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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of gas columns : in the apartment and a private home , the rules of how much it costs to install , how to hide in the closet , connection , registration and fines

Installation of gas columns
  • Installation of gas columns
  • What law regulates the installation?
  • Documents for installation
  • requirements
  • installation rules in
  • apartment Can gas column and hide in the closet where it can hide?
  • chimney and ventilation
  • Cost of works
  • Register geysers
  • Fines
  • geyser Connecting
  • rules of operation

Installation of gas columns

deciding whether to purchase a water heater, quite often the choice falls on devices runningnatural gas.They are reliable, available, and can quickly heat large volumes of water.But more to the point, when you will choose for themselves the right column model from Valliant, Neva, Electrolux, Astra, Junkers, Oasis or another manufacturer, it is important to learn about the peculiarities of installation of such equipment.

Installation of gas columns
Installation of gas columns

What law regulates the installation?

Installation of gas columns in apartment buildings is carried out in accordance with these documents:

  • SNIP SNIP 42-01-2002
  • 31-01-2003
  • SNIP 41-01-2003
Construction regulations for the installation of gas columns

Many buyers speakers questioned whether it is possible to place it in the bathroom, as heard, it is not recommended to do so.Indeed, if earlier (in the homes of the 60's) gas service install the appliance in a bathroom, in recent years, it insists on the installation of the column only in the kitchen.However, a ban on the installation of speakers in the bathroom had been prescribed in the set of rules in force until 2003.

The current joint venture now there is no prohibition for this installation, but only specifies the requirements for the room in which installed gas equipment.The main of them is the amount of room for at least 15 m2 and having a minimum area of ​​0,45m2 windows that practically not feasible for standard bathrooms apartment buildings.So that the failure to install speakers in the bathroom can be caused by these requirements.If the column is already old in the bathroom, move it when changing to new hardware is required.

Documents for installation

easiest way to install the column in a place where such a device has previously stood.It is important to purchase a certified device, and then apply to the housing office to obtain a copy of the project of the apartment, which indicated water and gas supply, dymootvedenie, column location and specifications.Next, you need to apply to the gas service in the column replacement with preservation of the installation site.It also requires a separate application for maintenance work on the gas pipeline.

What you need for installation of a Column

If you first install the column in a building or are going to change its location, prepare the following documents:

  1. Act on the state of the chimney.This document is drawn up and certified service, which controls the smoke and ventilation ducts.
  2. Status column.
  3. Statement of right to housing reconstruction apartments.It must be submitted to the city administration.
  4. installation project, which is performed in Gorgaz.
  5. statement on works Gorgaz.
Project installation of a Column
A sample application for the installation of the gas column

Once permission is obtained, gas service will make the sidebar to the gas supply pipe and the meter.Separately, pay attention to installation of plumbing.Hanging column in place, lined with non-combustible materials, gasman must configure and run the machine, then put on a gas meter seal.

Additionally owner issue acts:

  • from the fire service.
  • About reception apparatus in operation.
  • From technical supervision.

In addition, the column setup project is required to be entered in the BTI.


place where the column is selected with an eye to drawing improvement and compliance with other standards will be installed, as well as the summing up of communications and ease of use.

There are some requirements:

  • room for non-residential location must be a gas water heater, have an area of ​​at least 7.5 m2 and a ceiling height of not less than two meters.
  • Indoors important to provide adequate ventilation (requires Windows).
  • pressure in the water pipes should be 0.1 atm.
  • installation must be performed on a non-combustible wall of concrete or brick, then the surface of the insulation is not needed.If it is carried out on nonflammable wall, the wall cladding to impart non-combustibility can be used finishing basalt insulating cardboard 3-5 mm thick galvanized sheet, and 0.8-1 mm thickness.In this insulating material should extend beyond the boundaries of the column at least 100 mm on all sides.
  • On the walls of wood or coated with flammable wall speaker installation is prohibited.
  • Side panel unit must be located no closer than 15 cm from the wall.
  • should be free space before the front of the device (at least 60 cm).
  • minimum distance from the speaker to consider a gas stove 10 cm.
  • for water supply and gas should be used hoses or metal pipes with an inner diameter of 13 mm and a length of 2.5 m.
  • Before installing the column should be setstopcock.
  • receiving the flue duct must have a circle of 120 mm in diameter.
  • diameter gas outlet tube from the column must be between 110 mm and length -. 300 m to 2 mm In addition, the tube is placed with a slope of up to at least 2 degrees.
Requirements for the installation of the gas column

installation rules in the apartment

  • use in apartments for removing the products of combustion from the speakers corrugated chimney, made of aluminum, it is not permitted.
  • valve, which stops the gas in the column is mounted near the machine.He should have a yellow handle.
  • If you want to hide a column of gas of decorative panels, they must be easily removed and be made of non-combustible material.
  • Since speakers noted some sluggishness, cold water should be supplied to the unit a separate pipe to avoid accidents.
Installation of the gas column
Crane with a yellow handle to shut off the gas geyser
Installation of water pipeline to the gas column

Can the gas column to hide in the closet, and where it can hide?

Mounting a column in the kitchen, homeowners often think about how to hide from the eyes of the machine, but I doubt whether such a device to close the furniture allowed.

heater can really be hidden in the closet, but such furniture should be no lower wall so as not to interfere with ventilation equipment.Also in this cabinet has no rear wall.Moreover, its sidewalls should have a good protection against fire.

Installation of the gas column in the closet

chimney and ventilation

installing in the house or apartment column, stretching should be given enough attention because it is important not only for the quality of the system, but also for safety.Selecting for exhaust pipes, consider column capacity - the exponent 19-20 kW and below water providing one point of the tube used with a diameter of 11 cm, and the columns for power above 21 kW, supplying water to the point 2-3, the pipe diameter needs 13cm.

good choice for private houses will be a multi-layer corrugated pipe of aluminum. mounted inside a tube made of steel wire, to give chimney shape.In urban apartments instead of corrugated steel pipe of the chimney using white enamel, resistant to heat, as well as galvanized steel pipe.For private home is less than a preferred embodiment of the formation of a steel pipe of a large amount of condensate and the high probability of icing in winter.

Corrugated aluminum pipe for the gas column
Galvanized pipe for the gas column

In recent years gained increasing popularity of coaxial installation of ventilation.The structure of a pipe provides presence inside another tube - internal flow of exhaust gases, and on the outside air enters from the street.

Coaxial ventilation gas column

Cost of works

If you want to first remove the old column, such work would cost you 300-800 rubles, but you can save money and make the dismantling of their own.At the cost of installing new equipment will affect the brand speaker - Connect the device is cheaper domestic producer (1500 rubles) than the installation of the imported column (from 1700 rubles).

Also at your spending will affect the list of works - if you want to prepare the ground for mounting the device, then connect the column "from scratch", the price will be one, if everything is already prepared and you have hung up the machine themselves, have connected it to the water, and leftonly summing up the gas, the price will be much lower.On average, for the installation of the column has to pay 3000-6000 rubles.

The cost of installation of a Column

Register geysers

to a new column in your apartment worked legally, it must be registered.To this end, after installation of the unit causes the gas service, which provides all the necessary documentation.

Register a new gas column


When unauthorized connection to the gas pipeline, as well as in non-metered gas consumption in an apartment or in a private home owner faces an administrative fine.Its size at the moment is 10,000-15,000 rubles.Current information, refer to the Code of Administrative Offences - Ch.7 p.7.19.

geyser Connecting

installation and connection of the column should be dealt with certified professionals.

you need to prepare all documentation and supplies, and they hold such jobs:

  • noted on the wall fixture point for the column, and then drill them and secure the device with screws.Will check
  • cravings before they install the chimney.
  • fail to column gas hose.
  • Fit the line connecting the column with the plumbing.
  • mount portion of the hot water pipe coming out of the speakers.
  • install the chimney.
  • Test column.
Connecting the gas column

If you want to spend the column with your hands installation, it is permissible to do only in respect of fixing the device on the wall and connect the water supply system.All manipulations involving gas need specialist.

how to connect the water heater to a gas, refer to the video channel "24 Newsroom."

Operating Rules

to a new column has served for a long time and did not require repair, it is necessary: ​​

  • regularly carry out its maintenance, cleaning apparatus of soot, dust and sludge.Recommended frequency - once a year, but you can perform unscheduled clean when dirty.
  • Avoid excessive heating of water in the column, as it accelerates the process of scale formation on the walls of the heat exchanger.
  • If necessary, install the filter and pump to the column.
Rules of operation of the gas column

installation of a Column Example you can see in the following video channel "Yury Trifonov".