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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gentle pressure of hot water from the water heater : poor and small, there is no normal pressure - the cause and what to do

  • Why is the water pressure is not strong enough?
  • What should I do?What
  • gas water heaters operate at low pressure?

heater or instantaneous water heater - this is a convenient (and often the only possible) solution for those who are deprived of the joys of running water and central heating.Not everyone is familiar with this device, but those who lived in the house of the old buildings, connected to the gas supply, it is very well aware of what constitutes a gas water heater.

Fortunately, modern gas water heaters are significantly different from those that are equipped with the house a few decades ago.Now it is not bulky, noisy and malodorous "monsters", and is very compact and practical device, which practically does not remind us of their presence in the apartment.

Gas boiler and connecting system

But something has not changed.For example, a water pressure problem.Modern gas column does not suffer from this less than their predecessors.The reasons for the weak pressure hot water and how to solve this

problem, we will talk in today's article.

Gentle pressure hot water

Why is the water pressure is not strong enough?

Consider the most common factors that affect the water pressure in the flow of gas water heaters.

  • power unit.In order that the gas column had good water pressure, you need to purchase the appropriate power unit.Bad set of water can produce gas water heater with a capacity of less than 8 kW.It is better to buy a water heater, the capacity of which ranges from 8 to 10 kW.
  • presence of blockages.Any pipes which water flows, are susceptible to blockage.When it comes to the gas column, the problem most often in the strainer, which is clogged with particles of lime and rust.If the water passes through the filter is bad, then the pressure will be small.
  • Scaling.Scale often appears in metal containers intended for boiling water.In the gas column, the function of such a container, tank or performing a heat exchanger.If the tap water is very hard, with time on the walls of the heat exchanger, a layer of scale that gradually sneaks and tubes - hence the weakening of the hot water pressure.
  • consequences of technical work.This factor is associated with the scum that accumulates inside the heat exchanger.Code cover the water in the pipes, and then resumes its flow, there is the so-called "water hammer," in which the particles of scale come into the mixer.As a consequence, one of the parts of the mixer is formed clogging.
  • Maintenance work.Like any other gas appliances, water heater needs careful care, a major component of which - a regular prevention of blockages and other problems.Often the cause of poor water pressure is the neglect of maintenance of the device.
Blockage in the gas column
Scale in the gas column

What should I do?


Methods solutions

clogged filter

strainer is "input" into the heat exchanger.Eliminate the blockage can get this part and clean it with a stiff brush under running water.If in the process of cleaning you notice that the filter is damaged, replace it with a new one.

Scale exchanger

Special tools that are designed to remove and prevent the formation of scale in the gas column, is not recommended.It has an aggressive chemical compound that destroys the metal surface.It is much more effective and safer than "national" means, for example, a simple citric acid dissolved in hot water.

clogged tubes

If the blockage formed in the pipe on which there is hot water, you can try to remove it by running a reverse cold water.To do this, remove the cover, put the column under a water tank to collect and open both valves.Then hold your finger spout.There is a possibility that the cold water, moving in the opposite direction, will push forward the blockage.

mixer Problem

If debris penetrated further gas pipe column, he can get inside the mixer.Most of all, the formation of blockages exposed filter, Crans-bush and thin rubber hose.Fix the problem, you can, if you look mixer and visually inspect every detail on the presence of foreign objects.Accumulations of dirt usually easily rinsed under running water.

Scale in the heat exchanger of the gas column
Contamination in the pipes of the gas column
Clogged filter geyser

What gas water heaters operate at low pressure?

If the cause is a little hot water pressure is not the gas equipment, and water pipes, to solve the problem can be either normal pressure in the pipes, or by purchasing a gas water heater that will function properly even in low water pressure.

coped with this task modern gas water heaters that have an adjustment of the water pressure.They work on the following principle: the greater the water pressure, the higher the temperature, and vice versa.Thus, setting the minimum water temperature, the heater is turned on, even at low pressure.However, if a problem with the hot water pressure constantly observed, it will be better to provide a pump system.

Pumps for gas column

To wash yourself exchanger from scale you can see the following user videos Youtube, in which all explained in detail and described.