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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gas boiler from the gas cylinder accessory for the garden

Gas water heaters , working on gas cylinders
  • What bottled gas?
  • Why are frequently used in the country?
  • consumption
  • connection to the tank with liquid gas

If the central gas supply is not available, heat water and cook food is necessary with the help of gas columns and slabs, able to work on the tank with gas.

What bottled gas?

used for heating water gas cylinder contains gases such as propane and butane.They are byproducts of oil refining, gas and gasoline.The cylinders may be present only technical butane or a mixture of butane and propane, which is the summer and winter.Data compression

gases converts them into a smaller volume of fluid (and thus is called a liquefied gas), and when the pressure starts to pass this liquid into a vapor state.Since the rise in temperature causes a strong expansion of the liquefied gas tank is usually filled to 85% of its volume of liquid gas so there is always a layer of vaporized gas.

The liquefied gas in cylinders for water heaters

Why are frequently used in the country?

for cottages range of heater is used as the energy sour

ce of the bottle, often acts as the only option available in summer conditions, hot water.In situations where a cottage is not let down a gas pipeline, and there is a problem with the mains, gas water heater of this type will be a real salvation.

Gas boiler for the cottages on propane


When using the heater connected to the gas cylinder, an average of one gas tank capacity of 50 liters is sufficient for a minimum daily supply of hot water two or three people for a month.

connection to the tank with liquid gas

First of all, you need to make sure that your gas water heater is configured to use the gas which is present in the cylinder.If required, perform work on the replacement column changeover of nozzles and manifold connections tightness evaluation.In this case the equipment be sure to note the date of the migration and the type of gas that can be used in the machine.

balloon, which will be connected to the gas column, shall be equipped with gear to stabilize pressure of 300 mm water column, and the minimum capacity of the vapor phase 1 m³ per hour.Also pay attention to the selection of hose - its length should be up to two and a half meters and inner diameter must be 12 mm.It is important to buy a hose that will sustain the work of the column in the gas tank.

Connecting the speakers to the gas cylinder with liquefied gas

it impossible to bend and twist when installing the hose.If the hose has to be installed with a bend, for this use adapters and follow the bend radius (it should not be less than 90 mm in its outer boundaries).Furthermore, the hose should not be bent within 50 mm from the tip end.

Install gas shut-off valves must be carried out before the column so that this crane was easy to get.After completion of installation work hose and other connections should be checked for the timely detection of leaking areas.Only after this column can be used to heat water.

Proper connection of the gas column to a container with liquid gas