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August 12, 2017 18:06

Duct Gas Column : steel and stainless steel , enameled pipe

Heater duct
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  • Why enameled pipe ducts are gaining popularity?
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  • How to choose a diameter of?
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In considering diverting the exhaust gases from such flow heater as gas water heater, you need to choose the right air duct for the equipment and know the nuances of the installation.The main purpose of the duct is in the output of products of combustion from the column on the street - through a hole in the wall or the chimney shaft.

Duct gas column


ducts for gas columns are classified on several grounds:

  • By Material duct manufacturing is steel or aluminum.Made of corrugated aluminum foil duct is cheap and affordable option, but it is not recommended for frequent use column as quickly burns through.
  • Depending on where the output of the combustion products, the air duct can be flue (it is connected to the ventilation wells) or coaxial (its output outside through the wall of the house).
Steel duct Steel duct
Aluminum duct Aluminum duct



stainless steel high-grade steel used for the manufacture of steel ducts.Often it is covered with special enamel white with heat-resistant properties.They are distinguished by a smooth surface, which positively affects the aerodynamic resistance. Such ducts less polluted and minimum noise during operation of the column.

Stainless steel Duct Air stainless steel


Often steel ducts are galvanized pipes. They differ light weight, high reliability and minimum noise during equipment use. disadvantage of such pipes is a risk of icing in winter, so in the case of installation of this air outside the building should take care of the pipe insulation.

Steel chimney steel chimney

Why enameled pipe ducts are gaining popularity?

steel pipe, which caused the top protective enamel coating is more secure from external influence. enamel primarily prevents the formation of rust on the surface of the duct.In addition, such a tube is enamelled high temperature resistance is different (it can easily stand temperature drop), resistance to chemical attack by acids or alkalis, as well as significant mechanical strength.In addition, different colors of enamel makes a duct attractive appearance.

Enamelled steel duct enameled steel duct


most optimal form of duct gas heater - round. It is in this form of exhaust efficiency of the combustion products will be the best.If the shape of the duct is square, it will affect the efficiency of the extraction.

have air should not be too long, since the bends vent pipe is lowered productivity.Thus bends more than 90 degrees adversely affect thrust.The optimal length of duct consider up to three meters.

Round and square chimneys

Each additional meter chimney hoods performance will be reduced by 5-10%.

Driving air geyser

How to choose a diameter of?

It is important to make sure that the duct diameter is not less than the diameter of the output speaker holes. standard parameters called 11 and 13 cm. To determine what size is needed in a particular case, consider the equipment capacity and the number of delivery points.If the column operates with a power up to 20 kW and the water being supplied to one point, with the necessary pipe diameter of 110 mm.With more power and the need to service several points required duct diameter of 130 mm.

Air duct for a gas column


Installation work will depend on the duct.

  • If you are staying on a steel pipe, then it is necessary to purchase the necessary adapters.To find out which tube length is required, measure the distance from the speaker to the duct openings.Installation of the pipe and adapter is easy enough and reminds the designer collection.To secure the airway and processing its compounds should use sealant.
  • If you decide to use a corrugated duct, no adapters to buy more is not necessary.Corrugation is stretched to the length required to connect the column and the ventilation system.If you want to add length, this metal is used scotch.
Installation duct for a gas column

to gas water heater to work effectively, you need to calculate the height of the chimney.How to do it correctly, you can see in the following video.