions are much smaller than usual, which allows you to comfortably use it for cleaning the.
  • mixer equipped with a regulator of water temperature.
  • optional element are non-return valve and gearbox.
Mixer device with a hygienic shower


  • main advantage of hygienic shower before a bidet is to save space.For sanitary standards provide the location of the bidet is not less than 30 cm from the toilet and the wall, and it is not always possible to put into practice.
  • Compared to buying a bidet shower hygienic installation will cost quite inexpensive, so the tight budget conditions is better to stay on this version.
  • Hygienic shower can also be used off-label.The owners of this device are very different use of it.For example, it is convenient to use the toilet or wash bucket to draw water.
  • use hygienic shower allows you to reduce the consumption of toilet paper.In the Arab countries, for example, toilet paper does not use, preferring hygienic shower.
  • tempted by means of a hygienic shower is much easier and faster than doing it in the bath.In addition, you can not worry about what will become wet "extra" parts of the body.
Advantages of the mixer with a hygienic shower
Advantages of the mixer with a hygienic shower


  • not always hygienic water from the soul ceases to go right after turning off.It also happens that in a few minutes it continues to slowly drip from the watering can.Usually this is due to product quality or characteristics of the connection.The problem solved by the installation of a small tray, which will drain the water.
  • If the holder for shower heads and toilet paper holder mounted on one side of the toilet, the latter will soak it in contact with water droplets.
  • to get the hand to enjoy a hygienic shower without splashing water all around, you may need a few days.But skill is sure to come!
  • fat people may be uncomfortable to use hygienic shower as a toilet in the hole there is little room for the necessary manipulations.
  • Treat the choice of mixer models with hygienic shower very carefully.Some of them provide connection to only hot or only cold water.Which, of course, makes the use of the device for its intended purpose is almost impossible.
Disadvantages of mixers with a hygienic shower

Installation Methods

  • Method 1. If you begin to make repairs in the bathroom "from scratch", it means that you have the ability to connect hygienic shower in the most convenient manner.He suggests that the tube with hot and cold water will be pre-announced to the place of installation of the toilet.Thus, hygienic shower will not have to be connected to the sanitary cabinet.If the installation of hygienic shower is planned in advance, you will have more opportunities to implement technological and design solutions in the regeneration of the bathroom.
  • Method 2 .If the idea of ​​installing hygienic shower there after the end of the construction work, to carry out the restructuring of the global space, of course, no one will.In this case, the installation is performed directly into the sanitary cabinet. disadvantage of this method is that when the hygienic shower every time you have to re-adjust the temperature and water pressure. problem will help solve the installation of the mixer with temperature control.
Ways to connect the mixer with a hygienic shower
A method of connecting a mixer with a hygienic shower

Types of mixers for hygienic shower

Depending on the design:

  • Valve mixer installed on hygienic shower, if it is connected to the sanitarycloset.This design has many disadvantages.These include, firstly, the impossibility to maintain a predetermined water temperature without thermostat;secondly, the need to connect the check valve to prevent the ingress of cold water into the hot tube (or vice versa);Third, the need to connect another crane required for supplying water and overlap.
  • Rychagova mixer considered to be more convenient in installation and operation plan.It requires a minimum work during installation and does not need to connect additional equipment.Because of the design of the mixer allows you to adjust the temperature and water pressure by using only one arm.
  • mixer equipped with a thermostat. more "advanced" option, which allows you to once and for all, to ask you for a comfortable water temperature.Even when pressure surges in the water pipes it will be unchanged.All that remains - to change the pressure with the lever.
Valve mixer with a hygienic shower
Rychagova mixer with a hygienic shower
The mixer is equipped with a thermostat with a hygienic shower

Depending on the method of installation:

  • mixer, connected to the sink. This type of approach, if a bathroom is adjacent, or if the toilet has a washbasin.The model has two outputs, one of which is intended for the production of water, and another - for the hygienic connection hose.In the shower heads are usually located button that starts and stops the water supply.
  • Wall mixer selected when the toilet - this is the only plumbing fixtures in the room.

mixer wall type has two modifications:

  • Outdoor models. mounted directly to the water pipes coming out of the wall.One end connects to the pipe, and the second is put on a shower hose.
  • Integrated model with concealed mounting, which are panel mounted on the wall.These panels hide all communications.In order to establish such a mixer is necessary to make the hidden eyeliner water pipes.
Types of mixers with a hygienic shower

What to consider when choosing?

The first thing to consider when buying a hygienic shower - it's the size and equipment of sanitary premises, which houses the toilet.If the mixer is purchased for the toilet, it is recommended to buy even a small wash basin (eg, angular model).Setting shell will greatly facilitate the installation of sanitary and shower will make its use more comfortable.

Complete with hygienic shower be sure to get comfortable and beautiful holder for shower heads.The wealth of choice allows you to choose the accessories that will fit the overall style of the room.

Recommendations for choosing a mixer with a hygienic shower
Tips for choosing a mixer with a hygienic shower


The easiest way to mount a hygienic shower - it was his connection to the sink.

produced is as follows:

  • First you need to dismantle the old faucet on the sink, and replace it with a special model equipped with three outputs - for cold and hot water for the shower hose.
  • Next you need to install on the sink faucet hygienic shower.This is done just as with a conventional mixer, only the third allotment joins flexible shower hose.
  • After installation, the mixer should be installed holder for shower heads at a comfortable height.To find the best position for him to sit down on the toilet and try to reach the wall.

required fasteners for mounting usually sold complete with holder.

Set mixer with a hygienic shower