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August 12, 2017 18:06

Water heater or boiler ( electric water heater ) is better , more economical and more profitable - or instantaneous water heater

Water heater or boiler : it is better
  • Forms technology for hot water
  • heater
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  • Boiler
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  • Compare in
  • table What's more profitable to buy ain terms of price?
  • What more economical in consumption?

devices, providing an apartment or private house with hot water at any time, in our time is very relevant.Their selection is quite extensive, and determine what equipment is more profitable in a particular case, it is not easy.To buy a suitable device, it is important to learn about the pros and cons of each type of water heater.

Boiler in the bathroom

Forms technology for hot water

According to the principle of its operation, all heating devices are divided into storage and flow.First collect water and heating it for a certain time period, and the second heating is performed during use.Both of these heaters also share depending on the energy source to electricity and gas.

As a result, you can call these types of equipment, water heating:

  1. Gas flow heater (geyser).Water is warmed in a device during movement th
    rough the heat exchanger under the influence of the burner flame.
  2. Electric storage heater (boiler).Water is first typed into the machine, and then begins to heat built-Tan.
  3. gas accumulation heater.
  4. Electric flow heater.

most common first two species, which in most cases you want to compare and to select the appropriate water heating device.

Boiler in the bathroom
Water heater in the bathroom



  • The working column is able to provide the house with hot water indefinitely.Once the user opens the valve, it immediately gets warm water until until override valve.In modern
  • columns has electronic control allows to control the intensity of the combustion, resulting in changes in water pressure in the tubes does not affect the final temperature of the water coming from the tap.
  • speakers are small in size, so they are often bought for the bathroom or small kitchen area.
  • Modern column is a highly reliable devices.To ensure the safety of their work in the columns of a plurality of sensors.
Water heater in the bathroom


  • Geysers are inferior in terms of the efficiency of boilers.
  • Power device may not have enough to ensure uniform supply of water on two points.For example, if a low-power heater, hot water is supplied to only one valve.Moderately devices allow to perform water supply to two cranes, but the pressure will be uneven.
  • for their work column requires a chimney and well-ventilated.
  • Many speakers function poorly when changing the gas or water pressure.
  • When you open the combustion chamber reduces the oxygen content in the room.
  • If the water in the pipes in the winter is too cold, the column is often unable to cope with its heating.
  • Due to the poor quality of water geysers have to be regularly cleaned of scale.
  • Installation of equipment operating on gas, is quite troublesome and costly.It requires the existence of the project and its coordination, and then installing and connecting the organization should do, which has a license to do so.
Water heater in the bathroom
Water heater in the bathroom



  • Installation of the heater is quite simple and can be performed independently.
  • to operate the machine does not need the presence of the chimney, as well as the ventilation is not important.
  • Changes in temperature or pressure of water in the tubes does not affect the operation of the boiler.
  • In modern boilers heater does not contact the water directly, so the scum is not formed.


  • Such equipment is unable to quickly provide a large amount of hot water.Resulting from one boiler volume of hot water is limited, and when the water runs out, you have to wait a few hours until the next portion heats.
  • boiler capacity may not be sufficient to provide hot water the whole family.
  • Dimensions cumulative electric heaters are quite large.Hung boiler above the bath or toilet, users often bump into him head.
Boiler in the bathroom
Boiler in the bathroom

Comparison Table




Mostly large.

more compact.

speed water heating

heating water long, takes from 2-3 hours or longer.

heats water quickly, almost immediately after the opening tap.



Up to 92%


simple, requires no special skills.

complicated, should be performed by qualified personnel

Installation requirements

No special requirements, and permits for the installation is not required.

pipes can be plastic.

Installation can be performed on any surface when accessing an outlet and water supply.

required a centralized gas supply.

Pipes should be metal.

to conventional models (not turbocharged) need the presence of the chimney, as well as a good supply and exhaust ventilation.

wall must be covered with heat-resistant material.

necessary to collect the documents authorizing the installation package.

Service Features

requires regular replacement of the anode (usually the duration of its service life is 2-5 years old), as well as the periodic cleaning of the inner walls and the heating element from the scale.

annually is required to clean the heat exchanger from scale and other parts of the speakers - from dust and soot, as well as to replace the rubber seals.

What's more profitable to buy in terms of price?

To determine which of the heaters is cheaper, you need to consider a few points:

  • price of the device itself.Depending on the model parameters, it will vary greatly.
  • cost of installation.Installation of gas heater is much more expensive boiler installation.
  • Waste energy.For our country, the use of natural gas more available and cheaper than electricity consumption.
  • spend on maintenance.Both types of devices need to be cleaned periodically.

Most often, the price of the gas column in view of the cost of installation of the boiler is more expensive price, but spending on energy is higher in the boiler, since the gas in our country is quite cheap.

What more economical in consumption?

To determine the efficiency of the device should take into account not only the power source is used, but some of the parameters of the equipment.Power consumption will depend on the boiler power devices and the column of gas consumption affects not only its strength but also the type of ignition (pezorozzhigom when gas is consumed continuously, and when the electric - only during power-tap water).

about what's best buy - the boiler, or column, see "magazinexpert" video channel.