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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washing machine with sink included: selection and installation

washing machine with sink
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  • Features
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  • Tips for Choosing
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Many types of apartments are built-up with the complexity of the free space in the bathroom.In such cases, installation of the washing machine is quite difficult, and you have to look for an option that suits.One of them may be called alignment machines and sinks.

set - washing machine with sink


options combining different machines and sinks for washing machine settings.The machine in such kits can be narrow and have a standard height or width to be average, but lower height. Sink for any of these options selected machines based on technology the width (the width of the machine should be less than the width of the shell).

machine and sink in the same style
parameters of the washing machine under the sink installation


  • main difference combined with sink machine is the location of the nozzle, through which the device is dialed water and drain hose.They are usually placed behind or, less frequently, from the side.
  • In all typewriters, which is installed on top of the sink, the laundry load is only the fro
    The most common capacity of such devices is 3-3.5 kg of laundry.
  • According to its functional machine, which is mounted under the sink is not different from the stand-alone models.
installation of the washing machine under the sink

For installation above the washing machine is purchased sink like "water lily." only differences of such a suspension shells are located in the back of the drain system and a smaller depth (often it is 18-20 centimeters).The shape of this "lily" can be rectangular, semi-circular or square.Less common models with non-standard form.Some shells can be a small table-top side.

the correct location of the drain hose


  • combination machine and sink saves space in the oversized bathroom.
  • Buying this kit is cheaper than buying a washing machine separately from the shell.
  • Packaging machines with sink includes all necessary mounting, hoses and siphons, which are needed for the connection.
washing machine in a small bathroom sink


  • Use sink a little uncomfortable.
  • Due to the shallow drain rakoviny- "water lilies" increasingly polluted.
  • The machine often has a small capacity.
inconvenience when using the sink , combined with machine
sink , combined with a narrow machine

Tips for Choosing

are going to purchase a set that includes a washing machine and sink, refer such recommendations:

  • For convenience, use the upper edge of the shellshould not be higher than 80 cm from the floor.
  • typewriter is to choose the most narrow.
  • sink drain system should go beyond the washing machine.
  • Make sure that the package includes a special trap for cars.
saving space in a small bathroom
machine room with a sink in spacious bathroom


most important condition that must be met in the case of shells mounted on the machine - the sink in any case should not be placed on technique.When placing the drain of a washing machine there is a great risk of leakage, which would cause a short circuit.

installation parameters set the washing machine to the sink

Remember that the washing machine should be installed on a flat surface.If the floor in the bathroom is not even until you get the correct position of the machine regulation legs or installing a rubber mat.

setting up your washing machine with a sink on a flat surface