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August 12, 2017 18:06

Spare parts for gas columns : accessories , burner , heat exchanger , water-gas unit , safety sensors , lead- pipes , ignition system and air duct

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most often purchase gas cylinder think the owners of the private or holiday home, and urban residents are also interested in such equipment.Today's column is available, reliable and compact.But like any technology, can fail, no matter whether you use the machine from Electrolux and Bosch, or bought a column vector, Neva, Oasis, Astra or another manufacturer.In case of failure to the owner there is a question of repair and purchase of necessary spare parts.

Spare parts for gas water heaters

Accessories geysers

main parts that may be needed to repair the gas column are:

  1. burner. This item is located inside the machine under the heat exchanger and the need to heat the water.Quite often, the burner is polluted and needs regular cleaning.However, there are situations where this spare part must be replaced by a new one.
  2. exchanger. This is one of the main speakers of parts made of copper (considered the best option) or steel.Replacing the heat exchanger may be required when a fistula
    or education in this part of excess scale, if the node is impossible to solder or cleaned.
  3. water-gas unit. This item column is responsible for the regulation of supply as the water in the heat exchanger and the gas fuel to the main burner.In many models it is represented by separate nodes - gas and water.The gas assembly may need to replace the ignition candle wick pezozazhigatelya or burner.The most common problem with water damage to the membrane acts as a node.It is also possible the emergence of leaks due to damaged gaskets.Full site replacement is performed in the event of failure or inability to perform a local repair.
  4. safety sensors. They are also one of the key speakers of parts necessary to protect the unit from overheating, lack of traction, gas leaks and other problems.A security exchange superheat sensor may require thermocouple solenoid or other sensors.
  5. supply hose. To mount speakers to any holder of such equipment may require special flexible hoses, which complement the gaskets and fittings.They easily withstand heat, resistant to fracture and lateral compression.Due to such heater hoses connected to a fast gas line and to the water system.
  6. ignition system. Columns with pezorozzhigom sometimes require replacing the piezoelectric element.In devices with automatic lighting the need to regularly replace the batteries.
  7. duct. This column detail is important for removing combustion products from the unit in the ventilation shaft or through the wall of the street (if turbo heater with coaxial tube).The duct can be pleated or made from steel (galvanized or coated with heat-resistant enamel).The length of the duct may be up to three meters, and the diameter of the column is selected based on the power and number of delivery points served by the apparatus.
A heat exchanger for a gas column heat exchanger for a gas column
Air duct for a gas column venting for gas column
Burner for gas column burner gas column
Water-gas unit for the gas column water-gas unit for the gas column
Gas hoses for gas columns Gas hoses for gas columns
Ignition system for gas column ignition system for gas column


  • to the column heat exchanger served a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to water hardness (sometimes recommended to install the filters and the use of softeners) and its temperature (maximum heating is undesirable,as it stimulates the deposition of scale).
  • Installation of all elements associated with the gas supply to the column, should be carried out only by specialists.
  • is important to ensure sufficient ventilation of the room in which the heater.
  • If the column is a long time off in an unheated room, the heat exchanger it must be empty, otherwise the freezing of water will lead to rupture of the pipe parts.
Spare parts for gas columns

Operation column should be carried out solely on the form of gas, on which it is set (it indicates on the front panel of the machine).