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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bubble washing machine : the function Eco Bubble, bubble wash for reviews

Bubble washing machine
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Bubble washing machine was created in the beginning of the twenty-firstth century, in 2000, but, unfortunately, has not yet received due popularity in our country, but in America and Asia, it is quite common.We will not focus our attention on certain models, and explain the advantages and disadvantages of such machines, and tell you about the principles of its operation and the mechanism of action.

Bubble washing machine


  1. High-quality washing , which copes even with greasy stains on kitchen towels.
  2. Cost .Such machines because of their particular spend a lot less electricity.
  3. large capacity tank, which allows you to wash even a blanket.
  4. Quiet operation allows you to erase, even late at night when everyone is asleep.
  5. gentle wash .Washing machines of this type not thrown clothes, and you can not worry about wool, cashmere or silk things.
Bubble washing machine

as presented can learn more about all the advantages of an

air-bubble washing machines.


  1. cost of this equipment is slightly higher than the cost of other models.
  2. The cheaper option may be missing a feature as spin.
  3. dimensions after washing machines are much larger than the size of machines of other brands.
  4. When washing is recommended to use a soft water, ie. A. Bubbles is very difficult to form in hard water.
Bubble washing machine
Bubble washing machine

The principle of

Things fit into the drum of the washing machine.At the bottom of the drum are the holes through which the air, because of which there are microscopic vesicles.These bubbles enter the tissue and remove all the dirt out of it.In addition, these bubbles help to reduce friction between things.

Device Bubble Machine


To date, there are two main types of bubble washing machines - is Bubble washing machine agitator type, and machine-gun with the function of air-bubble washing.Consider these two types of details.

activator washing machines exist in the market for a long time, but a well-deserved popularity they still have not acquired.According to the principle of work, they are very similar to the famous washing machines as "Baby", minus the fact that they, among other things, used bubble washing method.

units of this type have all the same purpose as conventional machines-machines: spinning, powder reservoir, a number of specific programs and much more.

Control panel air bubble washing machine

machine-gun with the possibility of an air-bubble washing today you can buy almost anywhere.Although they are not as common as the activator, but buy them all the same is possible.It should be noted that the cost is slightly higher.

Activator Bubble washing machine inside
The principle of operation of the washing machine activator
Activator tank washing machine

Bubble washing machine agitator type has a connection to the cold water and to hot.Therefore, to heat water in a washing machine is not necessary.


  • tank similar units made of stainless steel.The building itself can cope with complex pollution.In addition, the tank is covered with titanium cladding that prevents corrosion.
  • There is also a special sensor that calculates the amount of laundry placed in the tank.According to calculated data machine itself sets how much of the water and the time it takes to wash a given amount, it saves the cost of laundry.
  • During the entire period of each operation is displayed on the monitor, and after the completion of the machine is switched off mechanically.
  • In moving through a special ceramic powder and hydroionizer air bubbles release oxygen, which combines with the hydrogen molecules in water, whereby radicals are formed.
Bubble washing machine

Function Eco Bubble

Eco Bubble - technology, which is a kind of air bubble washing.The name is associated with the word "Bubble", which translates as "the bubble."Washing machine with Eco Bubble function actively promoted by Samsung.

In conventional washing powder immediately falls into the tub of the washing machine, and with Eco Bubble it quickly dissolves in water by means of the steam generator, thereby forming the foam filled with air.Air foam is a mixture of water, powder and air bubbles.Further, the foam gets into the drum and wash clothes.

Eco Bubble function for washing machines

Advantages of this technology, primarily in the fact that the foam penetrates very quickly into the fabric.Another important advantage - lower water consumption for flushing bubbles as compared to conventional washing.

Eco Bubble function for washing machines


Most reviews of such devices are positive.Buyers mark high quality of washing, energy savings, because thanks to the bubbles and can be washed in cold water.Also, some people are happy with the fact that these machines are not tied to the water, which means that you can use them in cottages or in similar places.Quiet operation and gentle wash - that is characteristic of those models of washing machines, and that is what determines the choice of customers all over the world and our country in particular.