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August 12, 2017 18:06

The membrane for the gas column ( diaphragm ) : replacement , how to buy and change

The membrane for the gas column
  • Purpose
  • Indications for repair
  • What happens when a late replacement?
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Replacement
  • Where to buy?

Most geysers models have this feature as a rubber membrane, which is also called the diaphragm.It is considered a weak portion of such equipment, as eventually wears out and often breaks in the operation of the heater.


Aperture installed in a water geyser assembly and is responsible for the division of the cavities of the water regulator. The main function of this membrane is to regulate water pressure. When it flexes, it leads to a shift rod, opening the gas supply to the burner.

Water gas heater unit with a rubber membrane

Indications for repair

In use, the column due to the pressure on the membrane and enters the device hard water on the diaphragm there are small cracks and deformation areas.To see them, you need to remove the membrane and carefully inspect it.Often assessment of the aperture and its subsequent replacement is performed during the annual maintenance of the column.

The fact that the membrane is worn to the routine inspection, prompt you to problems with the inclusion of the column.In this case you should first make sure that the gas enters the column and supplied with sufficient water pressure.If your column is used pezorozzhigom, clean the pilot burner (jets).If after such a cleaning device is not included is likely corrupted and the membrane device is to be disassembled.

If your column switch occurs through electronic ignition of the battery, and you turn it on and hear a click, then the membrane is all right, but the problem is likely to regard the gas path or ignition electrode.When powered on, no clicks, damage to the membrane is the most likely cause of failure, which is easy to see disassembled unit.

Some columns can determine the condition of the membrane on the stem, which controls the electronic switch unit.After removing the column cover and opening the hot water, look, if the stock moved.If that is the diaphragm rod will remain in place.

In situations where minimal damage to the membrane, but increases with time and leads to rupture, water will flow inside the cavity of the water regulator, which leads to the device is not possible with all the power.Gradually power decreases and eventually stops altogether column included.

Timely replacement of the membrane in a water geyser assembly to protect it from damage
Wear of the diaphragm creates a problem when the gas column

What happens when a late replacement?

If time does not replace the diaphragm, it may cause a failure in the supply of gas column.As a result, the water will be heated or bad will generally flow through the heat exchanger without heat.

The old membrane for gas column

Tips for Choosing

You can not buy the rubber and silicone membrane for replacement.Such detail is more flexible and longer-term (10 years).

Rubber Membrane white or red is the least preferred option because such item very quickly wears out.Sometimes it is broken immediately after the replacement.

  • choosing a suitable membrane for the water heater running on gas, you need to take into account the brand machine, as some speakers installed around the aperture, and in other - parts with a fairly complex form.
  • If you could not find in the presence of a circular aperture is for your speakers, it is permissible to purchase and install the item instead of a similar diameter to the column from another manufacturer, for example, a membrane with a diameter of 73 mm.
  • If the column serves you already more than five years, buy the membrane immediately with plastic parts that are adjacent to it (with the time they are washed out of plasticizers, which leads to brittleness).
Membranes for gas column - the recommendation for choice


Change the damaged membrane in a flow heater is realistic with their hands:

  • Disable access water and gas to the unit.
  • Open a hot water faucet to relieve pressure.
  • Remove the column cover by unscrewing the fixing screws.
  • Look for a water regulator for the cold water supply pipe.
  • Unscrew the nuts that secure the controller to the water pipes and the screws that hold the item to the gas part.
  • Remove the regulator and dismantle it.
  • Replacing the membrane, collect column in reverse order.

Visually, the entire process of replacing the membrane, see in the following video.

Where to buy?

Purchase membrane available in the service centers manufacturer of gas columns, but the prices are, as a rule, these dealers is quite high.Common variants of the membranes are sold in local stores and online trading platforms.

Membranes for gas columns