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August 12, 2017 18:06

The tank in the washing machine : stainless steel , plastic or stainless steel is better

Tank washing machine
  • tank enamelled steel
  • Plastic tank
  • stainless steel tank
  • What to choose?
  • What if the bursting of the tank for the washing machine?

Baku washing machine consumers often pay more attention than others of its units.Even stiralki heart - the engine does not attract as much attention on the part of the buyer.Often the cause of failure of the machine is precisely the failure of the drum, because it is more susceptible to other elements of the temperature changes and mechanical stresses. From it depends very much on the life of the whole washing machine .Perhaps that is why this issue has generated a lot of rumors around him.

It should stop and consider more in detail each of the materials used in the manufacture of the cylinder, which will wear out your clothes.

enamelled steel tank

As the name of this group of tanks are made of steel, which is coated with a special enamel after. That it protects the tank from rust .However, along with this, enamel afraid shock and foreign objects.Th

ey can leave a stone chip or scratch, and then it will lead to the destruction of the enamel layer.The tank hit the water and the machine can be thrown away, because to pick up a replacement is now unlikely to succeed.

Washing machine with enamelled steel tank


  • reliable when washing;
  • Protect the tank against corrosion.


  • not resistant to mechanical damage;
  • Many components are no longer available.

enamelled steel tanks are not produced by the plant.

Plastic tank

This group applies polipleks and other polymers.They all have different names.But overall they have one - it's all plastic, to which various impurities added.They are most common in the world in recent years.Each manufacturer strives to give his unique name for the material from which the tank.Standard on the name of the world's smallest and no additive creates essentially new.Therefore, plastic tanks are many names.

Plastic tub for washing machine
Plastic tub for washing machine


  • not pass water;
  • High strength;
  • Low weight;
  • Low noise rotation.


  • more fragile;
  • less durable.

stainless steel tank

has long been used for the production of tanks. Because of its strength this tank soon will last longer than any other units stiralki .And if you stop your choice on the tank made of stainless steel, then be prepared to purchase only from the premium segment.Because it can not be of high quality steel at low cost.

Tanks for washing machines of stainless steel


  • excellent contact with the water;
  • not rust;
  • has high strength.


  • -quality stainless steel - not cheap;
  • Such tanks noisier;Weight
  • this tank is higher than that of plastic.

What to choose?

Recently, as the withering away of the enamel began to gain popularity of plastics and stainless steel tanks.But here, too, there is a nuance.Tank washing machine is always made of steel.Plastic called for itself the capacity for the tank is made of it.

After reviewing all the pros and cons of tanks, evaluate their financial capabilities - do not try to save money.Remember the Japanese proverb - "We are not so rich to buy cheap things."

Tanks for washing machines

What if the bursting of the tank for the washing machine?

Sometimes it happens that the tank eventually fails.This can happen for various reasons.But if the tank washing machine burst, it is likely you can still revive.Try to do on their own and do not buy a new tank.How to do it, you can see in the following video Oleg Belokurova.