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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sensors traction , heat , temperature , fire , water flow and ionization of gas columns

Testing of the gas column
  • Types of sensors and functions
    • flame sensor
    • thrust sensor
    • overheating sensor (thermostat)
    • flow sensor
    • sensor low water pressure
    • safety valve pressure relief
  • possible to install sensors in the gas column in addition?

modern gas boiler is a reliable device that can be used safely for the health of people who are in the same room with the machine.This is due to the presence of a special security system, which includes special sensors that monitor the operation of equipment.


Types of sensors and functions

geysers protection system includes the following elements.

flame sensor

This item is also referred to as the combustion sensor.Its main function is to control the flame.While the burner is working, in the sensor, which is a thermocouple, the pressure rises due to heat which is transferred to the valve, responsible for supply of fuel.If the flame disappears, the temperature sensor is decreased, which leads to the gas supply overlap.

in some columns, there is al

so the ionization sensor, which responds to the flame ions.He is represented by the ionization electrode placed just inside the flame, and will be triggered by a sudden disappearance of the flame by turning off the burner.

Sensor flame

thrust sensor

It is located in the upper part of the device that connects the column to the chimney.The main function of this part is to define adequate ventilation.If the sensor does not function, the column is turned on and begins to heat the water, which prevents the ingress of combustion products into the room.

The sensor rod thrust sensor

overheating sensor (thermostat)

this part is located on the heat exchanger tubes to prevent the heating of water over the allowable temperature.If the temperature sensor in the gas column lock excessively high temperature of the water heater is automatically turned off to protect the heat exchanger tubes from damage.Most often, this sensor is designed for temperatures up to + 85 ° C.

Overheating sensor ( thermostat )

flow sensor

It controls the opening of the hot water tap - if the valve is closed, the sensor will disable the column.

Sensors of the gas flow column

low water pressure sensor

water pressure sensor prevents the equipment included if the water pressure is too low.

Water pressure sensor geyser

safety valve pressure relief

This item will protect the pipe from breaking in case of increase of water pressure in the pipes.

Safety valve for pressure relief

In the following video channel "HVAC Teploservis" You can find out more interesting and useful information about the sensors of gas columns.

And the next video will tell in detail about what the sensor rod, for what it is and what's inside.

possible to install sensors in the gas column in addition?

If the desired sensor in the column is not acquired, extra installation. Usually this issue is the thrust of the sensor, which may be in some Chinese speakers.The presence of this sensor is very important for the safe use of equipment, so it is best when buying make sure that the selected column is equipped with this piece.

Gas water heaters

If no sensor has found a home after the purchase, it can be inserted into the machine separately, though it will be additional expenditure on the sensor itself, and work on its installation.

Gas water heaters