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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washing machines with frontal load : how to choose the best , narrow and standard dryer

machine with front loading
  • Pros compared with vertical load
  • Cons
  • Dimensions
  • Narrow model
  • Ability to embed
  • -Class, washing and conservation
  • Should I choose a model with drying?
  • Review
  • brands How to choose a good machine?

assortment of washing machines these days is impressive diversity.Among the dozens of different models with different features and functions, you can get lost.Most of the devices are a technique in which the front loading.It is now the most popular washing machines, presented in different sizes and different design.But we should understand what are the most important nuances of the selection before purchasing such equipment.

machine large capacity
Wash the car with the front-loading

Pros compared with vertical load

  • devices with front-loading are presented in a much larger range, so the user can easily choose for themselves the best option.
  • Repairing model whose front loading easier.
  • On top of such a machine, you can put the laundry, detergent and other items.
  • Due to the small height of the machine with frontal filling can
    be installed under the sink or countertop.
  • Such machines can be easily integrated into the furniture.
  • dispenser in such models is easily pulled out and cleaned.
  • Buyers like an attractive design of the front of machines, as well as the opportunity to observe through the hatch of the washing process.
  • Wheel models are cheaper machines with vertical load.
monitor the washing process


  • Before the machine, which is loaded from the side, should be enough space to open the hatch.
  • There is a risk of depressurization of the hatch, so that the water will flood the floor of the machine room.
leakage of the washing machine

Dimensions Dimensions

most front-loading models are similar - in most of the machines shell width is 60 cm and the height of an average product is 85-90 centimeters.

Standard sizes of washing machines

Sales are also compact models with a smaller width (47-50 cm) and at high (68-70 cm).

standard machine
a full-size washing machine

main parameter, which differs from vendor to vendor and technology lines for washing - it's depth:

  • have full-sized machines, it is 60 centimeters.
  • narrow machines are 35-40 centimeters deep.
  • The ultra narrow typewriters depth of 32-35 centimeters.
Washing machine for large premises

depth machines affects the amount of the allowable clothes that she can wash at a time.When placed in the full-sized typewriters 7.5 kg things, the ultra narrow - a maximum of 4 kg.There are also larger models with a depth greater than 60 cm, which can load up to 12 kg of dry clothes.

Linen per wash
clean linen

Narrow model

parameters such narrow machines, the width and height, do not differ from the size of standard devices, but the depth at these models is between 35 and 40 centimeters.Capacity bottlenecks machines ranges from 3.5 to 5 kg of dry laundry.

narrow washing machine in the interior

Ability to embed

Apart from stand alone machines, you can buy a machine with the ability to embed.Such a machine can be both fully built and model under the tabletop.In the first case, the machine can be built into furniture, awnings front facade, which makes the machine invisible to other cabinets.A second apparatus embodiment is represented, which differ from the machines to install a separate presence removable top panel.

washing machine in the kitchen
built-in washing machine
built-in appliances
washing machine in the interior

-Class, washing and conservation

Spin in the machine front-loading is presented by such classes:

  • C - spin occurs at a rate of 600-800 rpm, and the laundry is 60% moisture
  • in - spin speed of 800-1200 rpm, and laundry remains wet for 50%
  • a - spin is performed at a speed of more than 1400 rpmand the laundry is retained only 40% moisture

the greater the speed, the better will press clothes, however, and it pomnetsya while also hard enough, so it is often recommended to choose a machine with a compromise spin speed of about 1000 rpm.

Laundry in models with front filling also has several classes.However, in most devices, that you will encounter in the machinery, you will see the class A. It corresponds to the high quality of the wash.

washing class

Another option, which is classified in the washing machine, is a power.It determines the amount of electric power consumed per unit laundry.Energy class mark and the letter A plus - the more the plus sign beside the letter A, the less energy is required typewriter.Although it is not recommended to take into account when buying, as the statement less consumption kW refers only to the most economical washing program.

economical washing machine
economical washing

Should I choose a model with drying?

Most housewives do not see the need for the machine with drying option, since your laundry is well wrung out and quickly dries after extraction.However, the purchase of the machine with drying allows to get out of the car is completely dry clothes, which can immediately be folded into the closet.

Lack machines with drying function is to increase electricity consumption, which will necessarily be taken into account in their purchasing.But if the owner has to choose between saving space, time and spending power, the purchase of the machine and dryer, which allows not to install the dryer in the room, will be a good choice.

dried linen
after drying

Overview brands

Most front of washing machines, presented in sales in our country, produced in Europe.Among the European brands are especially in demand from the German machine Bosh, Kaiser, Siemens and Hansa, and Italian machines from Indesit, Ardo, Sandy and Hotpoint-Ariston.Also very popular phones of the Swedish manufacturer Electrolux.In great demand as different appliances Korean manufacturers LG and Samsung.

Washer Hotpoint-Ariston
fresh linen after washing
Hatch washing machine load

How to choose a good machine?

Before you purchase a new car, determine the place where it will stand. So you can find out whether you need a built-in model, as well as the dimensions of the device which will be the most optimal.In addition, consider whether you will need to put anything on top of the machine.

Next, determine the desired capacity machines, given the number of tenants. If your family 3-4 people, the best choice would be the unit with a capacity of 4-6 kg of laundry. Cars with smaller load are bought by people who live alone and families with large numbers of people need a bigger machine living together.

Be sure to ask the list of programs available in the selected device, as well as additional features.Among them pay attention to the options, ensuring the safety of the use of the machine, for example, protection from leaks or protection children.Finally vote machine design and its cost by selecting the most attractive for your model.

The fact that it is worth considering when choosing a washing machine, refer to the video channel E96ru.