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August 12, 2017 18:06

Heater for washing machine : tips on choosing and buying a heater , replacement and fault prevention

heating heater
  • Purpose Principle of operation
  • Features
  • Where is?Why
  • heater breaks?
  • Tips for choosing a new PETN
  • Where to buy?
  • From that lifetime depends?
  • Replacement Taine
  • Preventing breakdowns

Among all the parts washing machines heater is one of the key elements.His failure makes further work impossible apparatus, since the program is interrupted and an error is displayed.

An error in the display in case of breakage of PETN


For washing machines require only cold water, because the inside of each unit there is a heating element - PETN. Its function is to heat the water flowing into the tank cars to the temperature required for a particular wash program.

The heating element of the washing machine

The principle of

heater in the machine the machine presented a tubular piece, which is located inside the conductor.In this conductor has a high resistance and has the ability to withstand heat up to high temperatures.

around the heating coil is an insulator, which has high thermal conductivity.It transfers heat to the outer steel shell of PETN.Spiral H

eater their ends soldered to the terminals.These contacts are supplied voltage.Also nearby there is the thermocouple that measures the water level in the heating tank.

When you start the wash program from the control unit on the block heater is commanded, the result of which is the arrival of the supply voltage to the heater.Heater begins to heat up, causing the water temperature in the tank rises.

Once it will be sufficient to heat the selected program, the temperature sensor transmits the data to the control unit which disables the heater and hot water is stopped.

Heating heater and its contacts


main heater option is its power, which can be up to 2.2 kW. this characteristic higher, the faster the water will be heated in the machine.Since the PETN present inertia and high resistance, this part is not afraid of short-term changes in supply voltage.The resistance heating element is normally from 20 to 40 ohms, depending on the capacity of the part.

Heating heating elements of different manufacturers

Where is?

In most models of machines situated at the bottom of the heater, and to get to it, remove either the front or back cover. There is also a model in which the heater is located on the side, and for its inspection and replacement is required to remove the side wall.

Replacing the heating PETN

Why heater breaks?

main causes of heater failure are:

  1. factory marriage.From it is safe no buyer, and if the machine is still under warranty, it is sent to the service center to replace the heating element.
  2. scum on the surface of the heating element.This is the most common cause of failure of the heater.Precipitating a metal housing parts, scale due to its poor thermal conductivity hinders heat transfer from the water heater.Thus he heater overheats and burns out.In addition, scale provokes the appearance of corrosion on the surface of the heating element, which leads to a violation of his integrity metal shell and provokes a short circuit.
Scale on the surface of PETN
Scale on the surface of PETN

Tips for choosing a new PETN

have heaters for washing machines come in different shapes. most common heating elements resembling the letter W and U. heaters also occur in the form of a spiral.

second difference heaters in different models of machines performs the method of connection and mounting.Other heating elements may have different hardware (often fitting, flange diameter of which varies) and different shapes of terminals.

PETN design may also include the presence of fuses (they work in case of overheating), and temperature sensors.All these structural features cause difficulties when choosing a suitable heating element.

It is also important to choose a new heater is the same power that was in the defective parts dismantled.So, you can be sure that the wash program will be carried out properly, and the water in the tank will be heated to the desired speed.

The heating element for washing machines
The heating element for washing machines
The heating element for washing machines

It is best to find a similar item, which has the same terminal and the same hardware as that of a blown heater.Otherwise, it may be difficult to connect the wires to the heating element and the need to seal the places where installed a new heater.Such problems often faced by owners of old washing machines that have long been removed from production.

Where to buy?

Determined to repair the machine with their own hands, the user is faced with the need to buy parts for the machine, but in-store heater and other elements of this technique does not sell.You can order a new heater through the service center, but expect a fairly high margins.More effective and easy way to get the desired item will order a specialized online store that sells parts for washing machines.In this search for the desired heater should be based on the model of your machine.

The heating element for washing machines

From that lifetime depends?

for long Heater affect different factors.This brand manufacturer machine, directly affect the quality of the machine parts and the frequency of use of technology, and the most common washing program, and, of course, the level of hardness of the water used for washing.The more frequently used by the machine, the higher the washing temperature is set at the same time, and the harder the water, the less will serve as a heater.The average duration of such a component is 2-10 years.

Replacement of PETN

Replacement Taine

order to independently replace the heating element in the washing machine, you need not be a jack of all trades.Make it can almost anyone with an idea that a heater.Replacement of PETN in the washing machine has been discussed in detail by us in another article.

The following video Vladimir Khatuntsev shows how to replace the heater at the LG washing machine.

Preventing breakdowns

basis for preventing problems with TAN must be the fight against the formation of scale.If the water coming into your house, rigid (and in this you can be sure not only as PETN, but also by the appearance of limescale in the kettle, in the bathroom and other places), be sure to take measures to mitigate it.

Also try without the need to not include the washing program in which you want to heat the water up to + 60ยบ C and above at high water hardness.If the scale has already appeared, it is possible to remove the heater and clean it descaler.

Cleaner PETN
Cleaner PETN
Cleaner PETN

every 3-4 months is recommended to clean the heating element on the scale using citric acid.In the following video Larisa Shkurpela show how it does it at home by yourself.