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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath mixer with a shower : with a spout , a cascade .Species selection and installation

Bath mixer with a shower
  • Features
  • Select spout
  • Types shower faucet switch
  • Types of installation
  • Types
    • Lever
    • faucet with two handles, valves
    • temperature sensors
    • Touch
    • Cascading
  • manufacturing and coating materials
  • Installation

Discoveries in the chemical industry give us new materials, advances in engineering can create entirely new types of vehicles, the development of design ideas is driving in the forms even familiar things.New items are not spared and mixers.Thus, a cascade mixer not only stylish Peer, but is able to decorate any intereer and fill the tub for a few minutes.

Waterfall bath mixer board

not avoid a similar fate and equip our bathrooms.If not so long ago, the phrase "tap in the bathroom" necessarily meant - one coming out of the walls of a set of two cross-shaped valves with standard spout shapes, turns to the bath and the sink one by one, a hose made of stainless steel with a small shower head and just shift lever.That is now a man, more or less aspiring to be aware of maintenance cases, it is

useful at least skim with a huge variety of mixers available on the market.

Gold-plated mixer for bathroom


additional complexity in the device for a bath mixer - it is a necessity, at least two water discharge options: through the valve and through the shower. Some buyers avoid this problem by purchasing a separate mixer shower and basin mixer.Of course, it is far from cheap, but each product is to be used half as often, resulting in a long service life.Especially because in case of breakage of one of the mixers, it will be possible to temporarily use the second and did not leave the family completely without water.

Bath mixer with short spout

Modern baths can be equipped with a siphon and a special that allows you to dial a bath through the overflow or discharge.It seems unusual, but this is a set of bath water is very convenient.

Pouring through the bath drain
Loading of the bath through the overflow
Filling the tank through the drain and overflow

Select spout

Basically when choosing a spout or "goose" (slang masters plumbing) are guided by its length and rotatable.

If you decide to save money and space, to actually purchase one mixer on bath and next to the sink.Then you must carefully consider how long spout is best to be enough for both of these places.

Unlike kitchen faucets in the bathroom is not so important whether the spout is high, because the space in the bathroom is much larger and will not have problems to place a large object under the tap when needed.

Bath and shower with a long gander

Types shower faucet switch

feature type shower faucet is available jet switch supply water with a watering can shower on the spout of the faucet. differ fundamentally two types of switches:

  • single control (Lever);
  • button (exhaust).

first - just the handle, which is located between the valves.

second - button, which switches the touch.

Both versions are equal when choosing and each has its pros and cons.

The lever type of switch
Push- type mixer switch

Installation types

There are several types of installation of the mixer in the bathroom.It should be in the planning stage to decide what the mixer depending on the installation method do you prefer.

most common and easiest way - the vertical. Water supply in the wall itself provides the convenience of connecting directly to the mixer to these pipes.

Mixer Wall Unit

more modern and popular nowadays considered built-in models, which are installed on the bath side. However, they are more complicated to install and will rationally take the help of professionals for installation of the mixer.

Mixer bath board

And finally, one of the most exotic and original methods of installation - floor.Accordingly attached to the floor stand, the top of which he mixer is located.

Bath mixer floor
Mixer floor
Beautiful outdoor faucet


By the principle of operation of faucets for the bathroom can be divided into four main types:

  • lever;
  • dvuhventilny;
  • with temperature sensor;
  • touch sensor.


single lever mixer operates on the principle of the joystick. Due to the spherical locking device in and the amount of water and its temperature can be controlled with minimal effort.

Turn left or right allows a stream of hot or cold, and the angle of raising lever provides power this jet.An additional advantage to such a single lever mixer is its simplicity.If there is something broken, then repaired the inner cartridge does not make sense, but it is very convenient to buy a new one and replace it.

disadvantage is special moodiness mixer issue of water purity.Good advice when the old pipes that do not provide screening of the silicon particles and scale, put a filter to increase the service life of the device.

Single-lever mixer

faucet with two handles, valves

faucet with two handles, valves known in our country, without exception.And I must say that this development has been quite successful: she fell into disuse, but on the contrary, it is often preferred as the well-proven "classic" model.Compared with single-lever mixer, here are more familiar, and therefore precisely controlled, and the temperature and pressure of water supplied, which makes it easier to customize the jet, and thus reduce the number of resource poured in vain at a preliminary stage.

Dvuhventilnye mixer for bath and shower

temperature sensors

Faucets with temperature sensors - one of the most modern and most feature-rich devices.Imagine that the "smart valve" allows you to program the temperature of the water at one time for multiple use.You can set a certain mode and the system will not allow the temperature to rise above a certain value, for example, 39-40 degrees and burn by accident a small child or an elderly person.In addition to the fundamental internal differences, such a mechanism and it is more original and aesthetically pleasing.

Faucet with temperature sensor


Sensors , built in the fourth type mixers are good because they help to significantly reduce the flow of water due to the settings on the "live" traffic.The installation of such a mixer tap off forgetting the issue on the agenda will not stand.Set up at a certain time, for example 5 or 10 seconds, the mixer itself stop the flow of water as soon as you leave.

Touch bath mixer


development of civilization takes the first place comfort and aesthetic satisfaction.Modern man tends to satisfy their requests to the degree of perfectionism.We were just a little running water the right temperature and power, we want to get positive emotions from the perfection of devices that we use.

So, the most advanced and latest development in the field of design faucets - a cascading mixers. peculiar little man-made waterfalls in various parts of the baths will attract the attention of those who are willing to spend large sums of money to enjoy yourself and surprise guests of the house.

Cascade Mixer for bath and shower

Moreover, additional funds will and extras: Water supply in the walls has one significant drawback - inaccessibility.In the case of the acquisition of the cascade mixer greatly simplified the problem of monitoring the state of the connecting pipes and repair them if necessary.In other number can also vary valves, temperature sensors and presence sensors in the mixer.

often cascading mixers equipped with LED backlight, which can change color depending on the temperature of the water flowing.

Cascade Mixer with light water

manufacturing materials and coating

No wonder they say that miser pays twice.This is the best you can be attributed to the correct choice of the material from which the mixer will be made.

obvious that a cheap plastic soon there will be cracks and chips than on the product of stainless steel .

Mixers of brass will be even better.

And where there is a danger to fill your home or property damage neighbors of the lower floors, the issue of quality should go up with complete seriousness and responsibility.

Zinc and copper in the right proportions, too, in the trend, but silumin , which is often used in low-cost mixers, it is not recommended for the durability and safety of use.

All that is selected in one room, it should go well with each other.

If you have tiles and form tubs in the style of hi-tech, it is ideal to choose the color, shape and style of the mixer is such a style.

Conversely, a romantic version of the bathroom environment will require delicate colors and matching silhouettes.

On the shelves of our supermarkets construction can detect a huge number of mixers with various external coating.Demand enamel coatings.It may also be plastic, which is not visible from any stain or contamination of water droplets, and it may be chromium, which is pleasing to the eye gloss and brightness.

mixers are made of marble floors, special types of wood and even some precious metals: gold and silver.

Chrome-plated mixer for bath and shower

Custom author's works are much more expensive, but will perform someone else's dream.

Design a beautiful shower mixer
designer faucet
Design unusual mixer


Each product brands respecting necessarily includes installation instructions and sturdiness.They are no exception and mixers. But if you have already determined where you will set up a mechanism and purchased it, it is useful to follow a few rules:

  • twirl nuts and washers firmly, but do not pinch.Excessive force may strip the threads.At the same time those parts that are visible on the surface, should be protected and especially to use pliers and keys through matter, to leave no defects.
  • All threads that deal with water, spin using special fum-tape or a simple linen.
  • If there is a dismantling of the old mixer, then "become attached" tightly thread is not necessary to break with the trumpets.It is necessary to drip kerosene or any solvent to the surface of the threaded closer and wait 15-20 minutes.
  • not forget all under the tightened washer underlay pads.Moreover, some experts advise to moisten them with water for better contact.

To install mixer watch the following video.