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August 12, 2017 18:06

Flue Gas Column : how to choose the diameter of the duct and , for a coaxial flue gas column

Flue Gas column
  • Types
  • Coaxial chimney for gas column
  • What is the diameter of the chimney must be?
  • Features for installation in apartment
  • features to be installed in a private home
  • Installation Steps
  • When the chimney is not needed: bezdymohodnye column

most optimal choice for the production of hot water in the house or apartment is called the gas column.But one of the most models installation conditions such equipment is the need for a chimney.Therefore, thinking about the purchase of the column, the user is encouraged to learn more about the rules of chimney installation, as well as on possible alternatives to this kind of diversion of combustion products.

The exhaust pipe for the gas column


Chimneys for gas heaters are classified depending on the material from which they are made.There are :

  1. Corrugated flexible ducts. Inside these pipes has a wire helix, and the pipe itself is made of aluminum foil.The advantage of this chimney is the ability to bend at any angle and the change in length with a metal tape.
  2. Aluminum flues. Their advantages are low weight, accessibility, lack of condensation inside the chimney.However, in the winter without insulation such pipe may ice.
  3. galvanized steel chimneys. They are light weight and relatively high resistance to corrosion.The steel chimney is also important to insulate the cold season.
  4. Sandwich chimneys.Their design represents one pipe disposed within the second, and between them is nonflammable insulation walls (often rockwool) for preventing the formation of condensate.This chimney is called a durable and reliable.It is often recommended for installation in a private house, when you need to hold a chimney through the roof and floor (especially if they are made of flammable materials).
Corrugated flexible duct for a gas column Corrugated flexible duct
Aluminum exhaust pipe for the gas column Aluminum chimney
Chimney made ​​of galvanized steel for the gas column chimney of galvanized steel
Sandwich chimney for gas column Sandwich chimney

Coaxial chimney for gas column

Itmodern and quite popular nowadays variant of the chimney, which is used to turbo columns other than the presence of the combustion chamber is closed.Its structure is presented in the tube pipe, with the pipe along the central column is output from the smoke and through the gap between the outer and the inner tube in the apparatus enters the combustor fresh air from outside.

Coaxial pipe for flue gas column

This design allows you to make a stack of smaller length and increase the efficiency of the device.In addition, one column with flue oxygen will not burn in air space, which typically occurs when an open combustion chamber.Stopping the choice on turbo column, you do not take care of sufficient ventilation of the room, but it is important to pay attention to the choice of the diameter of the chimney.It is necessary that the diameter is not smaller column outlet.

Coaxial chimney for gas column

What is the diameter of the chimney must be?

diameter selection is carried out taking into account the performance of the column, that is, on the basis of its power.Virtually all used in domestic heaters need pipe diameter of 11 or 13 cm. In addition, for devices with output power up to 20 kW, supplying water to a point, usually choose a pipe diameter of 110 mm, for a column with a capacity of more than 21 kW, of which water2-3 assigned crane required pipe diameter of 130 mm.

Required chimney diameter for the gas column

Features for installation in

apartment To connect standard gas column in a city apartment, the house must be present stationary channel for removing smoke. In most modern buildings, such vents are laid in the walls, so bring them on Column chimney - no problem.However, in many buildings of the last century such channels is not so conventional speakers can not be installed in them.In this case, you can stop the choice on the turbo model.

Gas boiler with a turbine for apartments

Other features of the flue installation in apartments are such nuances:

  • Chimney inside should be smooth and without any restrictions.
  • Most often it is placed vertically.3 no longer permitted bends.
  • pipe must be well sealed to prevent ingress of combustion products into the living room.
Nuances of the installation of the chimney of the gas column in the apartment

Regarding the choice of pipe material, corrugated aluminum, in spite of its simplicity and low cost, is called unsuitable option.These tubes burn out quite quickly so it is recommended only when a rare use of the column.To set more preferably in a flat steel chimney.

Corrugated aluminum flue gas column

features to be installed in a private home

If you are thinking about a chimney in the construction phase of the building, the best choice is the vertical arrangement of the brick shaft inside which a steel pipe or asbestos can be located.This is important, so that the gas column and the heating system were different mines to remove smoke.

Chimney shaft for a gas column in a private house

If the building is already constructed, the most suitable option chimney - insulated steel pipe.It can be both attached to one of the outer walls, and set it inside the building through the ceiling and roof.

Chimney for gas column in a private house

other nuances of the installation of the chimney in the house are the following points:

  • material and design of the chimney, as well as the place of installation must comply with current regulations.
  • the chimney necessarily easy access, so you can eliminate potential problems quickly, if necessary, shall be provided.
  • Mounting a chimney in the building vertically, it is important to prevent significant deviations of the pipe - it is on the whole structure must not deviate by more than 1 meter..
  • End chimney pipe should extend above the roof at least 40-50 cm
Nuances of the installation of the chimney in a private house

Installation Steps

Mounting flue gas when installing speakers includes such steps:

  1. assessment of the conditions forinstallation work.
  2. Choosing a suitable option chimney.
  3. Mounting chimney section at the point of connection to the gas column.
  4. Mounting chimney inside the house or on the outside of the wall (for installation in a private home).
  5. Removing the pipe through the hole in the street (if mounted coaxial flue).
  6. Check traction.
Installation of flue gas heater

When the chimney is not needed: bezdymohodnye column

Nowadays, due to the spread turbocharged columns bezdymohodnymi call it such devices, since they do not need a special chimney, and their coaxial chimney outputthrough the wall.However, there are also speakers that output the combustion products in the room where they are installed.Typically, this low-power model with low productivity.An example of such a column is Neva 3001, the power of which is 9 kW, and the performance - only 2.6 liters per minute.

Bezdymohodnaya gas water heater 3001 Neva

To set this column is very important good room ventilation, but even in this case there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, because it is odorless and affects a person when he has no idea of ​​mortal danger.That is why bezdymohodnaya column loses turbo and recently almost never used.