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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair of gas columns with their own hands , faults and troubleshooting , how to fix , why is broken and does not work

Repair of gas columns , and Troubleshooting
  • device columns and their types
  • Typical problems
    • clogged heat exchanger
    • The water is not heated to the required temperature
    • column does not ignite.
    • burner unit goes off during operation
    • leaking from the heat exchanger
    • leaking from places
    • compounds appeared leaking gas

Instantaneous water heaters are used for the work of natural gas are the most common water-heating devices.Like any technology, they are subject to wear and often break down.To the owner of the column was able to determine which fault occurred, he should know in advance about the device and the gas column, and about the most common problems with such equipment.

device columns and their types

Standard column is a metal box, which summarizes the pipe - water and gas.Inside the box is a tube heat exchanger through which water moving in the apparatus.It is also the main speaker detail appears burner, which in this equipment two - basic and glow (it ignites the main).

The device of the gas column

Igniter can be ignited in seve

ral ways, on the basis of which emit several types of speakers.Some devices used pezorozzhigom, in others - ignition by creating an electric spark (such speakers are powered by batteries or by hydro turbines).

Gas boiler with pezorozzhigom
Heater runs on batteries
Gas boiler with manual ignition

When the user opens the valve, the gas begins to flow into the column.The flames from the main burner rapidly heats the water flowing in the heat exchanger, resulting from an open tap warm water begins to flow.At the same time, all the products of combustion are output at the top of the chimney system.

Typical problems

The most common gas water heater owners faced with the following situations.

clogged heat exchanger

Due to the high hardness of the water, or too high temperature hot water in the heat exchanger is formed with the time scale.This necessitates regular washing of the part with the means, remove scale (home to the solution of citric-you use most often).If you notice that the hot water is supplied to the low pressure, while the cold water pressure is high, it is a sign of clogging in the heat exchanger.Also an excess of scale column generally can not switched on or off after non-durable operation.

Another way to clean the heat exchanger, see the short video below.

The water is not heated to the required temperature

discovering the problem, should first make sure the machine power settings are correct.If the settings is OK, the reason for lack of hot water can be a heat exchanger contamination (as internal because the scale and outside due to excess soot) or too low temperature of the incoming water (this is typical for the winter period).

Causes of poor water heating in the gas column

column does not ignite.

most common cause of this situation is the lack of ventilation, which can be both dirty ventilating well (in the chimney over time accumulated soot, and can also get a foreign object), and in the absence of sufficient air flow to the room (for example, after replacingwindows).For devices running on batteries, the situation when the machine is not turned on, is usually associated with a complete discharge of batteries.In addition, the equipment will not be included if the water pressure is too low (this also applies to the pressure of the gas), damaging the membrane or a gas leak occurred.In these cases, the speakers will interfere with the protection system of the device.

next video tutorial will help replace the membrane yourself in the water column block.

burner unit goes off during operation

This fault can be caused by a problem with the temperature sensor, worn in the water membrane unit, poor traction, or the failure of the electric valve.

leaking from the heat exchanger

This problem is typical of low-quality components, in which copper is connected with different impurities.In areas of the heat exchanger surface is oxidized impurities and eventually fistula formed there.In this issue, a radical solution is to replace the heat exchanger, but in many cases the part can be soldered using a soldering iron (if the damage is small) or a gas burner.For information on how to do it yourself you can find in our article "How to solder the gas column?".

The leak from the heat exchanger - as a solder fistula

flow from connection points

It is connected with the pads wear, so the solution to this problem is to replace the seals.

When the speakers are heard claps

This can occur when an incorrect regulation of the gas supply, and cottons will appear and excessive head of the incoming gas, and with little pressure.In addition, this situation is linked to poor ventilation or discharged batteries.No less often appearance pops during power up the unit signals the dirty jets pilot.The fact that they should be cleaned, the user prompts the flame changed color - instead of blue and blue flame will be red-yellow-orange.

Faults gas column - claps at work


gas leak This machine really is not included, because it works the corresponding sensor and the user will feel the smell of gas.The only right thing to do in such a situation the owner must call the gas service.

Leakage of gas from the gas column