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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washing machine and dryer : principles of operation, built-in , real , LG, Bosch, Candy, Siemens

Washing machine with dryer
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Washing machines themselves are indispensable thing in every home. A machine, which has also the ability to wet laundry drying, this is considered to be a lifesaver each family. Indeed, thanks to such a device at the same time solved a few problems.Advantages and disadvantages, as well as the types and recommendations on the choice of this machine are described below.

Types of dryers for laundry
Washing machine with dryer


plus washing machines with drying laundry function very much:

  1. As already mentioned, thanks to this device are solved several problems at once:firstly, there is no need for hanging wet clothes all over the apartment, around the house, on the balcony or in any other place.After all, this way of drying clothes create the damp conditions and takes quite a long time, especially in winter.Secondly, it is not necessary to follow the hanging laundry
    , and check periodically dried out or not.
  2. Combined devices occupy less space than two separate units.
  3. Modern drying machine dried clothes very carefully, without wrinkling and drying.So many things after careful drying can not even iron.
Washing machine with dryer

estimated that drying and washing machine saves up to 15 hours of free time housewives every month!

Washing machine with dryer


Despite all the advantages of this machine, there are several drawbacks that you should consider when buying a car:

  1. Combined washing and drying machines consume more electricity than usual.Class power consumption of these devices is usually B, C and even D.
  2. If this machine erases a maximum of 5 kg of laundry, then dry it can not be more than 2.5 kg.That is the combined performance of machines is two times lower than normal performance.Therefore, the whole process of washing and drying of the volume of dirty things is divided into two stages.And it will take more time and will increase electricity consumption.
Drying and washing machine
Drying and washing machine
Drying and washing machine

The principle of

Washing machine with dryer have a simple operating principle: an additional built-in heating element heats the air to a certain extent, and by a fanthe air is directed through a duct into the drum with things.Periodically the rotating blade drum and special things it helps to dry without wrinkling.

Drying time in the machine is determined either by a timer or a special sensor that determines the degree of the laundry humidity.Moisture from the items is collected in a tank where it is liquefied and drained manually.In those models, which do not have a reservoir moisture directly sent to the sewer pipe.

Drying laundry in the machine can be activated in two ways: manually and automatically.In the second case it starts drying immediately after the washing process is completed, rinsing and spinning.

Types drying

tumble dryer in the laundry combined machines for laundry care are basic and additional.

  • basic modes, which include the "Intensive drying" and "Gentle drying" can be seen in all modern models stiralok and drying.Their names may vary depending on the manufacturer.
  • Among other modes of drying clothes most useful, perhaps, is the program "pressing iron" at which the laundry inside the machine shakes and steamed, which greatly facilitates ironing of clothes.
The control panel of the washing machine with a laundry drying function
The control panel of the washing machine with a laundry drying function

When mode "dry wash" laundry cleaned without water and gets rid of odors.

Washing machine with dryer

reliability and energy efficiency

It is believed that due to the overly complex structure, combined washing machines are easily damaged. The truth is that if you follow all of the recommendations of the manufacturer and specialists to treat machine, it will serve you and your family for a long time.

If appliances are certified and checked on it is not a factory marriage, then it will at least during the warranty period (approximately 3-5 years).However, washing machine and dryer from manufacturers, usually serve more than a dozen years.There are a number of recommendations on the use of combined machines, which will help you to prolong their service life:

  1. Do not overload the drum above the specified limit.
  2. Do not leave small children alone with the machine and do not let them to the machine control unit.
  3. Do not connect the unit to the AC outlet with other electrical appliances.
  4. Before loading the laundry pull content from all the pockets.
  5. During drying clothes very hot heating elements installed inside the machine.So be prepared for the fact that the electricity bill will be higher than usual.
Washing machine with dryer

The combined machine is not recommended to dry wool, nylon, silk and foam products, as well as bulk bags and down jackets.

Washing machine with dryer
Washing machine with dryer


Depending on the method of loading laundry distinguish the device from vertical and front-loading.

  • devices with front hatch is well suited for medium to large rooms.
  • devices and dryers are easy to use in small spaces.Such models are the ideal solution for those who live in small apartments.They have a depth of 15 cm less than the front-loading machines.The control unit of such machines is the cover that will protect the child from the car.Also, some believe that such loading is much more convenient to normal, as in this case do not have to lean heavily for loading and unloading the laundry.
Washing machine with dryer front-loading

Many believe that machines and dryers are much more convenient to normal, as in this case do not have to lean heavily for loading and unloading the laundry.

Recessed model

Recessed model combined washing machines need to save space and does not violate the uniform style of the room. They are characterized by small size, typically to a depth of 55 cm and a height of 82 cm, and the presence of the cap to which the machine is fixed with metal hinges.

disadvantage of such models, as a rule, is a relatively high cost, but many buyers give preference to such models.

Built-in washer-dryer

Recessed model clothes dryers have a front-loading and can be placed under the sink, inside the cabinet or cupboard under the sink.

Built-in washer-dryer

Browse popular models

Choice brand washing machine and dryer is the most difficult stages of the purchase of this product.However, defining the basic requirements and limit the amount that you're willing to spend on buying a combined machine, you can easily buy the right model for yourself.At the moment, the most popular models of the combined machines are considered to be different models from global companies such as LG, Bosch, Candy, Siemens.Consider some of them:

  • LG F12U2HDM1N. is characterized by a very compact size - 85 * 60 * 40;maximum load of 7 kg and 4 kg of laundry during drying, and the maximum drum rotation speed of 1200 rev / min.It has 11 programs of washing, imbalance control systems, locking hatch, protection of children and the self-diagnosis of faults.Many customers who purchased this model, very satisfied with her work and say that the machine runs almost silently.Should such a model is 46 989 rubles.
  • BOSCH WVH28442OE. This model from the popular German brand, though is quite expensive, but justifies all expectations: the perfect quality of washing, as the absence of noise during washing and during the spin cycle, 7 kg th capacity, the ability to dry up to 4 kg.Spin speed 1400ob / min, and the spinning speed can be adjusted.It has, avtovzveshivaniya laundry functions manually select the washing temperature, easy ironing Extra rinse, etc. D. The total number of programs 16. It is worth such a model is about 120 000 rubles.
  • Siemens WD 15 H 541 OE . parameters of this model are 84.5 * 60 * 59 cm. Holds an up to 7 kg of laundry during the wash and up to 4 kg during drying.The maximum rotational speed of 1500 rev / min.There are programs "Berezhnaya" and "intensive" drying.Total washing modes - 15. Loading front.On the front display which displays the progress of all processes.The cost model at the moment is about 134 000 rubles.
  • Candy EVO 4 W 264 3 DS . models of this brand became popular because of their low cost.Made from low-cost assembly, material, products of this company are not of high quality, but in spite of it to cope with its functions better than previous models.Their disadvantages are short service life, are frequent breakdowns and noisy work.
Washing machine and dryer LG F12U2HDM1N Washer Dryer LG F12U2HDM1N
Washing machine and dryer BOSCH WVH28442OE Washer Dryer BOSCH WVH28442OE
Washer Dryer Siemens WD 15H541 OE Washer Dryer Siemens WD 15H541 OE
Washer -dryer Candy EVO4W 264 3DS Washer Dryer Candy EVO4W 264 3DS

Tips for choosing

If you have a small living space, and you can not place there once two separate units - and the washing machine and dryer, the machine is combined and need to buy. Especially since it will be cheaper than buying separate devices.

main technical criteria for choosing a washing machine and dryer are drying on the degree of humidity, rather than a timer, as well as the maximum laundry load.Do not forget to follow the recommendations of your device, and your machine will serve you for years to come.

Washing machine with dryer


  • LG F 12A8CDP.According to the reviews on this model, its advantages are: beautiful design, compact dimensions, no loud noise at work, quality dryer and reasonable price.The downside is: poor build quality - very thin metal body, so that there are knock and vibration during the spin cycle.Another major drawback noted that this model consumes a lot of electricity.
  • LG F 14A8RDS.Advantages: Excellent quality of washing, the presence of a laundry drying function, quiet operation, modern and beautiful design.Deficiencies were found.The only thing worth noting - the first days of work, many feel the smell of rubber, but after a few days the smell was gone.
  • Bosch WVH 28360 OE.Pros: brand product tested, the presence of a laundry drying function, the maximum load of up to 7 kg, 5 kg drying laundry, three modes of things drying, excellent quality of washing, almost silent operation thanks to an inverter motor, the presence of the steaming mode, the small size of the machine.Cons: very high price.
  • Candy EVO4W 264 3DS.Reviews of this model is very contradictory, but, combining them, we can draw the following conclusion: the main advantage of this model is the price.In addition, it is quite roomy, compact and has a beautiful appearance and a large hatch to load linen.The disadvantages of this model are: the noisy operation of the device, a constant smell rubber, management problems and poor quality of assembly materials.
Washing machine with dryer Bosch WVH 28360 OE
The control panel of the washing machine with dryer Bosch WVH 28360 OE

In the following video you can see the user feedback about the washing machine with a laundry drying function.