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August 12, 2017 18:06

Water gas heater unit - water flow , water reducer or a frog , a device repair

Water unit geyser
  • Types
  • The principle of
  • design
  • Typical fault
  • Repair and maintenance

internal structure of the gas column is quite complex and presented many details.One of them is the water flow, which is also called a water reducer, water unit, water regulator or "frog".It lies within the column before the heat exchanger and is responsible for the regulation of column operation, depending on the water flow into the machine.

Water Node ( frog ) gas column


Depending on the material production of the water block is:

  • Brass, that is made of an alloy of copper and zinc.Brass is often used in building plumbing fixtures.
  • plastic.This unit is very practical and has a long life.
  • polyamide.For more durability to this unit ensures the presence in its composition of glass.
Brass water geyser assembly Brass water unit
Plastic water geyser assembly Plastikoy water unit
Polyamide water geyser assembly polyamide water unit

The principle of

main objective of the water unit in the gas heater - run column after the tap openingas well as to ensure its normal operation until the tap is op

en.Also, this unit is important for the regulation of the flow of incoming water.If the water pressure is insufficient, the gearbox will also serve a protective function, preventing overheating of the column.

At the heart of the functioning of the water acts as a node on the impact of water flow reducer parts.Water entering the column acts on the diaphragm and on the disk (also referred to as a fungus).Changing their location affects the stock, which activates the gas valve assembly, whereby the gas to the burner starts to flow.

Once the hot water tap is closed, acting on the diaphragm pressure decreases and fungus.This reduces the impact on the gas valve, causing the gas to overlap and disabling access device.When the gas water heater is not activated, the water unit is not functioning.

The principle of a water geyser assembly


Water reducer consists of:

  • base and cover with screws.
  • diaphragms (diaphragm) attached to a drive rod (plate).
  • flow regulator.
  • Venturi nozzles.
  • Regulator flow.
  • temperature selector.
  • Filters for hot water.

In the following short video shows ustroystroystvo small and large water units.

Typical fault

Broken water block is considered one of the most common problems in gas water heaters.The most common reason for the block exit down is deformed or dirty membrane.It may be deposited salts and possible cracking.When such injuries unit ceases to function, which prevents access to the gas column.

also fairly common problem is a clogged filter water reducer, and due to frequent switching on and off of the device node wear, leading to leaks in places seals arrangement.

Worn membrane unit water geyser
Filter the water reducer gas column

you definitely need to check the water node if:

  • Water pressure is normal but the column is not included (the membrane is damaged or contaminated stock).
  • Head normal cold water and hot comes with a very weak pressure (formed blockage).
  • hot water tap is opened, and the column started to work only after a certain time (a problem with flow control).
  • hot water tap is closed, but the column is still some time working (a problem with flow control).
  • column turns off during use or not gaining the desired power (damage to the membranes).
Faults associated gas column with a water unit

Repair and maintenance

To geyser functioned properly, the water unit is periodically disassembled and cleaned, and inspected for the timely detection of the deformation areas and small cracks.Replacing the membrane in the water reducer is recommended even at the slightest deformation of the part.

disconnecting the column from the water and gas, it is necessary to open a hot water faucet to relieve pressure.After that, remove the device hood and look at the cold water pipe water reducer.Unscrew the item to pipes and nuts securing the gearbox to the gas assembly screws, the controller can be removed.

To open it, arranged in a circle to spin the bolts that hold the two parts of his (usually eight).Inspect the diaphragm and the housing, perform the required manipulation (cleaning, replacement), after which the assembly is gathered and mounted in its place inside the column.It is important not to confuse the connection nozzles (diameter of the input must be higher).You should also ensure adequate sealing of all joints.

Repair water geyser assembly