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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rating geysers of quality and reliability : for apartments, the best

Rating geysers for quality and reliability
  • top manufacturers for quality and reliability
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  • Tips for Choosing

equipment used to heat water, natural gas, is quite popular because it allows you to get hot water in anymoment.Modern speakers are extremely reliable, economical and safe, and each manufacturer praises their products, so to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model can be difficult.

Water heater in the kitchen

top manufacturers for quality and reliability

Given the parameters of gas columns, opinions of experts and user reviews, ratings manufacturers the most popular and purchased the speaker looks like:

  1. On the groundplace - German speakers from Vaillant. They praised for ruggedness, reliability, high-quality assembly and a relatively long service life.In addition, all products of this brand is equipped with a burner modulation.
  2. ranks second equipment from Bosch. It is famous for its German quality manufacturer of a wide enough range of burners with affordable cost.Modulating burner, high reliabilit
    y, safe use - the main advantages of Bosch products.
  3. In third place apparatus Italian manufacturer Ariston. Their demand is due to the reasonable price and high enough quality.Through the use of such columns in the manufacture of durable composite material equipment is long.
  4. fourth place rightfully belongs to the domestic manufacturer Neva. low cost, attractive design, great choice, versatility and quite decent quality - these are the main advantages of the production of the Russian manufacturer.
  5. In fifth place for cheap Chinese speakers brand Termaxi. Their advantage is the presence of modulation of the burner in the whole production.Power devices differ depending on the model.
Vaillant Gas boiler
Water heater in the bathroom


heaters that run on natural gas, produces a variety of Russian and foreign companies.Consider the most popular in our country model:


Dimensions (in mm) /

power (kW) /

capacity (l / min) /

type ignition



Bosch WR 10-2P

580h300h220 /

17,4 kW /

10 l /min /


highly reliable device.

attractive and compact model.

Quiet operation.

not need batteries.

water heating stable.

unit turns even at low water pressure.

The device is present regulation of flame intensity.

very expensive repairs, and the lack of spare parts.

small performance.

The device is sensitive to water quality.

Ariston Fast Evo 11B

580h310h210 /

19 kW /

11 l / min /


It features an attractive design.

Easy one handle.

Works quietly.

is small in size and low weight.

presence of gas-control and battery charge indicator.

possible water temperature changes during heating.

periodically need to change the battery.

NEVA Lux 5514

650h390h260 /

28 kW /

13 l / min /


most beneficial in terms of quality and cost.

Operated by one handle.

Automatic activation after the opening tap.

Quick water heating, independent of its pressure.

High performance.

lack of body heat.

Grabs 2 delivery points.

There is a good security system.

works quite noisy.

periodically need to change the batteries at the same time indicating the end of the charge is not.

often break the heat exchanger, and its replacement is quite expensive.

NEVA 4511

565h290h221 /

21 kW /

11 l / min /


is the best budget speaker.

small size.

No complicated functions, so it is very easy to use.

good choice for summer residences.

minimum set of functions.

Low bandwidth.

water temperature is not stable.

Suitable only for 1 point.

Electrolux GWH 285 ERN NanoPro

578h310h220 /

19,2 kW /

11 l / min /


quality steel burner.

Presence Intelligent Control system to manage the work of the column.

works pretty quiet.

small size of the device.

Dear parts.

often soiled filter.

During ignition popping sound.

Vaillant MAG OE 11-0 / 0 XZ C +

634h310h230 /

19 kW /

11 l / min /


Distinguished Service durability.

has a multi-security system.

exchanger protected from corrosion and is long due to a special protective coating.

easy modulated burner heating.

Ability to change the mode depending on the time of year.

easy access to all machine components from the front.

pretty high price.

quite noisy when working at full power.

device sensitive to the pressure of the water.

Mora VEGA 10

592h320h245 /

17,3 kW /

10 l / min /


oil has the highest efficiency.

speaker power can be adjusted.

save gas by 10%.

small size and durable service.

Supports hot water temperature.

has a good security system.

very high cost.

low performance.

Ladogaz HSV 14F

720h320h210 /

24 kW /

14 l / min /


runs on batteries.

has 8-level safety system.

The device is installed with a high-quality steel burner grates reflex.

short lifespan.

Dear parts.

Vaillant MAG OE 11-0 / 0 C + HZ
Ariston Fast Evo 11B

Tips for Choosing

  • For selection of a suitable column for a city apartment, and for country or country house, in the firstall you need to determine the capacity of the machine.From it will depend on the performance of the column - and the rate of heating of water, and the ability to supply water to several points.Low-power devices (up to 20 kW) can be heated in a minute about 10-11 liters of water and provide only one point of water pumping.The higher the power unit, the more pixels it can simultaneously provide the warm water and the greater the volume of water will be heated such column per minute.
  • next parameter, which differ from each other geysers, is a type of ignition.Consider whether your device pezorozzhigom, as such equipment is cheaper than you need, but the flow of gas in a column will be higher than in models with a more modern electric ignition.When pezorozzhigom need to press a button, and the inside of the machine is always on the igniter, the gas-consuming wasted.Enjoy convenient electronic ignition, however, and with it the possibility of complexity.If it runs on batteries, they need to be replaced about once a year, and devices, which are activated in the ignition of the turbines, require a sufficiently high water pressure.
  • In column value is also influenced by the type of burner.The more expensive devices is modulating, that is able to maintain a certain water temperature regardless of the pressure in the pipes.
  • choosing a column, it is very important to pay enough attention to the safety of its use.The owner of property must be sure that the device does not harm the health of users and the room in situations such as the absence of traction, the emergence of reverse thrust or damping of flame.So find out what sensors to ensure safe operation of the column, there are in the selected unit.

Many useful nuances selectable gas column, you will learn by watching the video below.