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August 12, 2017 18:06

The column is included with cotton : causes, what to do if the column thumps

Water heater in the house
  • Causes What to do?
    • new type columns with automatic ignition
    • old-style columns with ignition wick
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Any gas equipment requires very careful handling.This also applies to such familiar household equipment, such as flow-through water heater.After several years of operation, users often begin to forget about the basic rules of safety, not to mention the regular maintenance and routine inspection device.

Such behavior is extremely irresponsible, because it can lead to serious consequences including life-threatening.It is therefore very important to pay attention to any changes in the "behavior" of the gas column, especially the appearance of extraneous sounds.Today we will tell you what to do if you hear the sound of the instrument ON.



The problem, which will be discussed in today's article, most likely to encounter the owners of gas columns of the old models.Flowing water heaters new model is also sometimes included with cotton, but this happens much less frequ

ently with them.Cotton when the audible due to the fact that the lights accumulated in the gas heat exchanger.If the problem is more serious, the gas enters the heat exchanger in the vapor tube and even partially occupies the chimney.

Most often, accumulation of gas caused by one of the following reasons:

  • no traction in the chimney, or it is very weak;
  • faulty valve, retarding ignition;
  • flame ignition wick is deflected to the side (this is true for devices with pezorozzhigom);

If you set the house more modern modification of the gas water heater with automatic ignition function, cotton causes include:

  • discharge energy to the control module;
  • defective microswitch in the water site;
  • spark plug is incorrect.
Gas inside the column
Modern gas column

What should I do?

first thing that experts recommend to do - is to check the presence and the power of draft in the chimney. Most instantaneous water heaters has a housing in which there are holes that are designed specifically for these purposes.If you are unable to detect such holes, try to check the traction around the gap, which is under the hood flue.Also, you can feel the thrust directly to the chimney at the hatch for cleaning.

Check cravings usually with a lighted match.If the flame is well deviates to one side, then bent normal unless shakes - weak.Still flame means no traction - in this case, to operate a gas column in any case impossible.

Checking the draft in the chimney

new type columns with automatic ignition

Instantaneous gas water heaters equipped with an automatic ignition system is much more economical in terms of gas consumption. They work under the electronic control module, which receives commands via the switches located on the controller of water and flame.Such devices are considered very reliable, but there are also drawbacks, such as costly and complex repairs.

Micro switch for the gas column microswitch for gas column

So, what should be done, when he heard gas cotton?

  • Check the condition of power supply. «bad» spark that leads to the fact that the gas is ignited at once, may be due to a low battery level.This problem is eliminated very easily and does not require the intervention of the master.
  • microregulator Check the water pressure. This device is designed to inform the control unit that the water is supplied, and must ignite the gas.Microregulator can break down and give the wrong signals if water is spilled on it.To diagnose such fault can be with a multimeter or ohmmeter.If the readings do not meet the standards, then the microregulator failure occurs and should be replaced.
  • Check the position of the spark of the spark plug. This item can be deformed under the influence of high temperature or due to temperature changes.Correct its position is quite simple since it is fixed on a single screw.Screw the need to loosen a bit and set the candle so that the spark gap was approximately 0.4-0.5 cm. In this case, the ignition should take place on the first try.
  • Check the condition of the ignition retarder. Gas may accumulate due to the fact that the valve, hindering the movement of the water flow, broken or poorly adjusted.The part in question is a small metal ball, partially closing a passageway in a water pressure regulator.In good condition retarding ignition must move freely (this can be checked by ear, if you shake the cover).If it does not, you can try to bring the ball in motion by hooking a flexible rope, passed through a hole in the channel.If the moderator does not give in, you can try to remove it and clean the channel, but are advised to do so only as a last resort.
  • After any repair, check all connections for leaks and if necessary seal them with rubber rings or special sealants.
The spark plug spark plug
microregulator pressure pressure microregulator

cost pressure microregulator on average ranges from 50 to 200 rubles.

old-style columns with ignition wick

Flow Gas Heaters old model "clap" quite often.This is due to their design. They are considered less secure and comfortable than the new gas burners, but they are much easier (and cheaper) to repair.

most common cause gas accumulation in the cavities of the water heaters of this type - the wrong position for the fuse wick.In this case, the flame becomes too small, so it can not reach the edges of the main burners - usually it is due to the fact that the wick is fed to insufficient gas.The gas supply may be difficult because the gas nozzle is clogged.

Water heater with the ignition fuse

Eliminate blockage can own, but it would have to disassemble the device.Most of the columns of this type have the same structure, so the technical details of the repair of various models will be a little different. We operate in the following order:

  1. blocking the entrance to the gas appliance and cold water.
  2. In order to gain access to the inside of the gas column device, remove the top cover.
  3. find the mixer (tee) ignition wick - he is the source of the problem.Tee needed to mix the gas into the air and the gas fed into it by a single tube, and the air - at the other.If there is no draft, the top of the water heater combustion products accumulate which then enter into the mixer through the pipe intended for air.Oxygen is thus, of course hardly comes so flames can flare up, and then goes out.
  4. find the guide tube and unscrew the wick fixing her a couple of screws.Next unscrew the nut, which are mounted on the gas supply tube and the traction sensor.
  5. tee take out of its retaining groove.If any of the annular seals remained in place - do not worry, if necessary, it can be easily removed.
  6. gas jet (in appearance it resembles a small metal threaded screw) located in the lower pipe.We take out the jet from the nozzle.
  7. cleans the dirt out of the hole in the jet.For this we need a thin wire.As a rule, after this procedure, the gas stop clapping.Repeat it should be monthly or annually - it all depends on the quality of the gas that you use.
Water heater with the ignition fuse

In order to maintain a good technical condition of the gas column, we recommend also to clean the nozzles of the main burner once every two to three years.Cleaning these elements it is recommended in the following sequence:

  1. unscrew the nut that secures the thermocouple solenoid valve.
  2. Remove the bracket, which is secured by means of the main burner frame - it takes just a little to ease some cogs.
  3. unscrew fasteners connecting gas and water of the column, and then unscrew the large nut that regulates the flow of gas from the solenoid valve.
  4. deviates forward gas unit, pull out it from the slot and carefully remove the top.
  5. Now we have opened access to the right we jets.To carry out cleaning, do not take them out of the nest, remove the dirt without removing the frame from the jets.It is also recommended to clean the burner itself directly, using the usual stiff brush or cleaning brush for bottles.
Gas jets


  • If enabling flow of the gas cylinder is accompanied not only cotton, but also change the color of the flame from blue to yellow, it means that the heat exchanger is clogged with soot and grime.In this case, a clean hole through which air is fed into the column.To conduct this procedure should only be with the assistance of an experienced master.
  • If you find any problems in the operation of the gas burner, including popping when you turn, it is better not to take any independent repair measures (except visual inspection), and immediately refer to specialist services.

disassemble the unit personally recommended only in case of emergency.

Author rasskazyvat next video, and shows how you can still solve the noise problem in the ignition of the gas column.