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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gas boiler noise , whistles , crackles and snaps : causes and what to do

  • Cotton when the
  • Column buzzing and noise during operation
  • Column whistles

normal operation of the gas column is accompanied by the sounds associated with the flame burning and the flow of water inside the unit.Sometimes, however, the user can hear the whistle of the equipment, cotton and other extraneous noise.To understand why the column can whistle and shout, you must first learn about the structure of this type of water heater, and the nature of operation of the gas column.

Modern gas column in the interior
Modern gas column in the interior
Modern gas column in the interior

Cotton when the

If you include a column, you hear the sound, it is a sign of problems with the gas supply. Each unit has a working area in which gas accumulation occurs during switching equipment, and its connection to a gradual air.In the case where the accumulated volume of air and gas producer responsible calculations, no popping will not.If the gas and air accumulated in excess, it causes a small volume of the explosion.

Included geyser

It is not just a loud popping sound, but can also damag

e the chimney, so you should immediately eliminate this situation.

By following video offers his solution to this problem.After watching his videos, you can manually get rid of the cotton when the gas column.

Column buzzing and noise during operation

The cause of noise during water heating is insufficient thrust. So noisy equipment running in the first place check it up.A lighted match or lighter brings to the inspection hole or a special hatch in the top of the column.If the flame tongue deviated to the side of the device, pull enough.Otherwise, should take care of cleansing the chimney channel.

insufficient air flow may also lead to the appearance of noise in the room, for example, if in a kitchen installed plastic windows. seals in such windows prevent the natural ventilation of the room.In this case, for eliminating noise to be easy to control air flow.

Another reason too noisy operation column is dirty wick ignition burner. And then to eliminate the noise sufficiently clean the jets.Such a situation is possible and when clogged nozzles at the main burner, then after cleaning hum during the column disappear.

Diagnosis of the gas column

In today's column, include using electric ignition, the reason of noise at work can be a:

  • Discharged batteries.As a result, the gas-air mixture is ignited with difficulty.In this situation, the batteries need to be replaced.
  • Faulty sensor, which controls the water supply.Often it is caused by a malfunction of the contact group by oxidation.Typically, this sensor is molded, so it is replaced.
  • Faulty spark, because that does not create an electric spark.Most often it is displaced when the plurality of heating-cooling cycles.Returning candle in the nominal position, you restore the possibility of sparks and eliminate background noise.
  • problem with mechanical ignition retarder.Its presence can be determined after assembly and dismantling its shaking - normally you have to hear the noise of moving the ball inside the moderator.If there is no sound, it indicates the displacement of the ball.Return it to the place, you can use a soft wire.
Repair of gas columns

Column whistles

If the equipment comes monotonous loud whistle, should first determine where it appears.To do this, close the gas valve, and then open the hot water tap. further actions depend on the resumption or the lack of "trillsĀ»:

  1. If the whistle came, its occurrence is related to the water path.The most common reason for this is the sound of scale deposits in the heat exchanger or ingested foreign object pipe.In this column performance drops.In this case, to get rid of the whistle is necessary to clean the heat exchanger from scale and wash the foreign object from the column will reverse the flow.
  2. In the absence of wheezing sound reason for its occurrence had problems in the gas path.Most often they are associated with defective valves modulating the power of the flame.Then the whistle appears only when a certain power, but to eliminate it, you need to adjust the power in any direction.Another common cause - clogged tract.Whistling sound while appearing in any capacity.In order to identify contaminated sites will have to spend an extraordinary cleaning, which is best left to a professional, working with gas equipment.

watch the following video, you can self-clean heat exchangers from scale, without referring to the masters.