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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to clean a gas column with your hands : maintenance and cleaning at home

How to clean a gas column with your hands
  • Maintenance work
  • Flushing home
    • Clean the water intake
    • Cleaning heat exchanger from scale
    • Harvesting torch soot and carbon deposits
  • Signs for extraordinary cleaning
  • Other workson m / v
    • Replacement seals
    • leak test
    • Verifying thermostat (rod sensor)

Run column cleaning at home may well be your own hands if you know about all the features of the service and cleaning of such equipment.In addition, it is important to remember that any work involving dismantling the column, it is acceptable to carry out only after switching off the machine and from the water supply, and the revenue from the gas.

Maintenance work

To geyser functioned properly and no threat of any premises or tenants health, it is important to annually conduct such manipulation:

  • Removing the burner soot and grime.Cleaning
  • exchanger, which comprises removing the soot, and flushing pipes formed from scaling, if needed.
  • Purification internal components from dust equipment.
  • purification of water int
    ake site.
  • Assessment tightness main speaker systems (water and gas), with the replacement of the seals in these systems.
  • assessment of serviceability of the sensor rod.
  • lubrication of all moving parts when the need arises.
Flushing elements geyser

Flushing home

Clean the water intake

Clean this unit is extremely important because it is responsible for the purity of the water that enters the column.On the water intake pipe is a filter that does not get inside the heat exchanger fouling, corrosive or scale formation.In addition, part of the water intake unit is a membrane that is responsible for the gas supply automatically when the water flow stops.

Disconnect the water inlet of the enclosure to make it easier for yourself holding all work with this unit.Using a screwdriver, remove the fasteners and remove the cover.Thoroughly clean the filter (usually this is enough for washing with water) and check the membrane (it should not be concave or deformed areas).If necessary, replace the new membrane, install it, and then do the reassembly of the receiving water.

Cleaning the water intake of the gas column

Cleaning heat exchanger from scale

to wash the scum of the pipes, perform such manipulations:

  • Remove the heat exchanger from the column, and then put it in an empty container.
  • Dissolve citric acid in warm water (100-200 grams take powder per liter of liquid).
  • Fill obtained funds within the heat exchanger.
  • After ten or fifteen minutes, drain the solution.
  • good wash under running water item.
  • If necessary, repeat this process until the problem is scale.
Cleaning the gas heater exchanger
The heat exchanger of the gas column

Harvesting torch soot and carbon deposits

To clean the burner, it is important to turn off the first column and block the flow of gas to it.Next, your actions must be such as:

  • Remove the lining by unscrewing the necessary screws and disconnecting the wires that go from the display to the control unit and a temperature sensor.
  • Remove the burner, and then follow the disconnection of the collector.
  • With a brush, clean the outside of the collector first and then the burner from dust, and then wipe the parts with a damp cloth.
  • Using the "ruff", remove the dust inside the part (in the inner channels).
  • removing carbon deposits from the spark plugs, as well as the combustion sensor, follow the cleaning of the contact group.
  • Wash burner pre-prepared soap solution, focusing on the inner surfaces of the sections (use the "ruff").
  • Then follow washing with clean water burner (flow), and dry it.
  • Set piece into place.
Soot and carbon deposits on the gas column

on gas column cleaning soot without its removal, see the following video channel on Youtube "TVorim".

Signs for extraordinary cleaning

Planned cleaning of any gas column is recommended to carry out every 12 months, but there are situations that require extraordinary cleaning machine:

  • in the air of the room in which working wheel,there is a lot of dust.The fact that the device should be cleaned, you will prompt a change of color flame.Once the color has become yellow or smoky (normal flame is blue), then scored the dust burner and should be cleaned as soon as possible.
  • In the room where installed heater, repairs or other work, which led to the ingress of dust into the construction equipment was conducted.If you do not remove the dust of time, increasing the risk of fire apparatus.
  • If started is often triggered thermal column sensors, the device should be cleaned from scale, because it interferes with the efficient cooling of the unit.Also the fact that the channels of the heat exchanger an excess of scale, prompt fluid circulation deterioration.
  • sure to clean the column, if the water is beginning to heat up much longer the situation.It is also a direct indication for cleansing the device is off the column after a few minutes of work.If the speaker does not turn on, your first action should also be cleaning it.

Other works on t / o

Replacement seals

If gas column dismantled for routine cleaning, and its communication (gas or water) were dismantled and then installed back sure to install new seals.

Sealers geyser
Elements of the gas column

Leak test

When it's time to clean the machine, providing analysis of gas or water communications column, it is important to check the assembly tightness device, to prevent the emergence of water leakage orgas.

  1. connected to the column lines, first include a hot water tap, after which cold water is fed to the machine by opening the stopcock to the column.As soon as the device path is filled with water, the hot water tap is closed and carefully inspect all the joints.
  2. connecting the gas line, open the shut-off valve before the column.In this case the equipment should not operate.The joints should be carefully washed and explore.About leaks and gas leaks prompt you appeared in obmylennyh places bubbles.

Verifying thermostat (rod sensor)

To assess the serviceability of such a sensor, you first have to disconnect from the column tube through which the gas is given. Then you need to turn on the hardware and install the operating mode, providing complete opening of the gas valve and the nominal flow rate. Take the metal sheet and attach it to a gas pipe, closing it.The appliance should be turned off for two minutes.

Sensors of the gas column traction

If the thermostat does not work, it is removed to be replaced with an identical item, and then perform the same checks to ensure that the sensor rod is functioning normally.After that, the gas pipe (abductor) is connected to the column and check the tightness of its compounds.

Why is it important to spend time maintenance of the gas column, see the following video.