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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair mixer for bath and shower with their own hands

Repair faucet for the bathroom
  • main causes of faults
  • Reducing jet volume tap
  • Leakage from under the presser nut gander
  • repair single-lever mixer when it detects a leak from under the arm
  • When you need to change the cartridge
  • Selectnew cartridge
  • leakage "shower faucet"
  • twin valve (flow out of the valve)
  • leakage from under the hose nuts to the soul or from a watering hose
  • fault "shower faucet" radio button
  • Proximity (touch)

mixer - a device to control the flow and temperature of the water flowing from the tap.

In Bathroom Faucets also added function of the water flow switch from tap to shower.Unfortunately, quite often there are breakages mixer.But most of all they are easy to fix on their own.

main causes of faults

Perhaps the most obvious reason for the failure of the mixer - the poor quality of the product. Today the market is replete with poor quality fixtures Chinese and Turkish origin, whose service is small in itself.When choosing a new faucet desire to save can play against you.It is bet

ter to spend money once, but to buy high-quality mixer, which will serve you for many years.

second reason for the frequent failures may be short-lived use of consumables. For example, the use of rubber gaskets in combination with the hard water from the tap will lead to frequent breakdowns.In the case of using ceramic inserts, faucet will last you much longer.


Improper installation also often leads to all sorts of breakdowns and reduce the life of the product.When installing the mixer it is very important to take into account its design features.

Mixers are:

  • Single-lever;
  • dvuhventilnye;
  • Contactless.

details on types, read our article about the selection of mixing.Here you will find many useful tips and recommendations.

Each of these types of mixers installed in its own way and in their failure may also be caused by different reasons.

remainder of this article we will focus in more detail on the more specific causes of failure of each type mixers and tell you how to deal with them.

Single-lever mixer

Reducing the volume of the jet from the tap

The most common problem associated with the operation of single-lever mixers, is to reduce the volume jet.The reason for this failure is usually becomes clogged aerator - nozzles, fastened to the end of the gander through which water flows from the tap.

cleaning the aerator

The problem in most cases, easily removable.You just unscrew the aerator and clean it well or under strong jet of water or blow air.After all, you will need to do - screw it into place.It is the strength to make any housewife.

The unit single lever mixer

Leakage from under the presser nut gander

Another common cause of failure of the mixer is the wear pads. Surely everyone imagines how it looks - a small circle of gasket material with a hole in the middle.Earlier, in the old faucets, commonly used rubber gaskets.Now, the ability to use more modern and reliable materials, such as Asbestos.

To eliminate leaks we need the gasket corresponding diameter, adjustable wrench and Teflon tape sealing material or linen with a special paste.

  1. Remove the metal ring holding the pipe to the faucet spout.
  2. Remove the spout tube and remove the remains of the worn pads.
  3. Put a new one.
  4. pipe thread spout wrap tape or linen with a paste so that when the mount parts tightly pressed against each other.
  5. Secure tube spout metal ring.
replacement pads

repair single-lever mixer when it detects a leak from under the arm

Such leakage, usually is caused by malfunctions in the cartridge mixer.First, let's understand what a cartridge?

cartridge - is collecting cylinder with three holes;in one hole comes hot in another - cold water, and the third mixed water is discharged.

By type used for mixing hot and cold water mechanism, cartridges are classified into ball and ceramic.In addition, the top of the cartridge is located rod to which is attached a lever mixer.Just at this point, and leakage occurs.

When you need to change the cartridge

main signs that time for you to change the mixer cartridge:

  • not served either hot or cold water;
  • water temperature varies arbitrarily, without changing the position of the lever.
  • crane is not working at full capacity or close to the end;
  • have to exert extra effort when you switch lever;
  • Finally, we said above problem - the presence of a leak from under the arm.
cartridge mixer

First of all, we recommend you to buy a new cartridge, remove the old and together with it as a pattern to go to the plumbing shop.

Choosing a new cartridge

As we mentioned above, it is important to pay attention to the quality of purchased plumbers you. Prefer cartridges tested European firms, and try not to get to the scam tricks, copying execution of well-known brands.

As a rule, if you do not set the whole water system in the house or flat, you have no choice, choose what type of cartridge.The fact that, despite the variety of models, there are only two basic types cartridge - and a ceramic ball.

plus the use of ball cartridges is considered to be the ability to disassemble the cartridge itself and to repair it if necessary.

Ceramic same cartridge can not make out, it is to be completely replaced, but the ceramic plates in it are more durable and not prone to the negative effects of hard water.If initially the faucet mounted to the calculation for the use of ball cartridge, ceramic, you will not be able to deliver.And vice versa.

But back to the issue of repair single-lever mixer when it detects a leak from under the arm:

1. Remove the plug with a screwdriver, indicating the direction of the cold and hot water.

2. Under it you will find a screw.Carefully unscrew it with an Allen key or a screwdriver of a suitable size so as not to damage the threads.If you fail to do this carefully, use a drill with a thin bit.

3. Remove the lever from the mixer body by pulling it up.

4. Remove the decorative element with mixing by hand or with pliers.

5. Remove the nut, which presses the cartridge itself directly to the body of the mixer.To do this, first use an adjustable wrench, and then gently loosen his hands.

6. All.Now you can pull out the old cartridge, boldly go with him to the store and buy yourself a new one.

7. To install a new print cartridge, follow the steps described above in reverse order.

ceramic cartridge
cartridge replacement

leakage "shower faucetĀ»

The mixer has another gasket, similar to the one which is located between the gander and the body of the mixer, which we mentioned above.This second gasket is installed between the mixer casing and the switching lever.It also tends to wear out over time.

Replacing a pad is almost the same pattern as the previous:

  1. Remove the lever.If you can not do this, check the fastening screw.If there is a screw, you must unscrew it first, and then remove the lever itself.
  2. Remove the remnants of the old gasket and place it on a new place.
  3. Wrap the thread tape or flax with pasta.
  4. Place the lever to its original position and, if necessary, tighten the screw.
Eliminating leaks

If you want to perform a new installation of the mixer, we advise you to look at our workshop about how to install the mixer.

twin valve (flow out of the valve)

emergence of this type of fault is a result of:

  • damage head parts - inside the mixer device that opens and stops the flow of water;
  • become useless sealing rings on the head parts.
Head parts , valve and crank


  1. Shut off the cold water supply on the riser.
  2. Remove the cap from the valve.
  3. Remove the screw that is bolted onto the valve.Be careful, as the screws in this place often turn sour and is very easy to damage the threads.
  4. Remove the key head parts.
  5. If necessary, replace the old o-ring.
  6. replace the old head parts to the new if necessary.
  7. Install the valve in its place.
mixer device

Leakage from under the hose nuts to the soul or from a watering hose

basic principle of action is the same as for the replacement of other pads: remove the fixing nut of the hose, remove the remnants of the old gasket,put in its place a new one on the thread wrap FUM tape and screw everything back the way it was originally.

Repair leaking faucet when out of the hose nuts

Fault "shower faucet" radio button

If water has become both flow from watering the soul, and out of the tap, most likely, the problem is damage to the switching button mechanism, namely in the omentum.


  1. Unscrew hand switch button.
  2. Using a wrench, unscrew the switch housing.
  3. Pull gently stem and check the seals and replace them if necessary.
oil seal repair

Proximity (touch)

So we got to the last current type mixers - contactless or, as they are called, sensor faucets.

Their name speaks for itself: the sensor is at the heart of their work, which captures the movement, when you bring something to the tap and automatically switches the water supply.Nothing twist when it is not necessary.

Such mixers are the most durable and shelf life of between 5 years.Furthermore, they are really comfortable to use and helps save water consumption.

contactless faucets

But their main disadvantage is that they are extremely difficult to repair. We do not recommend doing this yourself.It is better to try to find an experienced professional who understands this issue.Sensors You will hardly be able to repair themselves - most likely, you just simply break the faucet completely.

If we are talking about some minor shortcomings, such as clogging of the aerator, you can easily cope with this problem alone.

aerator Contamination most often expressed in reducing the water pressure, whereby it flows in a thin stream.To check the need to remove the aerator and open water.If the water pressure would be standard, if the aerator is rusty, replace with a new one.

Aerator in contactless mixer

aerotor If dirty, rinse it under water.In case of heavy soiling, use special tools.

Cleaning the aerator special funds

If we understand the mechanism of the mixer, to repair it is not too difficult.We hope that our article will help you solve any problems you encounter with mixer and remove all faults.

If you can not find a solution to the breakdown of your mixer, read our article about repairing tap in the bathroom.