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August 12, 2017 18:06

Semi-automatic washing machine with a spin : and rinse and drain, heated

Semi-automatic washing machine with spin
  • Differences from the washing machine
  • Pros Cons
  • Types
  • How to choose?
  • Overview models
  • How to use?
  • Installation

If the home is no centralized water supply, laundry service can be one of the most complicated and labor-intensive activities.Help out in such situations can semi-automatic machines, particularly those models that are not only washed, but squeeze your laundry.

Semi-automatic washing machine with two tanks
Semi-automatic washing machine with a single tank
Semi-automatic washing machine with a single tank

Differences from the washing machine

main difference between semi-automatic models of fully automatic machines is the need for user intervention at certain washing processes. If the automatic machine just enough to load the laundry and the program you want to include, and then extract to wash clothes and hang it to dry, then Semiautomatic have to help.

first in the semi-automatic machine have to pour heated water (there are models with heaters for heating water, eg., Fairy 2P, but they are few), pour the detergent and the laundry, then wait for clothes to wash and to shift it to the tankc

entrifuges for pressing.

Other significant differences semiautomatic machines to the more common automatic consist in:

  • less weight.
  • smaller dimensions.
  • mechanical control.
  • separate tanks for washing and spinning.
  • vertical loading only.
  • more affordable cost.
Driving washing machine semi-automatic


  • Machines semi-automatic with the spin differ compact size.
  • The low weight of such a machine can be moved to another room or to transport in a car.
  • consumption of electricity and water in semi-automatic machines are much smaller than the automatic machines.
  • Because downloading from such models vertical, during washing in the machine, you can add clothes.
  • These machines are very easy to use, and the duration of the wash in them is much shorter than the automatic.
  • When using such machines do not need to add funds for the water softener.In addition, washing may be performed with any detergent.
  • With this technique the hostess does not depend on water and sanitation.
Semi-automatic washing machine with two tanks
Semi-automatic washing machine with two tanks

Due to their small size semi-automatic washing machines are an excellent choice for small spaces.


  • In the process of washing in the machine semiautomatic owner has to take an active part.
  • Semi-automatic machines have a lower capacity and lower the quality of the wash.
  • functional in such typewriters can be called limited, as most have only 1-2 semiautomatic washing mode.
  • If you do not have access to hot water, it is necessary to heat the laundry separately.
Semi-automatic washing machine with spin
Semi-automatic washing machine with spin


Machines semi-automatic, which has a spin cycle, may vary:

  • operating mechanism. Such machines can be activator (it is the most common kind) or drum.
  • Number of tanks. In such typewriters is one tank, and then it is carried out dry, and then spin.More common items with two tanks, one of which laundry is washed, and the second (with a centrifuge) - pressed.
  • size. Semi-automatic with one tank has a small size, so often choose to give, and dvuhbakovaya model due to the impressive size is preferred for domestic use.
  • additional functions. The machine is semi-automatic heater and may be additional wash program.
Semi-automatic washing machine agitator type
Semi-automatic washing machine drum
Washing machine drum and activator

In some machines, semi-automatic has a reverse, allowing you to rotate the laundry in the two sides.

How to choose?

choosing semi-automatic machine with a wringer, pay attention to:

  1. Class electricity consumption.The most economical option - a class A, but there are such cars more expensive models with class B or C.
  2. Class washing.The best choice - Class A. The further alphabetically, the lower the quality of remediation.
  3. permissible loading .If you buy a machine for the cottages, quite amiss and semi-automatic with a capacity of 2-4 kg of laundry, and for home use requires unit with greater capacity.
  4. Tank material .Tank made of stainless steel are durable and plastic tray - low cost and practicality.
  5. price .The cheapest version of the semi-automatic machine with spin can be purchased for 3-4 thousand rubles, but the better the unit and higher functionality, the more expensive it will cost this technique.
Semi-automatic washing machine with spin

Overview models

most popular semi-automatic machines with the option of pressing the following models:

gonna XPB70-688AS

Unit UWM-220

Fairy SMPA 3002N

Snow White B 9000LG

type machines





Download type





loading capacity

7 kg

4.5 kg


9 kg

control Type





tank material





Weight machines

20 kg

16 kg

11 kg

26 kg

Availability reverse





Availability pump






The phone has a filter to trap lint.

power cars is 350 watts.

Has 2 wash modes - normal and delicate.

When spinning holds 6 kg of laundry.

The machine has a timer for washing (15 minutes) as well as the spin cycle (5 minutes).

Spin is performed at a speed of 1320 rpm.

The centrifuge can accommodate up to 2 kg wash clothes.

When spinning capacity of 6.5 kg of washed clothes.

duration of one wash - 6 minutes.

average price

8000 rubles

6000 rubles

5000 rubles

9000 rubles

In the video below you can see the overview of the stilla semi-automatic washing machine agitator type Saturn ST-WK7618.

How to use?

Work virtually all semi-automatic machines with a spin cycle includes the following stages:

  1. Filling machine with warm water.
  2. Adding agents to the wash water.
  3. load of laundry in the machine.
  4. Turning on the machine in the network.
  5. Select the desired program (if several).
  6. Run washing.
  7. Perform rinses with water change.
  8. inclusion of spin in the same tank or after passing the laundry in the other tank.
  9. Disable the device from the mains.
  10. Removing the laundry.
  11. drain water.
Semi-automatic washing machine with spin


To install semiautomatic machine, where you can spin the clothes, no special conditions are necessary.Such a machine is only the presence of the mains is required.However, pay attention to the surface on which the machine will be. It is desirable that it was as flat as much during the spin cycle can be moved oscillating semi .