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August 12, 2017 18:06

Crane in the bathroom : types, manufacturers and prices , tips on choosing , installing their own hands

Crane in the bathroom
  • Determine the amount
  • classification types
    • dvuhventilnye
    • Single-lever
  • Materials
  • Top
  • Prices
  • For soul
  • With thermostat
  • Contactless
  • Waterfalland mixers backlit
  • Setting his hands
  • Recommendations for care

In today's market there is a huge range of plumbing faucets that pleasantly pleasing aesthetic appearance of buyers and technical innovation.A large number of manufacturers fighting for his client, providing a variety of models, manufacturing materials, color gamut coverage of faucets and valves.Manufacturers create collections of sanitary products made in the same style and have the opportunity to choose faucets, bathroom, sink, toilet, bidet, taps and other attributes that fit the desired style and interior design.

Crane on the washbasin in the bathroom

Determine the amount

When selecting the mixer or tap for the bathroom you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • material manufacturing;
  • main functions;
  • specifications;
  • simplicity and ease of installation;
  • manufacturer's warran
    ty and the estimated useful life.

Many experts advise to buy separately faucets and shower faucets for bath and sinks.One machine can not cope with a constant load and quickly be rendered useless or require repairs.

Mixers from the same collection

classification types

Relying on a high and constant demand, as well as on customer loyalty to a particular type of plumbing products, a wide range of cranes of different modifications produced today.

Depending on the product design of all cranes can be divided into the following types.


They are characterized by the presence of two handles, one of them is responsible for the supply of hot water, and the second - for cold water.The basis of this type of mixer is contained clan bush.With it is made overlap or open water, depending on the position of the handle.axle-boxes Crane for such valves can be made of brass or ceramic.

Dvuhventilnye Sink Faucet

Benefits dvuhventilnye type mixers:

  • very fast, you can adjust the desired water temperature;
  • them easily and can be set independently.

Disadvantages mixers dvuhventilnye type:

  • in brass valve boxes, regularly replace the gaskets, as they quickly wiped;
  • adjustable water pressure and its temperature is done separately;
  • they are economically disadvantageous, since in the process of adjusting the pressure and temperature of a lot of water flows.This disadvantage can be eliminated by ceramic valves or cock in aerator used.
Built into the wall faucet dvuhventilny


single-lever mixers have only one arm. to adjust the temperature of the water lever is rotated in the right direction.

Advantages single lever mixer type:

  • adjust water temperature and pressure is carried out at the same time;
  • one hand, you can perform all the settings of water;
  • overlap of water is produced in one movement;
  • some models have a special valve, which helps to save a lot of water flow.
Single lever faucet

Disadvantages of single-lever mixers type:

  • this type mixers are not amenable to repair.If something broke in him, it is necessary to buy a new unit.Usually mixers come in unsuitability due to the composition of water, where a lot of heavy metals and salts.It is therefore recommended, along with single-lever mixer to buy more trunk water filter.

single lever joystick mixer can be.In this case the water feed adjusting lever is located on the crane, or may be in a separate module.

Lever single-lever faucets

once read an article about the repair of the crane with his hands, to be prepared for different situations.


  • plastic mixers are the least expensive.These advantages are also necessary to carry light weight and convenient installation.The only major drawback is that they have a brief period of operation.
  • Mixers alloy steel are good enough for basic characteristics.They are susceptible to rust.But the main drawback is the fragility of this type of mixer.Manufacturers mixers also do not like to use the alloy steel as material processing is a very complex process.
  • silumin mixers are made with a special alloy of silicon and aluminum.The advantage is resistance to corrosion.But also have a drawback - the material is very fragile, so they can not withstand heavy loads and will soon break down.
  • Mixers from brass took pride of place on the sanitary ware market.mixing quality can be determined by its weight.Brass faucets are heavy, are environmentally friendly products.The proportions of copper and zinc alloy to create, always clearly observed in the production process, so we can talk about the safety of the product.

Alloy Steel Crane
Brass basin mixer

Faucets Brass usually cover more top additional protective layer of chromium or nickel.Chrome plating process gives the product corrosion resistance.Also produce premium mixers, coating using a bronze, silver or gold leaf.Of course, such a product is quite expensive.

Bronze coated with brass tap

Today chrome faucets have become popular with a special effect of "aging".

Crane -aging effect

One tap can be made from different materials. Such products will be a good option for a bathroom.They are made of two materials - the internal parts of the crane are made of brass, and the remaining portions are made of plastic.Details for mounting and adjustment must be made of stainless steel, then the product will be a long time.


In today's market of sanitary ware are a lot of manufacturers of different countries, are engaged in the production of mixers in accordance with international standards and norms, so they guarantee high-quality products.

These companies include:

  • German company Hansgrohe and Grohe;
  • Italian producers Carlo Frattini Visentin and Mamoli;
  • French manufacturers Herbeau, Jacob Delafon and JCD;
  • Swiss company Geberit;
  • Spanish manufacturers and Supergrif Teka;
  • Russian company Aquatica;
  • Finnish manufacturer Oras;
  • company from Sweden Gustavsberg;
  • American company Standart.

Prices for high-quality sanitary ware are high enough.Chinese companies are also many copies of famous brands models at low prices.But it is worth remembering that they do not have a long life, as are made of poor quality materials. only known manufacturers of mixers are responsible for the high quality of products and offer a guarantee for several years.


Depending on the model and manufacturer prices faucets for the bathroom can be very different.For example, the most common mixers are from 600 rubles to 2,000 rubles.If the faucet is high quality, the price increases significantly and, as a rule, it is worth more than 2,000 rubles.

If you buy a simple model of the design, but from the brand manufacturers, the price will be approximately 2,000-2,500 rubles.

If you pick up the original form of the mixer for the bathroom, then the price will rise sharply and the purchase will cost within 3000-15000 rubles.There is already the price depends on the manufacturer of faucets.

can also order exclusive models of mixers with an expensive coating, then for him will have to pay a few thousand dollars.

Gold-plated faucet with Swarovski crystals
Modern Sink Faucet
Crane Spanish production

For soul

Shower Faucets are characterized by the fact that they can only be used for taking a shower rather than a bath, because the spout for fillingno tub.When the water goes through the hose and getting into the shower heads, sprays of water pours down.

on watering can has a special lever with which you can adjust the water flow regime.Shower Faucets usually buy for the shower or bath, but with another kind of mixer, for example, on-board or floor.It should be noted that the universal mixers have a valve which makes a transition from one to another mixer.

Built-in shower mixer

All faucets and shower in construction are the same, the difference lies in the method of installation.Typically, installation shower mixer is carried out on the wall, which can be done in the usual way, or hidden.For recessed installation method mixers, you must purchase a special wall fittings.It is characterized by the fact that there is only the visible hand shower with hose and valves or levers for the implementation of the water supply.

Set Bathroom Faucets

In modern interiors, preference is given more and more concealed fittings for shower.These faucets look quite elegant and concise.To highlight the interior of the bathroom, more and more designers prefer embedded shower mixers.This type of mixer shower offer well-known manufacturers of sanitary ware: Grohe, Kludi, Hansgrohe, Axor, Nicolazzi, Ideal Standard.

With thermostat

thermostatic faucets on the market plumbing appeared recently.The main feature of this kind of faucet is that the water temperature can be set.Although, at first glance, the design should be challenging to perform this function, but it is actually very simple.Such a mixer has two handles: one is responsible for the water temperature, and another - for the head.

Crane with a thermostat

advantages such as thermostatic mixers:

  • pressure in the pipe is no longer reflected in the water temperature.This mixer is a good acquisition, if a family has young children.You will tailor all know the situation, when you open the water tap in the kitchen and in the bathroom changing water temperature regime and as a result of talking or boiling water or ice water;
  • elegant aesthetic appearance;
  • under any circumstances, the water temperature remains the way you have set it;
  • structure of this kind does not differ from conventional mixers, so the necessary spare parts are always on sale.
Touch Faucet with thermostat

Lack thermostatic mixer type - the high cost of the product, not everyone can afford it.


Contactless faucets are new models, more refined for convenient use.The principle of operation is the automatic water supply.No need to open any valves only need to bring your hands to the faucet and the water begins to flow, hands take away - after a few seconds stops water flow.This process is controlled infrared sensors.This type of mixer can be electric or run on batteries.

Proximity sensor faucet

Pros non-contact type mixers:

  • big saving water, as the water flows only when sensors have recorded your presence;
  • ensure maximum hygiene carried water treatments.

Cons contactless-type mixers:

  • without electricity or running battery impossible to take water treatments;
  • can be installed over the sink.For use in the bathroom it is better not to use because it will be necessary for the bath filling to stand beside the crane.
Touchless faucet

Waterfall faucets and backlit

Waterfall or cascade mixers have become very popular on the son of plumbing, because they allow you to create a unique bathroom interior.Their main difference lies in the design of the spout. Namely:

  • for spout aerator is not used to feed water into the air stream;
  • hole has a wide shape, which allows you to create the effect of a waterfall;
  • these mixers is better to pass the flow of water.
Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

Cascading mixers are used for baths and sinks to create a luxurious interior space.For example, a very bright decor element becomes shelf-mixer.At first appearance it looks like a normal regiment, if to turn the lever, which is almost imperceptible, then from it will pour water.For sale is a huge variety of the most interesting models with waterfalls, and even more to make them unique, many manufacturers of complementary models special illumination.

Waterfall with backlight

Mixer backlit characterized main features:

  • creates a new style of bathroom;
  • very easy to use at any time of the day;
  • conventional design;
  • installation will not take much time and effort;
  • a huge range of models with light-colored or fixed with the change of colors;
  • water supply resembles a waterfall.
Unusual Faucet Illuminated

After using this mixer mood improved considerably, the world is filled with bright colors.Mixers backlit any bathroom will make an original and unrivaled.Such a small thing can change a lot.

Setting his hands

If you decide to install the faucet in the bathroom with their hands, then when buying, make sure that it attached to the mounting scheme.The new models are enhanced with additional details and features.So to figure the installation of the mixer can be very difficult.To facilitate the task you must use a graphical installation scheme.

Install faucet on the sink

Set mixer on the bath with acrylic place in several stages:

  • necessary to shut off the hot and cold water in the blender.
  • Remove old faucet.
  • need to think, where to install the faucet.On it have some influence factors: water supply must be close and have a comfortable accommodation for repairs.
  • In place of the mark with a drill make a hole.It is best to use an electric drill with a crown cutter.
  • At the opening you need to put the seal.
  • Perform mixer unit according to the instructions supplied with the kit.
  • Make mount mixer with the nuts, which are twisted in the bath rim.
  • Make connection cold and hot water through flexible hoses.They can be bundled or lack purchased separately.
Fixed bath mixer board

By installing a mixer watch the following video.


Care To care for mixers used special cleaning agent, but its choice should take into account the material from which made the mixer.