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August 12, 2017 18:06

Embedded washing machines : size range of models with drying , installation , Bosch, Electrolux, Ariston, Whirlpool, Siemens, LG

built-in washing machine Zanussi
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  • Where can embed the washing machine?
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popularity of built-in appliances today is very high, so the washing machine with the ability to be embedded in furniture set in great demand.When selecting such equipment it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to consider to choose the best option, as well as the right to install the machine.

washing machine, built in blue suite


  • Built-in option the washing machine saves the bathroom area.
  • When installing the machine can pick up the device with a greater capacity.
  • This machine is easier to connect to water and sanitation, and hoses are hidden from view.
built-in appliances for laundry
built-in large-capacity washing machine


  • Built-in models costing several times more expensive than similar parameters of machines, which stand apart.
  • Selecting embedded assemblies are not as wide as the range of stand-alone machines.
  • In case of repair the machine to be dismantled.
  • If the unit is installed in the kitchen, the room may appear unpleasant odors from storage and laundry detergents.
built-in washing machine in the kitchen


Machines that can be embedded in furniture, are:

  • fully embedded.Such devices are necessary slots for fasteners and plastic panels are easily removed.
  • With the ability to embed.Such machines are no required elements for installation in furniture and panel can not always be removed.
built-in washing machine Teka
guide to the embedded Electrolux washing machine
washing machine, built under the worktop

In addition, built-in machine is different and downloading.It happens:

  • is loaded horizontally.This type is more common.Opening the cabinet front, the user sees the front part of the apparatus with a door.
  • Downloadable vertical.Access to this machine is carried out by tilting tabletops up.
washing machine with .incorporation

Where can embed the washing machine?

The device can be set:

  • in a separate cabinet to the side walls, top and front door.
  • between individual cabinets that connect top.In this case, the exterior door can be mounted on a furniture side panels or may be absent at all.

Regarding the premises for the installation of built cars, the experts say that is not so important, where will stand the unit, if the owners will be able to allocate to him enough space and take the necessary communications.

custom version of incorporation of the washing machine
installation of machines in a separate cabinet
washing machine, built between cabinets

about how best to install a washing machine in the kitchen, you will find the following video:


Forembedded machines the size of a very important parameter.The depth of such devices is 52-60 cm, and it is associated with a standard depth of furniture sets.The height of the machines to be built into the furniture is typically 81-84 cm, and the width varies from 57-60 cm.

instructions for Hotpoint Ariston car
option incorporation of the washing machine :

Popular models

Among brands, offering customerswashing machines built-in version of this technique, especially popular Bosch, Siemens, Electrolux, Hotpoint-Ariston and Zanussi.Let us compare the most popular among the machines of this type:

washing machine, built- in wardrobe
washing machine, built in kitchen set red
washing machine in the kitchen

Bosch WIS 24140 OE

Siemens WK14 D 540

Electrolux EWG147540W

Hotpoint-Ariston AWM 108

type machines















washing class





loading capacity

7 kg

5 kg

7 kg

7 kg






speedspin (rev / min)





energy class

A +




Number of washing programs





water consumption per wash

49 l

52 l

46 l

60 l

noise level (wash / spin)

53dB / 70dB

57dB / 74dB

52dBA / 73dB

58dB / 76dB

Country of origin





average price

74000 rubles

88000 rubles

66,000 rubles

50,000 rubles

Other features

Equipped AquaStop.

The machine provides the opportunity dozagruzit underwear.

There are self-cleaning powder compartment and a separate compartment for liquid detergents.

furniture door can perenavesit from the left side to the right.

hatch opens to 110º.

Holds on drying up to 3 kg of laundry.

The machine provides a timer for 24 hours, the protection of children, Aquastop, acoustic signal, control of drying parameters.

hatch opens to 95º.

tank is made of stainless steel.

For one washing consumes 0.5 kW.

The device is installed inverter motor.

Additional features include machine has protection against leakage, intelligent control, protection of children, the possibility of postponing the start.

Protected against leakage and overflow, it is equipped with a timer.

Offers extra rinse and careful washing shirts.

tank cars made of polipleks.

Weight machine - 50 kg.

built-in washing machine
washing machine in the modern interior

Tips for Choosing

The first important thing that specify when buying any built-in appliances - is its size.Ideally, first acquire a machine with the ability to embed, and then engaged in the organization of space under the machine.At the same time take into account the size, noted in the instructions, not data sites and a price tag in the store.

next question, which is decisive in the purchase of cars built, lies in its capacity.Most of these devices are different large volume boot.They are placed in 5.8 kg of dry laundry.

Next, you need to pay attention to the parameters relating to the quality of the washing machine and energy consumption.The higher the class of the machine, the better it will be erased and the more economical will be its work.The best characteristics of different machines to wash A class A class Spin and A +++ energy efficiency class.

Also, pay attention to the presence of additional features and are available in the selected wash program unit.Almost all built-in models are multifunctional, so you will see in this art program and the rapid pre-wash, delayed start and many other options.Pay special attention and protection against leaks, because this is a very important function for the device, the built-in furniture.

Equipment for washing in the kitchen
built-in appliances in the kitchen

Installation During installation, the washing machine should be built at a time:

  1. Remove from technology transit bolts and replacing them with plugs.
  2. adjusting the machine feet, align it on the level.
  3. connect the machine to the water supply (in cold water), setting the inlet hose at an angle of no more than 35º at the location of the water source to the left (estimated location from the back wall) and not more than 45º when the location of the water source on the right.Extension of the water inlet hose is unacceptable - if the standard is not long enough, buy a new hose with a greater length.
  4. Connect the unit to the sewer.This can be done to install a siphon, which has a special challenge.It is also permissible to simply bring down the sink drain pipe (at least preferred option because of its unreliability) or get the hose in the sewer pipe through the tee.
  5. connect the machine to a grounded outlet.
  6. Put the machine in its place.
correctly matched the size of a washing machine
machine, built in pink headsets

Possible problems

The problems with the installation of the machine in a closet or under a countertop often results in incorrect measurement space for mounting equipment.Also, the user can leave too little margin for hoses.It is important that between the side walls of the apparatus and furniture remained a small gap to prevent contact with the machine headset while working.

If the worktop is not completely hide the car, then on top of the equipment could be exposed to water, that the danger of a short circuit.So care should be taken to a depth greater than the depth countertop embedded machines.

embedding scheme of the washing machine
built machine installation

Alternatives: Is it possible to embed any washing machine?

Since the cost of embedded models of machines is much higher than other types of equipment for washing, many buyers naturally a thought about the possibility of integration of separate devices.Indeed, to hide behind furniture fronts and worktops can be any washing machine one of the following ways:

  • Perform automatic installation of compact cars in an empty closet.
  • Removing automatic machine top cover, install it on the countertop.
  • Embed detached version of the machine in the furniture, leaving the front panel to see.
  • Order custom designed furniture with a niche the size you want to embed a particular washing machine.
the bathroom cabinet for built-in washing machine
washing machine in the bathroom under the sink


owners built-in furniture set washing machines are very pleased with the high quality, functionality and reliability of these devices, as well as the ability to hide the machine from the eyes and not to disturbthis harmony with the design of the room.In discussing the shortcomings of these models, consumers often talk about the difficulty of finding a suitable embedded machines and very high cost of these devices.

How to build a washing machine in the kitchen, you will find the following video: