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August 12, 2017 18:06

A heat exchanger for a gas column : repair , cleaning, removing solder and how much it costs

The heat exchanger for the gas column - the radiator
  • Purpose
  • Materials
  • What's more profitable - to repair or replace?
  • Pike exchanger
  • geyser How to remove?
  • How to clean?

One of the main elements of the gas water heater burner, along with a heat exchanger.And so the problem with this piece can degrade the quality of the work column or bring the machine down.

The heat exchanger for the gas column - the radiator


This element of a natural gas water heater, a heat exchanger is needed to transfer heat from the burned gas in the machine flowing inside metal pipes water.


most commonly used steel for the manufacture of heat exchangers (various species) and copper.

steel heat exchanger is characterized by such features:

  • cheaper copper.
  • material is very ductile, so tolerates heat without changing its physical properties.
  • has a relatively low weight, which has a positive effect on the heat exchange efficiency.
  • has greater resistance to corrosion than aluminum and copper.
The steel heat exchanger for a gas column

have a copper heat exchanger say such properties:

  • Due to the high coef
    ficient of heat transfer is much faster heats the water.
  • fewer impurities, the more expensive it will cost this metal.
  • Due to the presence of impurities in low-quality copper heat exchanger wall will be heated unevenly, leading to their degradation with time.
  • copper have noted a high resistance to corrosion.
  • for cheaper items, many manufacturers have resorted to the smaller thickness of the walls and a small cross section of the tubes.
  • copper heat exchanger weighs about 3-3.5 kg.
Copper heat exchanger for a gas column

What's more profitable - to repair or replace?

If we take into account the cost of a new heat exchanger, and works on its replacement, and then compare the price of a new column, not forgetting expenditure on its delivery and installation, it is clearly seen that such repairs are profitable to replace the entire column. On average, a new item costs 3000-5000 rubles, and for the installation to be paid about 3,000 rubles.At the same time for the new column will have to pay 8,000 rubles and more, and then another to pay its connection.

The heat exchanger for the gas column - it is cheaper to replace or repair ?

Pike geyser heat exchanger

for continuous operation of the heat exchanger installed in the column largely affects its welding pipes.To extend the service life for the parts most commonly used soldering brazing MF9 (copper and phosphorus).A more modern way of welding used by leading companies, is ultrasonic soldering.When it joined the design heat evenly, eliminating the subsequent destruction of the heat exchanger in the field of soldering.

often used for soldering a gas burner, this process is shown in the following video.

How to rent?

Before removing the heat exchanger column should always be turned off and the gas supply, and against water ingress.Further, by removing the cover on the unit, disconnect the heat exchanger itself, unscrewing the screws fixing it, overheating sensor and nuts connecting the heat exchanger to the hydraulic group.Now we have to carefully remove the item from the column.

dismantling process is clearly shown in the following video.

How to clean?Since

eventually begins to form within the heat exchanger and collected scum, particularly if the water entering the column is rigid and is heated to a high temperature in the list of works of the regular maintenance of such equipment include cleaning by this scale.It is preferably carried out about once a year, and if there was a need (column became worse heat water), even more often.

At home, the best choice for cleaning food considered citric acid as it is inexpensive and common means no pungent smell.Do not forget about the protection of the body while cleaning the heat exchanger, so prepare in advance gloves and appropriate clothing.

Proceed as:

  • Dissolve powder in a large package of citric acid (100 g) in the 350-1000 ml of water.
  • Carefully pour using a funnel resulting solution into the heat exchanger, and then place the item into a container and let it sit for 15-60 minutes.
  • For more effective cleaning can also preheat the container on the stove and + 60 to + 80 ° C.
  • Then wash the item under running cold water, allow to fully dry and place the heat exchanger back.
Cleaning the heat exchanger of the gas column with citric acid

about how to clean the radiator soot, look in the form of a channel "TVorim" on Youtube.