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August 12, 2017 18:06

Heater does not turn on , why , what to do

Heater does not turn on
  • Possible causes
  • What to do?

Among the different types of water heaters gas water heaters are most popular due to the ease of operation, as well as the efficient and economical operation.But, like any technology, flow heater may break.And very often during break device does not turn on.But not always such a situation arises due to a malfunction of the device.


Possible causes

problem with the ignition column may arise due to:

  1. Absences traction. In a situation where the inside air duct accumulated combustion products, or there was a foreign object and pull deteriorated, the heater will react special sensor.As a result gas will not be fed to the burner.
  2. used batteries. This reason appears frequently in devices with electronic ignition, running on batteries.While many companies claim the need to replace the batteries once a year, in practice, many owners of the speakers, make sure that such manipulation is required more often.
  3. Weak water pressure. In this case, the reason is the lack of water pressure in the water system.In addition, the flow of water can interfere with cleaning clogged filters.
  4. deformations or damage to the membrane. This column item frequently just wear out and require regular replacement.
Batteries for geyser
The membrane gas column

What to do?

  • Check traction in the ventilation channel speakers.Opening the window, bring to the opening of the chimney your palm or a burning match.Under normal traction you will feel the movement of the air with his hand or see that the flame is rejected or damped.If the craving is bad, you need to clean the channel (this task should be entrusted to professionals).
  • Check the batteries and if they run out, follow the replacement of the batteries.
  • Check the flow of water in the column.To do this, open the tap with cold water in the sink.If the head is weak, and it is causing the problem with the inclusion of the column.You should also check the filters, and if detected blockage, clean it, and if pollution is very strong, replace with new filters.
  • Check the membrane and replace it with a new part if necessary.

In the following video you can see how the self-eliminate one or the other damage, because of which is not included geyser.