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August 12, 2017 18:06

Types of washing machine : motors, drives , size and function

Washing machine
  • capacity for the laundry
  • Loading drum
  • Style Engine
  • By type of drive
  • Depending on the size
  • Bubble washing machine
  • Additional features

A little more than a hundred years ago appeared on the first washing machine light, which had minimal features, but laid the foundation for the development of mechanization of the washing process.

Washing machine

Today is enough to lay the laundry in the washing machine, and it will fulfill all the necessary operations for the man:

  • will wash;
  • propoloschet
  • will press;
  • in some cases dried.

This performs washing machine.To select a suitable option, you need to consider the species to which they are divided.

Washing machine

capacity for the laundry

By type of container, which keeps laundry, washing machines are classified into:

  • activator;
  • drum.In

activator washing occurs by rotation of the plastic wheel, which is on the bottom of the container, and only occurs in the spinning drum.

Washing machine agitator type
Washing machine agitator type

The drum type washing machines all the processe

s from the water and set up the spin, taking place in the drum.This type is subdivided into two, depending on whether the top or side tab laundry will occur.

Drum type washing machine

drum Loading

must select which version of the download is convenient for you.There are vertical and front loading.

  • With vertical loading is possible after the start of the wash to open the top cover and report the lost underwear, plus also is the fact that this machine is designed for a large amount of clothes - 5 kg.But to use the upper part of the machine as a shelf will not succeed.You can not install this machine under the sink, or embed in furniture, for example, in the kitchen.And the cost of such equipment is 20% more than in the front boot.
  • Washing machines with frontal load - the most popular option among consumers.A huge range of this type allows you to choose the one that perfectly fit into the interior of the house.The machine with front loading can be built into furniture.Watch the wash process makes the glass window.The only drawback may be the need for additional space to open the door and load the laundry.
Washing machine with front loading
Washing machines and dryers

Style Engine

The washing machine can be equipped with two engine types:

  • collector;
  • inverter.

first option works on alternating current, without any additional devices, but as the work is done through the brush, the motor produces unpleasant noises and machine works very loudly.This option is not always appropriate in this case it is necessary to consider machines with inverter motor.It contains no brushes, since it operates at constant current but requires the converter. Such engines are very reliable, manufacturers give them a guarantee of up to 10 years, but the cost of the machine increases.

Silence of the washing machine depends not only on the engine but also the drive.Consider the details.

The collector of the washing machine motor
Inverter motor of the washing machine

By type of drive

drives are divided into:

  • straight;
  • belt.

The easier drive, so it is safer. This embodiment relates to such a direct drive, which is attached to the drum axis and quieter running, release the details of the additional load, increasing the service life and reduces vibration.But despite the huge number of advantages, such machines produce only drives well-known brands, and their range is quite small.

Direct Drive washing machine

most commonly available washing machines with belt drive.

Depending on

sizes depending on the size of the washing machine varies amount of laundry that you can lay in it.It should make a start on where the machine will be installed and how much space it will occupy.

  • Narrow washing machines to a depth of 48 cm to easily stand under the sink or in small rooms, but the amount of laundry is reduced, they can be washed in one load - from 4 to 7 kg.
  • Full Size washing machines, clothes ready for laying up to 12 kg, but their sizes are greatly increased.The depth of this machine can reach 62 cm. Manufacturers do in such typewriters large diameter of the door, so that it could put the big things.
Narrow washer
Full washing machine

Bubble washing machine

This type of washing machine is not very common in our country, but US citizens are actively their favor.They are very efficient in terms of electricity consumption.The entire washing process is limited to 50 minutes.They are expensive, however, it pays the following advantages:

  • can see them, even if the house has no running water.
  • Use only cold water.Linen does not sit down.
  • Things longer remain in perfect condition as when washing clothes is no friction between them.
Washing Machine Bubble type

Additional features

  • drying. When buying a washing machine there is a question, as if drying is necessary.Of course, having such a function, the user is able to not hang laundry all over the balcony or bathroom.However, to the selection of the washing machine and dryer is approached responsibly.His choice must be stopped on the more expensive version of the well-known manufacturer.Otherwise drying function may not work: not dosushit or overdry the laundry.This leads to tissue damage.Also consider the need and the fact that using this feature expended electricity increases.
  • material from which the drum. To date, the drum is made of stainless steel or plastic.The first option is more familiar to us, and at first glance, more practical.But modern plastics are also reliable, plus water heating is faster and linen spinning is performed at very high speeds.stainless steel drum has such a possibility.Although the optimal revolutions, which do not bear an additional load of the laundry is 800 rev / min - cotton, and for more delicate fabrics - 400 rev / min.
  • night laundry. absence of spin during the program, allows you to not worry about the neighbors, who can complain, and awakened the children.The machine will turn off after rinsing, without draining the water.In the morning it will be necessary to choose only the best spin mode and finish the laundry.
  • Delayed start. To perform washing clothes in a given time, there is this function.
Washing machine with dryer
Washing machine with a program of night wash
Washing machine with a delayed start

By choosing a washing machine is to approach responsibly, as this appliances bought more than a year.And it should work for you at no additional cost at least a term, which is factory set for it.But the layman difficult to make a choice among the variety represented by manufacturers of washing machines.The following video will help make the right choice in favor of a washing machine.