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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gofra Gas Column : steel , stainless steel , the choice

Water heater in the apartment
  • Pros and cons
  • Types
    • Aluminum Pipes
    • Pipes Stainless
  • Application

If you have a house placed upon natural gas pipeline, the water heating should be performedwith gas. Often such a heating device are gas instantaneous water heaters.They, out of habit, called the gas pumps, similar to devices that are placed in the homes of the Soviet Union in the late 50s.

In any household appliance that uses gas in the work, you must get rid of the combustion products.For example, for gas water heaters so the challenge is the pipe connecting the device to a ventilation shaft.


Pros and cons

reviewing the gas pumps closer, examining the pros and cons of corrugated pipes, it can be concluded that the undoubted advantages are:

  • flexibility of the pipe itself.It can be routed to bypass all the supporting structures that prevent the direct passage.It is possible to lay a pipeline with any bend angles.
  • relative ease of installation.Here is the view, and there is no need to involve specia
    lists and the lack of need for specialized components.Whether adapter or docking stations.The connection is by means of special adapters.

And with all these advantages - relatively low price.

Of course, not everything is so perfect, and there are also disadvantages, along with significant advantages.The biggest drawback is the relatively short period of operation, when compared with the terms of the chimneys of rigid pipes.

Another drawback - the need to further insulate itself chimney to avoid condensation.

Corrugated pipe
Corrugated pipes for gas columns

An important is the ability of the outer and inner lining.


Today on sale there are many types of corrugated pipes. Not every can be used as a chimney.This is due to the requirements for fire safety and environmental standards.The most frequently used types of pipes follows.

Aluminum Pipes

Previously used for removing all pipe made of aluminum foil.Her range of 50-75 mm., It is durable, flexible and cheap.It perfectly fulfills its main purpose and was very convenient for laying.Aluminium tubes are made of aluminum, and corrugated steel wire, which is used to shape the product.No connectors, lengthened it by a simple metal tape.The initial length, usually equal to 70 cm., And it can be stretched to 3 m., Allowing to change the length of the chimney.

Its disadvantage is that it can not withstand high temperatures, so is not used for devices that run on solid fuel, although it is still often used for gas columns.

Aluminum pipe for the chimney
Aluminum pipe for the chimney
Aluminum pipe for the chimney

Pipes Stainless

Because of these shortcomings had spread stainless steel corrugation.It is not inferior in its properties to aluminum, and in the index for the fire performance seriously exceeds them. pipe stainless steel can withstand a temperature of 90 ° C.

Stainless steel pipe for the chimney
Stainless steel pipe for chimney


corrugated pipe is used for configuration of heaters that run on gas, solid and liquid fuel, even for removing the combustion products.It can be used on almost all heaters, boilers and gas water heaters.The tube is used for the construction of external and internal chimney that have twists and turns - in places where there is no possibility of laying a direct stiff pipe.

Corrugated pipe

Properly installed and connected the boiler or boiler, as well as any gas water heater is indispensable in everyday life.Removal of smoke from a pipe - one of the most important requirements.Properly mounted chimney - your peace of mind.