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August 12, 2017 18:06

What geyser better responses of experts which gas water heater is best for apartments and private homes

Gas water heaters
  • Types
    • Depending on the power
    • Given the type of ignition
    • Depending on
    • burning flame regulation, depending on the exhaust system
  • Geysers for apartments
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heaters allow to obtain hot water at any time, so they often take for more comfort of living in an apartment or house.Among the most profitable geysers, but modern devices of this type have a large list of characteristics, to understand that the average user is not easy.

The choice of the gas column

Before heading to the store for such equipment, is to know what types of heaters are presented, as well as get acquainted with the experts and consumers.

Gas water heaters
A variety of geysers
A variety of geysers


Depending on the power

  • with low power (9-20 kW).These devices are able to provide hot water only 1 point.
  • with an average power (20-24 kW).By setting such a column, you can count on the simultaneous use of 2 points, but the intensity of them will be different (for example, in the bathroom the pressure will be stronger than in the kitchen).
  • With high capacity (o
    ver 25 kW).This equipment is able to supply hot water for 2 points with the same high-pressure or 3 points with different intensity.
Gas high power heater heater high power

Given the type of ignition

  • With manual ignition.This is inconvenient and outdated option that meets these days less and less.
  • With pezopodzhigom (semi-automatic).Burner inside the machine constantly smoldering and ignition is provided by the inclusion of a button.Waste gas with the above, but the column is cheaper.
  • With electric ignition (automatic).The most expensive but also the most convenient ignition option, which uses a spark from the batteries, and the torch is ignited in a column by opening the tap.
Pezopodzhigom for geyser pezopodzhigom for
Water heater with automatic ignition geyser water heater with automatic ignition

Depending on the burning flame regulation

  • With automatic regulation.The most convenient option, providing the maintenance of a certain temperature, in spite of changes in water pressure.
  • with smooth regulation.
  • With speed regulation.
Automatic flame regulation in the gas column automatic flame regulation in the gas column

depending on the exhaust system

  • turbocharged.Such equipment displays the products of combustion to the outside through the hole in the wall.
  • With the withdrawal of the chimney.In this arrangement, the combustion products are discharged in general for the whole house chimney.
Turbocharged gas water heater turbocharged gas water heater
Flue gas water heater Flue gas water heater
Flue Gas column Flue Gas column

Geysers for apartments

Buying column in a city apartment, you should decide firstwith a power unit according to the needs in hot water. If you want to provide hot water only bathroom or a kitchen, you can stay on low-power devices.

Further, for a city apartment it is important to pay attention to the security apparatus.The owner of property must be sure that the column does not become dangerous for the residents of the apartment or if the flame suddenly goes off or the water pressure in the pipes changes.Furthermore, it should advance to find out about all the permits for the installation of the column.Sometimes you need to get approval from not only a gas leak, but also its neighbors.

Water heater in the living apartment
Water heater in the living apartment
Water heater in the living apartment

choosing equipment that will heat water for showers, and washing dishes at the same time, keep an eye more powerful speakers.


Assessing the power of today's speakers, users and experts prefer moderately devices able to supply hot water for 2 of the crane.

Discussing manufacturers, most customers respond well to the columns of foreign companies:

  • Ariston - Italian manufacturer of equipment called a stout, and the price for it is considered acceptable.
  • Vaillant - everyone likes a large number of options in the devices of this brand and high quality devices.
  • Beretta - in models from this manufacturer most consumers like the design and reliable operation.
  • Bosch - people are attracted to the good reputation of the brand, so these columns in demand for its security and simplicity.In addition, they have a fairly reasonable price.
  • Termaxi - devices of this brand are attracted by the presence of a modulating burner.Also, modulation occurs in models Neva 5514, Beretta Idrabagno, columns by Junker and Vaillant companies.
Ariston water heater heater Ariston
Termaxi heater heater Termaxi
Beretta heater heater Beretta

relationship with the Russian producers ambiguous, but almost all consumers say - the higher the domestic priceunit, the better its performance. Some buyers are satisfied with long life and a decent quality of domestic speakers.Others like the availability of spare parts and repairs.Those who speaks about Russian-made heaters negative note short battery life, speaker sensitivity to water pressure, frequent breakdowns.


also important when using the guided instruction, and if the column will be any problem, immediately contact the maintenance.In most cases, you can avoid the negative experience with the speakers, if not overheating the device, pay attention to cleaning the chimney, right column to set and change the batteries in time (if required).In addition, any heating should be configured, and for this task, it is best to hire a specialist.

As for the type of ignition, then the views of consumers in respect of it are very different.The most reliable and practical most buyers pezorozzhigom called, but note that it is more convenient to use ELECTRONIC.At the same time, users confirm that the vehicles with electric ignition more moody to the pressure of the water.

But start with the help of hydro-generator, many consumers would not resonate.Almost all of them say that in this most modern form of ignition is necessary to install an additional booster pump and listen discontent neighbors about low water pressure in the total riser.

buying Russian column, experienced users and experts advise to install an additional pump to maintain adequate water pressure in the pipes.With very hard water is also recommended to install a filter to prevent the formation of scale and damage the heat exchanger.

About what you should look for when buying a gas column, refer to the video channel "Heat of St. Petersburg."