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August 12, 2017 18:06

Aerator mixer : to save water , swivel and backlit

Aerator mixer
  • Pros Cons
  • Why is it needed?
  • whether savings realistic?
  • The principle of
  • Types
  • Backlit
  • Shoe
  • Replacement Tips for Choosing

Today we talk about the aerators, which are installed on the bathroom faucets, kitchen.We will tell about their advantages, disadvantages, the realities of water savings by using these devices.Plus share the nuances of cleaning, replace the device.


the positive side aerator include:

  • Affordable price, which does not require significant costs for their installation and replacement.Depending on the model and its structural features, the price is $ 2 to $ 10;
  • Noise reduction.Water falling into a bowl sink, reduces sound;
  • simplicity of design.Understand it possible even for a newbie.A simple housewife, without problems will install and dismantle the aerator;
  • He further serves as a pre-filter for water, delaying large fractions of dirt and debris, which in our water system is more than enough.
Advantages aerators for taps
Advantages of the aerator on the faucet


As for the disadvantages,

here an extensive list you will not see.In fact, negative in only one aerator - fragility.

This is due to the fact that in the water a lot of dirt that clogs the device, leads him into disrepair.If you live in a house with old pipes, rust, replace the need to perform once a year, but better - twice.At that price, the aerator is a problem should not be.

Why is it needed?

The main function of the aerator is to reduce the flow rate.However, this is not the only task that is capable of performing such a small device.

  1. It improves the quality of the jet.If you remove the aerator and turn on the water, you will see how randomly it will flow.Spray all over the sink and not just provided to you.Aerator makes jet flat.
  2. saturate the water with oxygen.This is an important advantage - weathered dangerous and harmful to human health chlorine.
  3. removes large particles of dirt and debris.This allows the use of clean water.
What is the aerator on the faucet ?

whether savings realistic?

Many doubt that the aerator is really the effect on the fluid flow efficiency.

Sellers in stores plumbing argue that the mixing of water with air produces a result. fully open valve without aerator out of it for a minute spilled about 15 liters of water.With aerator figure drops to 6-8 liters without compromising the quality of the pressure. In fact, it looks like this.Reducing the diameter of the hole leads to water saving.

Because of this construction, with the liquid, the following occurs:

  • amplifies water pressure.Large network pressure is higher than the resistance of the aerator.That is, the water comes to a lesser extent, but with high pressure.Just turn in one mode, the water supply to the device, and without him, to feel the difference;
  • increasing aeration, that is, the water is saturated with air.Because of this, the flow volume becomes larger.

All this leads to the fact that we get good pressure with less water. real savings.

Water saving aerator mixer

The principle of

Typically, aerator design includes three components - body, gasket and rubber filters.

housing is made of plastic, extruded metal or brass.Last - the most durable, but also the most expensive.Plastic and metal - a good alternative, but it is better to choose a brass.

The design of the aerator mixer
The design of the aerator mixer

main function device - to restrict the flow of fluid. water passes through several reticula thus mixed with air.From this flow of water it becomes soft, pressure - great.The admixture of air produces the same effective pressure when the pressure in the water system.

During washing dishes, taking water treatments the difference in the amount of water coming from the tap you do not feel, but when typing in the water tank will notice that the process takes longer than in the absence of the aerator.

The principle of the aerator mixer


aerators distinguished by the type of materials used for housing.

  1. Extruded aluminum. most unfortunate choice, which has a number of disadvantages.The housing turns brittle afraid any mechanical damage, oxidized, it adheres to the tap complicates dismantling.Only the cheapest faucets equipped with such diffusers.
  2. Plastic. This short-lived variant, but it does not stick to the spout, can be easily dismantled and installed in place.At the same time afraid of mechanical loads, often breaks down.
  3. Brass. In terms of reliability and durability they have no equal.Do not rust, can withstand severe loads.Alternative products are made of stainless steel.Also a good option, but it does not occur very often.
Extruded aluminum aerator mixer
Plastic aerator mixer
Brass aerator mixer

If we take into account the way of installation, then aerators are divided into two types:

  • Indoor installation .The aerator is equipped with an external thread, thanks to which the element is screwed into the mixer, that is, his nose;
  • Outdoor. housing has an internal thread, through which is screwed onto the spout.Accordingly, the spout must also be special thread.
Internal installation of aerator mixer
Outdoor installation aerator mixer

Distinguish aerators and additional functions.

  1. Rotary. They are often called flexible.Made in the form of a small hose that allows you to move the aerator in one direction or another over the sink.
  2. Backlit. It's just a decoration, a real practical function of lighting in itself does not carry.But it looks spectacular.About him talk more.


If you have kids or you're a fan of the original decor, for aerator lights you like it.Inside its body is microturbine generator and a temperature sensor.Plus, of course, the diodes.The nozzle is capable of operating at temperatures up to 60 degrees.

Connect it like a normal aerator.Its main feature - the light jet.Moreover, its color may be different, depending on the temperature of the incoming tap water:

  • If the temperature is below 29 degrees Celsius, green diodes are included;
  • If the range of 30 to 38 degrees, employ blue diodes;
  • red color indicates that the temperature reached 39 degrees or more.
Aerator mixer with illumination


When there is a need to clean the aerator, follow the sequence of your actions:

  • Remove the device by turning it by hand.If it can not be manually, use a pair of pliers;
  • move strictly in a clockwise direction when viewed from above on a crane;
  • When fall or be removed from rubber gasket, check its condition;
  • On the exit side of the jet from the housing push your finger, which will remove the grid;
  • Clean dirt from the mesh helps needle and water jet;
  • Collect peeled device and put it into place.Do not overtighten.Suffice manual effort.
Cleaning the aerator mixer


Replace the device is very simple.To do this, you need to disassemble the aerator, as indicated in the purification, send it to the dump, and buy a new put in place.All!

Tips for Choosing

  1. price and quality. Budget aerators are made of plastic, because they do not last for long.Metal products better, but they are susceptible to corrosion.Brass - are the best options.They cost more, but provide long and efficient service.If the valve is rarely used in expensive aerator needs there.But in everyday use select only reliable and quality products.
  1. thread. Look at the mixer thread.Not all aerators versatile, because you can choose the right device by selecting a thread.
  1. Additional functions. Increasingly we hear about aerators backlit.We talked about them.Such articles have similar functions, plus the flow of water is illuminated at certain temperatures.It looks cool, but it does affect the cost of the aerator.In terms of aesthetics, a very interesting solution.Because we do not recommend to refuse from buying diode aerator.
Tips for Choosing a faucet aerator