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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair faucet in the bathroom with their hands

Repairs in the bathroom faucet
  • main causes of breakdowns
  • repair the old model cranes
  • Repair new model cranes
  • leakage switch "tap-in shower»
  • Preventing leaks - Installation of main filter
  • Repair of other minor issues

Each of us sooner or later have to deal with the solution of domestic problems.

One of the most common problems in the home is breaking the tap in the bathroom.This is largely due to its frequent use.Just imagine what the volume of water passing through it every day.But the causes of failure can be very different.

main causes of breakdowns

In the operation of the water faucet may have a variety of problems:

  • not properly closed valves (dripping or flowing water);
  • Weak water pressure, even when fully open the valves;
  • Buzz from an open tap;
  • fault switch "tap-shower" (the water flows from the tap, and at the same time and out of the shower).

There are two main causes of these faults:

  • Design mixer defects (defective material or poor workmanship);
  • Bad water system (water with rust,
    turbidity, solids, "hard" water).
faucet in bathroom

In most cases, repair the mixer is possible to make their own hands.

It should be remembered about elementary safety measures:

  1. Before repairs should always cover the hot and cold water valves at the inlet pipe to the apartment.
  2. After the overlap gates open at the inlet of the mixer taps and check that water does not flow - inlet valves may also be defective.
  3. Be careful when working with hot water - you can scalding;
  4. Do not use excessive force when tightening - can derail the thread.
crane repairs

Do not forget about these precautions, even if you need to tighten the nut loose from a crane - because of excessive force can break it, and you will drown his apartment and bottom neighbors.

precautions crane repairs

repair the old model cranes

The old-style mixers costs of cold and hot water are regulated by two separate valves. Most often leaks occur due to wear rubber seals, or due to a malfunction poluoborotnyh crane-Books.

To replace worn parts at the tap must be old-fashioned:

  • Close valves cold and hot water at the inlet pipe to the flat, open the faucet and let the remaining water, removing the residual pressure.
  • Remove the decorative caps from the arms of cranes, unscrew the bolts that hold the handle, remove the handle.
  • adjustable wrench, unscrew head parts, turning it counterclockwise.
Repair of the old model cranes

to repair dripping faucet must be replaced rubber seal tap Books.The most common seal is attached to the screw head parts, to replace it with a screwdriver, unscrew.

if from an open tap was heard the roar, or a valve opened with a force that is faulty head parts and need to replace it completely.

mixer collection in reverse order.

Do not use excessive force when tightening to prevent cross threading.

Repair of cranes new sample

Today, popular single-lever mixers.They water mixing occurs in a special ink cartridge.Changes in temperature and pressure of water is due to the displacement of the ceramic discs with specially shaped holes inside the cartridge.

Most breakdowns new model single-lever mixers due to the wear and tear of moving parts inside the cartridge. When repairing the entire cartridge is replaced (even collapsible cartridges find individual components is almost impossible).

Sometimes leaking faucet is connected with a hit between the disk cartridge of small grains or particles of rust.In this case it is necessary to disassemble the cartridge, if it is provided by its design, and the wash of the water jet.

replacement ceramic cartridge

To replace the cartridge in a mixer of the new sample is necessary: ​​

  • Close valves cold and hot water at the inlet pipe to the flat, open the faucet and let the remaining water, removing the residual pressure.
  • In front of the faucet handle to pry the screwdriver and remove the bezel blank.
  • Remove the locking screw under the cap is removed, remove the faucet handle to the cartridge rod.If there is a protective cover - and remove.
  • cartridge is pressed against the body of the mixer broad nut.It is necessary to loosen the pliers.
  • After loosening the clamping nut necessary, gently pulling the stem, remove the cartridge.

mixer assembly in reverse order.When installing a new cartridge, you need to properly align the opening of the cartridge with the guides of the mixer.

change cartridge

leakage "tap-in shower" switch

The mixers used two types of "tap-in shower" switches: Rod (push) and the ball (rotary).

change Changer "tap-shower" is necessary if the water is flowing at the same time and from the tap, and out of the shower.

process of replacing a switch similar to the replacement of the head parts:

  • Close valves cold and hot water at the inlet pipe to the flat, open the faucet and let the remaining water, removing the residual pressure.
  • Remove the decorative cover, unscrew the retaining screw and remove the handle switch.
  • Unscrew switch wrench by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Replace switch or laying on it and collect the mixer in reverse order.
repair switch " tap - shower "

leakage prevention - installation of main filter

As we have mentioned, one of the main causes of the mixers is a fault of poor quality tap water. Due to the deterioration of communication in water fall of rust particles, grains of sand, there is turbidity. All this accelerates the wear of the moving parts of the mixer, and can and does clog them.

for purification of water, extending the life of mixers and household appliances (washing machines and dishwashers) apply main water purification filters.

installed main filter

Filters installed immediately after the gates and counters in the entrance pipe and filter all incoming water in the apartment.In addition to purification from suspended particulate main filter can soften water and remove excess iron from it.

Trunk water filters

different for hot and cold water filter design.Pay attention to the labeling when purchasing and installing.Also, when choosing a filter note, if you install it on a horizontal or vertical section of pipe - not all models can work in both positions.

Filter the hot water

Repair of other minor issues

addition water leaks, faucets prone and other breakdowns.For example, can decrease water pressure are .Most often, this failure is related to the pollution of the aerator.

cleaning the aerator

To clean the aerator must be:

  • Remove the aerator from the faucet by turning it clockwise by hand.If the hand slips - aerator wrap cloth and try again.If you are using a tool - you Place a rubber gasket so as not to damage the chrome surface.
  • Remove aerator mesh.For this press gently on them from the outside.
  • mesh aerator Wash under running water.Large particles of pollutant can be removed with a pin or a thin awl.
  • Assemble and install the aerator on the faucet, do not tighten it too much.

Another common problem - water leakage at the junction with the gander mixer housing.To eliminate it you need a wrench to twist the nut Loose fastening gander.If the leakage remains - it is necessary to remove and replace a gander rubber seal at the junction.When twisting the nuts securing the gander is necessary to use rubber pads under an adjustable wrench, so as not to scratch the surface of the nut.

When parsing mixer may find that some items are "baked onto" each other and do not rotate.Try to brush them with a special liquid WD-40.It dissolves rust, displace moisture, allow to disassemble the mixer, without damaging it.

Liquid mixer WD- 40

If you can not find a solution to the problem of the crane breakdown in the bathroom, read our article about the renovation of the mixer.