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August 12, 2017 18:06

Why is gas water heater does not heat the water : the causes , what to do if gas water heater heats the water is bad

gas water heater does not heat the water
  • reasons for the lack of hot water
  • How to troubleshoot
  • What else can you do?

heater - a device, the main purpose of which is to provide instantaneous heating tap water.Under favorable conditions, this method of heating becomes more efficient and Budgetary than centralized.However, quite often it happens that the gas water heater does its job badly.

If, in spite of the desired temperature, tap water is poured much cooler than you need, you should look for the cause of the problem.Not always it is related to the device itself may matter in water pipes, mishandling or any other factors.

about why gas water heater does not heat the water and on possible ways of removing the associated fault, read our article today.

Water heater in the bathroom

reasons for the lack of hot water

  • mud deposits on the outside of the heat exchanger. Heat Exchanger - is a kind of metal tank, in which the heating water.Since it is in contact with the combustion products, thick soot layer can be formed on its outer wall, which pr
    events heat water to the desired temperature.
  • not strong flame in the burner. heating capacity is sometimes insufficient, so that the water in the heat exchanger has reached a predetermined temperature.If the burner flame is constantly weak, that a malfunction of the membrane, which leads to insufficient pressure on the gas valve stem.
  • exchanger overheats constantly .This is most likely due to manufacturing defects.In the absence of temperature control in the heat exchanger, is deposited on its walls thicker layer of scale, which prevents its operation.
  • low level of pressure in gas pipes. This problem has nothing to do with the operation of the water heater as external factors to blame here.If you think that the gas supply pressure is insufficient, contact the gas supplier.
  • Neglecting prevention and maintenance. In the absence of proper care and timely repair, problems inevitably occur in the gas equipment.If the gas water heater is in poor condition, it can not provide a good pressure and the desired water temperature.
Soot on the heat exchanger
Clean the heat exchanger
The flame in the gas column

How to troubleshoot


What should I do?

soot deposits on the heat exchanger

problem is solved by a simple cleaning of the heat exchanger.Remove the black layer can be using a stiff brush, the main thing - to proceed with caution so as not to damage the metal surface.

weak flame in the burner

should conduct a visual inspection of the water site, after disconnecting the gas equipment.If the membrane is intact, check the condition of the stock - it should be no impurities, and its movement should be smooth and even.

hole in the membrane

If the inspection revealed damage to the water unit of the membrane, it is necessary to replace it with a new one (experts recommend silicone membrane, as their service life longer).

Scale exchanger

deposits of scale if they did not lead to internal damage to the device quite easily removed with improvised means, for example, citric acid.If serious damage of the heat exchanger will be more expedient to replace him.

learn how to cope with the carbon black in the heat exchanger, refer to the video channel on Youtube "TVorim".

What else can you do?

  • to raise the temperature of water pouring from the tap, you can do the following: Turn the knob all the way to the right, then open the water tap only halfway.Since the movement of the water slows down, it is better to warm up.
  • may also want to check the pressure in gas pipes or in the cylinder.But we should not do it yourself - better to seek professional help.
  • Water can stay cool when the mixer adds cold water to the already heated.Compare (touch) of the water temperature from the tap at a temperature exhaust hose.If the water is colder, the problem in the mixer.
  • If the temperature of the water from the tap all the time "jumps" and a geyser itself is periodically switched off, possibly clogged filter or faucet.All these elements, as well as shower heads should be from time to time to check for the presence of lime scale and rust.

If gas water heater does not heat the water, does not ignite and is not included, but the pilot light is lit at the same time, look at the video channel on Youtube "Repair of gas equipment."Most likely, it will help solve the shed.