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August 12, 2017 18:06

As solder gas column : a soldering iron and a gas torch , soldering heat exchanger , radiator

As solder gas column ?
  • heat exchanger (radiator)
  • Required tools and materials
  • How to solder soldering iron
  • As solder gas burner

During the operation of gas columns often appear to flow, which is quite possible to eliminate itsforces.If you do not want to pay the master and know how to handle a soldering iron, you can self-solder column, closed formed pinholes.

heat exchanger (radiator)

most common cause of leakage of the gas column in favor of the copper heat exchanger damage.This is usually due to the low quality of the copper from which the part is made.In places where there are impurities exchanger walls are oxidized over time, and leads to a leak.

The leak in the heat exchanger of the gas column - how to solder your own hands ?

Required tools and materials

Soldering speakers prepare their own hands:

  • soldering or gas burner.
  • fine sandpaper or brush metal.
  • Solder.To use copper wire parts POS 61 representing a lead-tin alloy.
  • Rag.
Materials and tools for soldering gas column

How to solder soldering iron

The easiest way to solder copper heat exchanger is to use a soldering iron.

However, its use has its limitations:

  • Use a soldering iron can only be at the minimum damage of the heat exchanger.
  • You will solder the tool only thin-walled elements.
Soldering heat exchanger water heater soldering iron

water must be emptied prior to soldering of the column.Also in this work a certain surface preparation must be carried out, which is in place of oxidation acquired a greenish tint.Taking a brush or sandpaper, metal, smooth out the surface to remove any irregularities or burrs.Wiping all dry cloth, gently cover the heat exchanger in the right place special solder, and then use a soldering iron, a point where the solder is uniformly filled in the damaged area.

As solder gas burner

If your column is a massive heat exchanger, characterized by high rates of thermal conductivity, it is recommended to solder using torches.Preliminary work in such a case would not be different from the soldering soldering iron - the surface must be carefully cleaned, level and dry.Further, soldering is performed propane torch, to establish a contact with the flame temperature up to 2500.

In the following video clearly shows the entire soldering process using a gas burner.