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August 12, 2017 18:06

Thermostat : electronic, mechanical .Advantages and disadvantages

  • Features
  • How to choose
  • "Smart" mixer
  • principle and internal structure
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • mixer with electronic thermostat
  • Manufacturers
    • Grohe
    • Hansgrohe
    • Oras
    • Connecting

During hygiene procedures dvuhventilny classic single-lever mixer or forced to spend time on the regulation of the water temperature. alternative for those who want to always get the water jet with the selected temperature is thermostatic mixer: water temperature and its pressure can be programmed.

This device will maintain the desired water flow temperature, even when the main water supply network pressure changes sharply.Such instruments have appeared on the market not so long ago and are designed to increase comfort when using sanitary devices.


mixer, complete with a thermostat, responsible for maintaining the temperature at a given level, find it very handy device.

Such a mixer is available in two models:

  • manual;
  • electronic model.

In the mechanical embodiment, the device is control

led handle or lever valve with a different design.

Mechanical Thermostat

have e model has an LCD screen and touch control or push-button.

Electronic Thermostat

There are smesteli contactless infrared sensor, even more convenient to use.

Non-contact infrared sensor faucet

Such mixers have appeared thanks to thrifty Europeans are not willing to spend more on the use of the benefits of civilization.They have a temperature range in which the selected value is set, as well as temperature limiter that prevents increase above the specified value.Inside these mixers is teploregulyator responsible for the ratio of hot water to the cold, as well as a device that regulates the pressure of the water flow.

Before enabling the user selects the desired temperature and the desired pressure. If the device is functioning efficiently, it allows you to get the water to a comfortable temperature and constant pressure.

Thermostat there among the products of almost every manufacturer, which produces accessories for kitchen and bathroom.In this model, there are also simple, and design.

How to choose

First of all, be determined from the device type of the work, that is, choose electronic or mechanical mixer.

The electronic version put options easily by clicking on a button or a touch panel, but this mixer requires a power source (battery or AC adapter).

mechanical mixer is more reliable, and by switching manually often faster.

If you choose is important, and the place where the mixer will be installed.Devices are divided into faucets and shower, kitchen sink, bidet, but there are universal models.

Thermostat and shower

also define the type of mixer attachment, because the installation can be performed:

  • open (external);
  • hidden way.

Since faucets are produced in different design, they are selected and the style of the room.

"Smart" mixer

This mixer - a clever gadget.He remembers those who use it, and recognize faces.

a result, according prepochteniyam, he includes water temperature and the desired pressure strength.

Smart gadget mixer
Smart Faucet - gadget on hand in the bath
Smart gadget mixer

Since the mixer is equipped with a touch screen, with it you can go to your email, read the weather forecast, make adjustments to your planand so forth.

principle and internal structure

main reason why the developers have created a thermostatic mixer, was the desire to get to the exit water with a stable temperature unchanged, which would not pour pressure in the water.Externally Thermostat is similar to the ordinary, especially if it is a mechanical model.

Some of thermostatic mixers operate thanks to well thought-out complex mechanics, operation of other electrical and due to the interaction mechanisms, but all of the principle of action is similar, since it is based - thermostatic valve.This valve mixes the hot and cold water to the desired parameters.

Each thermostatic mixer provided fuse, prevents accidental rise in temperature, for example, due to careless movement of the hand.This fuse is usually represented by a red button that need to press to increase the temperature.This feature is especially valuable for families who have small children.

Design Thermostat includes:

  • body;
  • pressure regulator;
  • thermostatic valve.

in cheaper models, the valve is made of rubber or leather.He wears out pretty quickly, though, and can be easily replaced.In the more expensive models, the valve is made of ceramic, so it is less wear and tear.The housing of the mixer is often represented as a long cylinder with tap water.

Stylish thermostatic mixer


addition to the main plus a thermostatic mixer to obtain a certain water temperature, the device is still such advantages:

  • Economy.Thanks to fine-tune the extra waste water are eliminated, because you will not need to pick a comfortable temperature after opening the tap (of it will flow once this water, you need).
  • Security.You can safely wash without worrying that the tap goes too hot or ice water.
  • Comfort.The reaction of the mixer to changes in temperature and water pressure is very fast, and the bather will not even notice that a total communications network conditions change.


Minus mixer with thermostat is its high cost.But for many, this minus unimportant, because it fully overlaps the practicality and ease of use.

In addition, there is also a minus, as a fairly complicated repairs.Repair services in relation to such devices are not available in all cities.

Thermostat : appearance

mixer with electronic thermostat

Unlike mechanical models is the presence of a liquid crystal display. This monitor user sees water temperature indicators, which will flow from the mixer.Managed by the electronic mixer type of touch or pressing the button.

plus a selection of just such a mixer is the possibility of creating programs. Depending on the need for a certain time turn the program you want and you get water to those options that it provides.Some devices can be programmed and additional functions, such as water analysis.Of course, their cost is much higher than are mechanical mixers or conventional electronic model.

Works electronic thermostatic mixer using the AC adapter or battery from the usual.Some manufacturers add a special sensor electronics.For example, equipping the device infrared sensor allows you to control a remote mixer.

Mixer with electronic thermostat


Russian manufacturers of such products are not produced, so focus on the major foreign firms, offering consumers thermostatic taps.


Research and trials referred to the best of mixers such products of the German manufacturer Grohe.Products of this brand are attracted by its design and innovative technology.Mounting such mixers can be external and hidden.

all mixers from Grone in appearance and style is divided into 3 lines:

  • Cosmopolitan (model minimalist with geometric shapes);
  • Authentic (antique);
  • Contemporary (democratic and modern models).
Grohe mixer with electronic thermostat


Another excellent German manufacturer to offer innovative equipment, is the company Hansgrohe.Her Thermostat made of brass, as well as this material is rapidly heated, then the models provided effective cooling.

Depending on the type of cooling system all the Hansgrohe faucets are divided into series:

  • 5000 (reliable mixers class water-cooled Suite);
  • 2000 (middle-class faucets with plastic-coated brass body);
  • 1000 (economy version).

The company also offers innovative Ecostat series of high-capacity, attractive design and elegant shape.

Mixer HansGrohe with electronic thermostat


You can also buy sanitary fittings from the Finnish company Oras.The thermostat in its mixer enclosed in a plastic casing.The latest models are additionally equipped with another lever for blind people.

choosing the device from Oras, keep in mind that some models produced for the European countries (distributing water is made otherwise than in Russian houses).

Oras Mixer with mechanical thermostat


Note that the installation of the mechanical type mixer with thermostat is as simple as installing conventional mixers.

But for electronic models often need a specialist.As you prepare to install a thermostatic mixer are advised to hold the filter assembly to be clean and cold and hot water.So you will extend the service of the new device.

Set the mixer has been discussed in detail in another article.

If you purchased a model adapted to the layout of the domestic water, the problems with the installation is not expected. easiest way to install a kitchen faucet, since its installation requires only the connection of flexible hoses.In the event that the acquired model is incompatible with the existing wiring, it is necessary to carry out a radical alteration of the aqueduct.

If pipes, lead-water, are different, we recommend setting a model in which there is a check valve. He not only will prevent mixing of the water, but is able to block the flow if the water supply to a pipe off.