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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to enable the gas column and light column with manual or automatic ignition , pezorozzhigom

How to enable the gas column ?
  • How to light by the type of ignition?
    • Manual ignition
    • pezorozzhigom
    • Automatic ignition

Geysers are a very popular type of water heater.Having picked the right model and placing it in an apartment or house, there is very little - to learn how to include a column.Among the mandatory manipulation should be called the discovery pipeline gas feed tap to the device, as well as opening the tap, in which the apparatus will be supplied cold water.Thus your actions will depend on the ignition type used in your column model.

The inclusion of the gas column

How to light by the type of ignition?

Manual ignition

This method is already outdated and is used in today's column rarely. Such devices are poorly protected as the water pressure drops, and attenuation of the fire. Installing such devices is not advised at home.

How to light a column with manual ignition:

  • Unscrew the valve on the faucet, water is supplied into the column.
  • Ignite the wick using a match or lighter.
  • Open the valve on the valve, the suppl
    y to the gas column.
  • Sometimes you need to wait until the air is out of its channel to burner ignition.To speed up the process a few times, first open and then close the hot water tap.
Gas boiler with manual ignition


Such an ignition column is more modern and popular.To use it is very simple, but it has the disadvantage of increased gas consumption.While the speaker does not work inside her still smoldering wick, so the gas, though in small numbers, but burned constantly.

How to light a column pezorozzhigom:

  • To start you need to press the button that works on the piezo.This will give a spark to ignite the pilot flame of the wick.
  • Open the valve, gas supply to the machine.

The following video is clearly displayed.

Automatic ignition

This is the most modern and profitable option ignition gas columns.It is also called electric because it is based on transmission of electric sparks.Her appearance is provided either by batteries or water turbine.Combustion is controlled by different sensors, and as soon as the user override the hot water faucet, it turns off the ignition fuse.

How to light a column with electric ignition:

  • Ensure that the column is fed gas and cold water.
  • Open a hot water tap.

See vidoobzor small.