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August 12, 2017 18:06

Embedded washing machines under the table top with narrow and full-length , the size of machines and models

Washer Countertop
  • Pros and cons
  • Types
  • Variants
  • Dimensions
  • What to consider when you install?
  • Overview models
  • Alternatives: is it possible to hide under the table top any washing machine?

Current models of washing machines and their installation options enable the most advantageous to use the entire space of the room.One of the most common solutions for very small bathrooms, or in the case of movement of the machine in the kitchen is to install the machine under the table.It can connect the adjacent kitchen units cabinets, or to be part of the shell.

built-in washing machine in the kitchen
washing machine, built under the worktop

Pros and cons

The advantages of placing the machine under the table include:

  • Ability to save space in the room.
  • Opportunity not to save on spaciousness of the unit.
  • Easy connections to utilities, which, moreover, will be hidden from view.
machine, built under the worktop in the interior of a bathroom

As for cons, then they include:

  • pretty high cost, when talking about the embedded models.
  • complexity of choosing the appropriate device based on size and other parameters.
  • necessity of dismantling the repair of equipment.
  • releases of odors from the laundry and powder, if the machine is installed in the kitchen.
machine large capacity , built under the worktop
washing machine under the table


most popular devices to be built under the table top machines are the machine drum.Depending on the method of loading such machines are:

  • Front-loading. Lingerie in such a machine is loaded from the front.These machines are more prevalent and are presented in a large assortment.Through the door you can watch the washing process, and to build a similar model is quite easy.
  • With vrtikalnoy loading. In such models are loaded on top of things, sometimes even during the wash cycle.Usually they are small in size, but are more expensive than the front.The installation of these machines they are placed under the hinged top.
Built-in machine with front loading
machine and dryers under the folding table top
Built-in washer- dryers

options location

options location of the washing machine under the table depends on the selected model cars.If this compact model, its installation is made on the plinth.Higher machine are pushed into and mounted on the floor.They can hide behind a front door (then the machine will be completely hidden from view) and stay on the mind (if it differs from stand-alone machines will be only the presence of countertops from the top).

If you plan to hide behind the facade of the machine, pick up a model with fasteners on the front panel.

washing machine, mounted on a plinth
washing machine, standing on the floor


If you want to build a machine under the table top, then its size is one of the key parameters for proper selection and installation of the device. choosing to embed a front-loading machine, you can stay on:

  • full-size model. width and depth of this machine is 60 cm and the height varies between 85-90 cm. Inside of the machine is placed 5-7 kg of laundry.
  • narrow typewriter.From full-size it differs only by the depth, the parameters of which are between 35 to 40 cm. In such a machine is loaded from 3.5 to 5 kg of clothes.
  • ultranarrow model. It differs from the full-size and narrow is only in the depths of the parameters (it is 32-33 cm).In such a device can fit 3-4 kg of laundry.
  • Compact machine. All dimensions of the unit are reduced in comparison with the full-size model -. Width up to 47-50 cm, height up to 68-70 cm, and the depth of up to 43-45 cm in a similar machine was charged with not more than 3 kg of things.

As for machines with vertical load, their default settings are 40-45 cm wide, 85 cm high and 60 cm deep.

standard washing machine under the table
narrow washing machine under the table

What to consider when you install?

your actions will depend on whether the worktop already planned or is it just installed.If no cars, no countertop yet, you must first determine the size of future technology.By measuring the location for the upcoming installation of the machine, do not forget to add a few centimeters in reserve.

If you already have a countertop, perform measurements and pick up the car, the size of which will approach you. In such cases often choose compact models equipment capable of fit under an existing worktop.An alternative option, which will allow to buy a full-size machine or narrow - to raise above the countertop.

After connecting the device to all communications it is put in the appropriate place under the sink.

installing the machine, it is important to ensure its sustainability and adjust the feet as needed.This will prevent the strong vibration unit during operation.

installation of the washing machine under the table top
incorporation of the washing machine scheme

Overview models

popular models for under counter are:

  • Zanussi FCS 1020C .This is representative of the compact front-end machines with dimensions 50h52h67 see, so it is convenient to hide under the table.The machine can be loaded 3 kg of laundry.In this class of machine electricity consumption of A and low water consumption (one washing spent about 39 liters).Spin it occurs at speeds up to 1000 rpm and is represented by the class C.
  • Zanussi ZWI 71201 WA .This full-size inline machine, able to accommodate up to 7 kg of laundry.It differs Energy class A ++, the presence of 20 washing programs, the spin speed to 1200 rpm and spin class B. The height of this machine is 82 cm. The unit is protected against leaks, can be washed as cotton and wool and delicate fabrics, curtains andjeans.Advantages of the model is also the presence of the timer, the protection of children, function to facilitate ironing.
  • Miele W 2859 iR WPM ED Supertronic .This stylish machine built in front with capacity 5,5 kg of laundry.Its height is 82 cm. The model has 16 wash programs, including rapid, sensitive, hygienic, for clothing, men's shirts, silk, sportswear and bags.Spin in a machine produced at speeds up to 1600 rpm and is represented by A-class.Advantages of the device is also a quiet operation, low water consumption (42 liters per wash), the presence of a cellular drum and highlighting it.
Miele built-in machines

Alternatives: is it possible to hide under the table top any washing machine?

looked at quite high rates of embedded models of washing machines, there is a question about the possibility of installing a conventional tabletop unit.In fact, you can easily perform the installation of any stand-alone machines ways:

  • Buy your favorite model and order furniture because of its size.This countertop is located quite high, if you prefer a compact machine.
  • Remove the top cover of the machine and put on top of the countertop.
Washing machine under the table
Washing machine under the table
saves space in the bathroom
washing machine under the table
washing machine under the table : a contrast solution