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August 12, 2017 18:06

Batteries for the gas column : What approaches , how to change , replace , power supply for the gas column instead of batteries

Batteries for geyser
  • When you need to replace the batteries?
  • reasons
  • frequent change of choice
  • Tips How to replace?
  • it possible to translate the column on the power supply?

One of the most common types of ignition of gas water heaters is the ignition burner from an electric spark.This is called auto-ignition or electric.It involves the use of batteries - batteries.This battery gives the right to get started elektroiskru column. column to function properly, the batteries should be replaced regularly.

Batteries for geyser

When you need to replace the batteries?

If the inclusion of your speakers depends on the performance of batteries, the most common signals that need new batteries, is a faint spark in the machine. If the column does not turn on the battery is fully discharged.

The batteries in the gas column
The battery compartment in the gas column

In some models, the speakers on the need to change batteries signals flashing LED (usually red LED-lamp).


frequent change of batteries can be discharged more often due to:

  • high humidity in the room.
  • Pollution pilot jets.
  • Pollution relief valve.
  • oxidation of electric contacts.
  • sticking dirty solenoid valve.
  • distance changes from the burner to the ionization sensor (normally must be a 3 mm gap).
Batteries for geyser

Tips for Choosing

To purchase the appropriate battery for your speakers, check the manufacturer's recommendations. is important to note how the size of the necessary nutrients, and their shape and voltage parameters.

Batteries for geyser

How to replace?

Typically, a battery inside the column in a special box, which is located at the bottom right.Replacing includes such steps:

  1. To reach the box the battery, move the lever, push the little box below with your fingers and pull it in the hand after the click.
  2. Taking discharge elements, insert new batteries in the compartment intended for them, taking into account the polarity (tip of the container has a lid).
  3. Next, return the container to the battery in its place until it clicks.Lever also need to return to the place.

No percussion instruments used do not need to do this.Excessive force when inserting a container with batteries can damage the fasteners holding the box.

Replacing the batteries in the gas column

Battery replacement should be performed only when the heater is switched off.

it possible to translate the column on the power supply?

to rework column runs on batteries, it is necessary: ​​

  • buy a power supply with parameters 220V / 3V / 500 mA.
  • Buy two "mom dad" type of connector.
  • Display located inside the compartment box with batteries two wires down from the cabinet.On them you will see half "mother" and labeling.
  • If the wires are labeled with a different color, tag, which refers to the "+" and what to "-".
  • Cut off from the power supply plug wire and divided each soldered halves "Dad."
  • Connect the connector halves, taking into account the polarity.
  • Switch unit into the wall socket.

In the video below, Sergei Neverov will show and tell how to make and connect the power supply to the gas column independently.