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August 12, 2017 18:06

German washing machines : assembly in Germany, Bosch, Siemens, AEG, Miele, Kaiser

German washing machines
  • Advantages of washing machines from Germany
  • Review marks
    • Bosch
    • Siemens
    • AEG
    • Miele
    • Kaiser
  • How to originality?
  • Where to buy?

need to purchase machines for washing occurs when you have absolutely no free time to wash by hand.After hand washing takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.It therefore becomes necessary to purchase a good washing machine.

wash clothes

very important to choose a high-quality device that will serve as a very long time.Currently in the world there are a large number of washing machines that meet all customer preferences: price and quality, the method of washing and drying, etc. The most successful, in our opinion - the car made in Germany..

Big Wash

Washers from Germany are considered the first class today.The most famous companies, such as BOSCH, AEG, Electrolux, Siemens proved themselves as the best in the world.

German washing machines are among the most expensive on the market, but its high price is justified by the different parameters and propert


Such manufacturers of washing machines, as Bosch and Siemens, considered average for the price.

Kuppersbusch Company - one of the leading in Germany for the production of these units, but it has not gained high popularity in Russia because of its relatively high price policy.

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Advantages of washing machines from Germany

Due to German precision and quality of assembling washing machines from Germany will work properly and will last you a very long time - from 7 to 15 years.

German washing machines are endowed with a huge amount of different washing modes, which helps to cope with almost all varieties of fabrics.

Despite the fact that the price is quite high still affects the number of units purchased in Russia German washing machines are quite common.And if your intention is to buy a washing machine, made in Germany, you need to carefully treat the process and choose the unit, which will be most suitable to you.

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Review marks


Bosch - the most famous brand of washing machines.Buy the German machine assembly will be quite difficult, because now they are produced in different countries.Bosch known for excellent washing and low power consumption.These machines are reliable, durable and easy to use.

Preparation for washing
Bosch washing machine


Siemens - is constantly leading engineering solutions.They are famous for a modern and comfortable design.Siemens units IQ Series automatically controls the amount of use of the detergent, and also have a function as the preservation and storage of the three modes that you can create yourself.

Siemens washing machine
after washing


AEG brand is familiar to fans of art.This manufacturer is not there, but his trademark back in 2005 was bought by the Swedish company Electrolux.AEG is known for its variety of models with a lot of possibilities in mechanical and remote control using the remote, large tank capacity.

Washing machine AEG


Miele - washing machine of the highest quality, which meets not only in Germany but also in the Czech Republic.Find these machines you can exclusively in retail stores at a sufficiently high price that ensures that no fakes.

machine Miele


Kaiser - this is a very functional, efficient washing machines with high efficiency.The variety of programs ensures quality care for different types of tissue.Calculated system of protection against leakage of foam control and provide reliable operation.

Various types of fabrics

How to originality?

Anyone try the most popular items to counterfeit.Therefore, please note the following nuances:

  • Price - real German washing machine can not be two or three times cheaper of its market price.
  • presence of high-quality documents - each original German washing machine has a passport, translated into Russian.
  • a certificate of quality - every foreign goods are certified.
  • Premises - should pay attention to exactly where you make a purchase.It is much more likely to buy a fake will not be in a specialized supermarkets and small shops in dubious basement type.
poor quality washing machine
good wash clothes

Where to buy?

most difficult thing now - is to find exactly the original German washing machine assembly.To do this, visit the official website of the company, which can be found in any search engine just by typing the name of the brand of the car that you are interested in.And since all manufacturers have their representatives in different cities and countries, you can easily find their stores in their region.

With the addresses of all the shops, you can safely go and choose their original washing machine.But to confirm the authenticity of the German assembly, for example, Bosch, you only need to look at the back wall of the unit.There is all the necessary information about the country of origin, including that country in which the car was going.

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