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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pipes for gas columns : hood and flues for gas columns

The exhaust pipe for the gas column
  • Factors affecting the design of the exhaust system
  • Types chimneys
  • Installation of exhaust systems in a private house
  • Possible problems with a tap of products of combustion
  • Additional installation drawing

The installationwork related to the installation of the gas column, you must pay much attention to the removal of the combustion products resulting from the operation of such equipment. This is important not only for the safety of people who use the heater, but also for the economic and efficient operation of the device.

gas bleeder

Factors affecting the design of the exhaust system

selecting option diversion of waste gases from the column, it should be noted:

  • place where the speaker would stand.
  • device model.
  • required height of the chimney.
  • desired diameter of the exhaust pipe.
  • power speakers.
  • Climatic conditions under which the equipment will work.
Venting pipes for gas columns

arranging exhaust system in a private home, it is important to bring the chimney above the roof more than 1 mete


Types chimneys

At the present time, exhaust system for the gas column can be installed using:

  1. corrugated pipe made of laminated thin aluminum.Such pipes are flexible and can change its length.
  2. steel pipes.To be protected against corrosion, such pipes are treated with heat-resistant enamel.When installed in a private house this type of pipe should be warm.
  3. Turbofan pipes.They constitute a construction of "tube in tube", while between the outer and the inner tube is heat insulation (mineral wool).In such a tube not formed condensate.
  4. coaxial pipes.In their design the inner tube takes the exhaust gas from the column on the street, and between the walls of the outer and inner tube outside air supplied to the burner.Columns with this type of exhaust system called turbo, because the evacuation of the gases in them is carried out by a fan.
Gofra for geyser Gofra for gas column
Coaxial pipe for the gas column coaxial pipe for the gas column

Installation of exhaust systems in a private house

Work should begin on the column by connecting its outlet to the opening of the ductin the wall.Further chimney mounted on the outer wall of a building or inside the house.Lots of pipes secured with brackets.Once the vertical part of the chimney will be installed, assembled and leave headroom Audit window.In conclusion, it should perform a test rod.

Chimney gas column

Possible problems with a tap of products of combustion

Problems with the removal of waste gases are associated with:

  • improper installation of the chimney.
  • substandard materials.
  • Insufficient insulation design.
  • leaking joints.
Exhaust pipes for gas column
Flue gas column

In the following video you can see what kind of error usually allowed in the selection of chimneys and their right to choose.

Additional installation drawing

Usually columns with open combustion chamber in a city apartment is enough natural ventilation in the room, which ensures that the window in the room and not clogged ventilation shaft.However, many owners think about additional columns install hoods to improve safety and increase traction.In fact, if the thrust is sufficient, in such actions is not necessary.On the other hand, the installation of a hood above the column can lead to problems:

  • With insufficient air flow to the room (for example, if the window is closed), extractor will withdraw the air from the ventilation shaft bathrooms, which will lead to the appearance of the kitchen odors.
  • If the ventilation duct and one in the room already has a cooker hood, additional installation drawing will create reverse thrust, which is dangerous for the health of residents.
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