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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washing machine in installments : no overpayment , unlike installment of the loan

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Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a washing machine. If you do not have enough money for the purchase, you can take advantage of installment payment and to pay every month a small amount. This service is very popular and is second only to credit, but has more advantages.

Installment without overpayment


Installment - this is an opportunity to buy the goods, the cost of which may be paid for a certain time, and the price is not increased, and no interest is accrued. Buyer agrees to pay each month a fixed amount.Easy installment is that it is not necessary to have a certificate from the official workplace.For example, the washing machine can be taken in installments over six months, a year or two in the store Eldorado.

Department installment in the shop of home appliances

necessary to carefully read the contract, in order to avoid problems. Some stores require opening a bank account for further transfer to him for

money.In this case, banks will charge a fee for account maintenance.

Department installment in the shop of home appliances

Do not settle for opening a credit card for such a proposal is often hidden fraud.

Washing machine in the shop of home appliances

To make installments need to bring your passport and store employees to provide their personal data.If you need a photocopy of some documents, it can be sent in electronic form.Today, very popular online shopping, which have contracts remotely.

Shop should be obliged to provide these documents when you make a payment by installments:

  • cashier's check;
  • purchase agreement;
  • product warranty.
Interest-free installments for washing machines

difference installment of the loan

Buying goods on credit is a banking transaction, according to which the buyer will have to pay not only the money for the goods, but also to pay a certain percentage of the bank. To obtain a loan must obtain the consent of the bank, and the installment is only between the buyer and the consultant, which represents the interests of the store, the third parties are not involved here. contract signed only vendor on behalf of the store and the customer.

If receiving installments participating bank, it's a loan.If the installments stated in the buyer's credit history, then it also becomes a loan.

possible another option that describes the client as shops installments, but it is through the bank.Shop is obliged to pay interest to the bank on their own.This operation is also advantageous for the buyer, but very few shops offer such an opportunity.

Interest-free installments

buyer should not pay any kind of commission, when signing the contract for hire.

Choosing a washing machine


  • not having the required amount for purchase of goods, the buyer can buy a washing machine now.
  • no need to enter into a contract with the bank and pay interest on the loan.
  • Registration Agreement for the installments occur in just 30 minutes.
  • Online stores offer home appliances remotely installments.It is enough to send a copy of your passport and provide personal data in electronic form.
  • After the first payment the buyer has received the goods.Some stores do not even require the first payment.
  • each store independently decide for how long can issue credit.Basically, the amount is divided into three months, six months or a year.
  • not need to collect references, look for guarantors.
  • Installment protects the client from the price hike, but before you buy should again discuss this point with the consultant.
  • For the convenience of the customer installment payment can be made via payment systems or bank.
Installment with 0 % overpayment


  • Shop can give installments for goods, without explaining the reason for the refusal.
  • usually on expensive goods stores do not give credit.This rule applies to products that cost more than 150 thousand.
  • Not all models of washing machines can be purchased in installments.Shop chooses a model that may be offered to the client for payment.
  • There are times when the store needs to open a bank account for payment by installments, then the client will have to pay more money to the bank for using the card.
  • The buyer must pay the stipulated monthly amount, with clearly prescribed period of time.In late
  • board shop can be fined or put the customer account for a penalty.
  • goods offered in installments, may rise in price.
  • Clients often feel psychological discomfort.
Choosing a washing machine

Where to buy?

Buy a washing machine in installments possible in a retail store or online store.

in retail stores

  • Choice product.At each price list contains all the necessary information on the installment plan.
  • Seller writes a check for the purchase.
  • installment is made in the credit department store.To do this, only a passport is needed.
  • Some shops require a down payment for the purchase.
Washing machine in installments
Washing machine

through online stores

  • Selecting a product with a "Instalment".When ordering in the shopping cart need to select the "issue installments."
  • Make a purchase on Pickup.
  • In the store to pick up a package and check.
  • In the credit department store to issue the contract, with the need only a passport.
  • pay the first installment and pick up the goods.

One of the largest networks of online and offline stores, "Eldorado" offers a circuit shown in the following image.

Driving installment in the shop and online store Eldorado


Installment - a tempting offer, but be sure that you will be able to pay the debt. While you are freed from the overpayment, but you are responsible in a certain period to pay a fixed amount.

If you do decide to take a washing machine on the installment plan, try to take it for a short time, well think about possible proposals, carefully read the contract and be sure to ask for a monthly amount of repayment installments.

Washing machine

If you do not adhere to the schedule of payment for the goods, the store may impose a fine on you or even be picked up the washing machine.